Recommend a pro for Quotatis

One of the major barriers preventing homeowners from investing in work for their property is finding a reputable professional to tackle the job.

There are plenty of newspaper reports and TV shows highlighting some of the cowboys and rogue traders haunting British homeowners that it can be enough to put off anyone.

So if you’ve just had work finished by a professional and you’re delighted with the workmanship, customer service and experience as a whole, we want you to shout all about it.

Instead of keeping it a secret, why not refer the company and let everyone else have an opportunity to benefit from their fantastic service. And don’t worry because there’s something in it for you too; a £25 Amazon voucher.

What do you mean by ‘recommended’?

We are always asking customers to recommend companies and rate the experience they’ve had with professionals. This ensures we continue to improve our service and earn valued trust of customers like you by only recommending the best. By recommending a company you’re vouching for their professionalism which goes a long way to easing any worries a future customer might have.

How do companies join Quotatis?

Companies can join Quotatis and start to connect with consumers like you, as long as they meet our stringent criteria. We work tirelessly to ensure we only have the best professionals on our books and regularly carry out spot checks to continue providing you a top notch service. If there is a trading body associated with the industry we also ensure they’re registered with this body.

How do I recommend my installer?

Recommending a pro is very easy with Quotatis and as we want to promote good workmanship you’ll receive a £25 Amazon voucher if the company joins our books.

It only takes a couple of minutes to recommend a pro too, so it’s the easiest money you’ll ever make.
Simply visit and fill out the short form with both yours and the company’s details, including the work they completed and how you rate them.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Finding an installer you can trust is half of the work, because there are thousands of cowboy builders and rogue traders operating around the country.
  • Recommend a professional to Quotatis and receive a £25 Amazon voucher for your efforts.
  • Sharing your experiences with a great or even substandard company will be of real help to others.
  • Quotatis want to eradicate cowboys from the home improvement industry so consumer trust can be restored.