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Four projects to improve your home this spring

For many people the home will be their pride and joy.

Is this the same for you? There are dozens of ways you can make a big difference to your property, both in aesthetic and monetary value.

So what do you start with? Nowadays more and more homeowners are opting to stay put than relocate so your projects should be based on the long term.

Even if you’re planning to sell, think of the improvements that are more likely to reel in potential buyers.

This spring and summer, make sure to take a look at the following four ways to improve your home:

Rethink the garden

Do you look out over your garden with pride? Is it all in pristine condition and looking fantastic throughout the year? The chances are there are some bits you can improve, especially if you have brown spots in your lawn or overgrown bushes.

Garden 3
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So with the warmer weather you can get out into the garden and spruce it up. Just by planting bright and colourful plants you can instantly improve the appeal, so think about all your options.

Refresh the paintwork

Is the paintwork on your home’s exterior looking a little old and worn? If so then it’s past time to go around and touch it up. This includes the exterior walls, as well as any woodwork which could do with painting or staining too.

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If it’s left too long there’ll be flaking and peeling, so sand it down and repaint. If you require scaffolding you could use a professional to repaint your home too.

Make the repairs

The chances are you’ve left some repair work for later but now’s certainly the right time to take action. With your home’s exterior this includes the roofing and guttering. Both can cause serious problems to your home if left unrepaired.

Roof repairs 3
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Your roofing could be missing a few tiles and it’s always recommended to bring in a roofer to deal with the issue. Leaving a problem can allow leaks into your home, which can cause further damage.

Update your fencing

How old is your fence? Do you think it can stand strong in the wildest of storms? Of course, you could fix your current fencing or replace it completely.

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You could pressure wash it clean or replace damaged boards. On the other hand, a fresh coat of paint could do the trick. But brand new fencing isn’t going to break the bank and if yours is past repair you should certainly consider a full replacement.

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