Great ways to prevent heat loss in your home

When the winter weather sets in we all have our own ways to beat the cold. Perhaps you have a roaring fire in the lounge or bring out that extra thick duvet when it’s time for bed. Perhaps you’ll just turn up your boiler’s thermostat and turn your home into a sauna.

Whilst some of your own methods may be ideal, it’s worth noting that you could also be wasting a lot of money. If heat is escaping your home, then you’re paying out more than you should be on those monthly bills. It’s as simple as that.

But in actual fact, there are a number of ways you can start to save money on these bills. Some will help you start saving instantly, while others will bring long term benefits to your property.

One of the biggest problems is that National Grid prices are on the rise for your gas and electricity. Household bills have doubled since 2004 and will double again by 2020 without intervention.

Start saving money with these trusted tips:

Install loft insulation

Heat naturally rises and as a result, plenty is lost through an uninsulated loft or attic. Mineral wool is laid between the joints in your loft so the heat is unable to pass through and exit the home. As a result, you’re able to save hundreds of pounds on a yearly basis.

It’s possible to fit this insulation yourself too, but it’s always worth getting advice and the best jobs are completed by professionals. If you decide to lay loft insulation, be careful as you don’t want to put your foot through the ceiling!

Sealant for the windows

A lot of heat is lost around the windows and if you can feel a draught on those chilly evenings, heat is escaping somewhere. It’s easy enough to fix this though by applying sealant around your window frames and cutting out all the leaks.

Whilst we’re talking about the windows, if you don’t have them already, consider double glazing for your home. These energy efficient units will save you plenty of money each year.

Check your water heater

One of the major culprits in your home when it comes to heat loss is actually the water heater. Excess heat will always escape as it’s continually heating water, so it’s important to ensure there are no leaks.

Also consider turning the thermostat down a few degrees. It won’t cause you to have freezing cold showers or baths and you’ll notice little difference in the temperature. But it’ll save you quite a lot in the long term.

Invest in heavy curtains and blinds

If you can’t afford an investment into double glazing then it doesn’t mean you’re destined to lose heat forever. Instead, simply get some heavy curtains and blinds, which when closed, will trap heat inside your home and prevent it to escape.