Sell your home this summer: Seven must see tips

Have you been trying to sell your house for a while now but with no luck so far? Or perhaps you’re thinking about putting your home on the market and want some useful tips to help you sell quickly. Whichever the case why not take a look at our seven top tips for selling your home.

What’s important to consider, is that many buyers aren’t going to want to start work the moment they move in. They’re bound to make changes at some stage or another, but major work and poorly decorated rooms are a turn off.

But remember, there are a number of factors to determine if someone decides to buy your home or not, so take all of the following into account.

1. Make a Good First Impression

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Making a great first impression is always so important, no matter if you’re selling your home or not. There are a few areas to look at when trying to improve the kerb appeal of your property and making changes will have a big difference on how others view your home.

So where to start? If you have a front garden you’ll want to ensure this is well maintained. Cut the grass and put in a few flowers to brighten the area up. Also clean the driveway and ensure it’s swept of dirt and debris.

The front door is also a crucial part of kerb appeal. There’s nothing worse than an old and tired installation, so make sure yours is looking great and welcoming to any visitors.

2. Make Your Buyers Feel Welcome

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If someone is coming to look at your home with a view to buying, they’re going to want to feel welcome. After all, this will be their home for the foreseeable future, so a warm appeal is always important. And this can be achieved with the simplest of things, such as a welcome mat and even giving the front door a fresh coat of paint.

The hallway is also particularly crucial to making a buyer’s decision so ensure yours looks great, is clutter free and is above all welcoming.

3. Clear the Clutter

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If your home is full of clutter it’s not exactly a welcoming sign for any potential buyers. Mess is unappealing and highlights there isn’t enough storage or space to put in extra storage units. By clearing the clutter not only will you instantly improve the property’s appeal, but you’ll also make the home look and feel bigger.

4. Decorate to Sell

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When it comes to decorating the home, the chances are you’d have picked colours based on your preferences. Perhaps a bright pink bedroom for a daughter for instance. Whilst this is all well and good when you’re living there, it becomes a stickler when trying to sell up.

Unfortunately many people are unable to see past the colours already in place and envisage what it’d look like otherwise. Consider neutral colours for your home to effectively create a black canvass for buyers.

5. Clean and tidy up

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It’s staggering really the amount of people who don’t ensure their home is looking its best for prospective buyers. Before a viewing, make sure to hoover your carpets, wash kitchen and bathroom tiles and apply a bit of elbow grease to dirty marks and stains. Also look at your back garden and clear away tools, toys and other objects.

6. Make Those Minor Repairs

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How many jobs have you put on hold until a rainy day? Now’s the time to make minor repairs in your home, whether it’s repairing broken wall tiles, replacing door handles or filling holes in plaster. Buyers are always looking for problem points in the home so don’t give them any. Make sure they leave knowing there’s nothing needing to be done when they want to move in.

7. Maximise the Space

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When it comes to selling your home, the golden rule is to make the property look bigger than it really is. Remember, you’re battling all those other homeowners trying to sell their property in the same price range. By ensuring the home is well lit with either natural or artificial light you can give it a larger feel. Also look at your furnishings. Are they too big for the property? Large furniture makes a room look smaller so consider more compact pieces.