How to renovate your home for energy efficiency

Renovating your home for whatever reason can be quite costly, especially when you consider the amount of time and effort is required. But what you can do is renovate in such a way that you’ll recoup the value later down the line. This can be achieved with energy efficiency.

Let’s take a look at how this can be done. Think about it; if you are looking to sell your home, an energy efficient property is a lot more attractive to buyers than one which is leaking heat. Or, if you decide to stay put, you’ll enjoy greater savings on your bills because of the enhanced energy efficiency.

Fix the property’s leaks

Leaks may only appear to be a small problem, but over time without any action taken, this can quickly escalate to cost you a fortune in repairs. If you have a leaking pipe behind a wall, it could easily cause mould, mildew or rot somewhere in the home and water damages are certainly not cheap to have fixed.

Although you won’t exactly save a lot of money on your utility bills, it can definitely save you a fortune in the long run.

Leaking pipe
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Make the smallest changes

You don’t need to invest in expensive, high end remedies for your home to see changes to your energy bills. By making multiple, inexpensive changes, you can quickly start to save quite a bit of cash.

Let’s give you a few examples here; switch your light bulbs to LED energy-rated, eliminate the draughts around your doors and windows, and even turn down the boiler thermostat by just a single degree. The latter can save you up to £65 a year and you won’t feel a difference in temperature.

Loft and wall insulation can also save you up to £320 a year, by retaining more heat in the home and ensuring you’re not as reliant on the boiler.

Loft insulation
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Upgrade your appliances

Technology is always advancing and this is the same with your home’s appliances. Nowadays, appliances are built to be a lot more energy efficient and will end up saving you quite a bit of money.

Your kitchen appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher and even refrigerator will all have an energy rating between A and G. A is the most efficient so when you’re shopping for a replacing, always look for a replacement that’s at the high end of the efficiency scale.

Save energy
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For your cooking appliances, if possible, it’s worth moving from electric to gas. This is because of the difference in cost per unit, and gas is typically a lot cheaper.

With any of your home improvements, what’s important to remember is whilst it’ll cost you time and money, you will see a return in the future either with a resale or energy bill savings.