Take a Tour Around Taylor Swift’s Striking Homes

Taylor Swift has it all – an incredibly successful music career, a suite of model friends and an enviable real estate portfolio. With her sixth album looming, and the storming success of her recent video, Reputation, we figured it was a great time to bring you some inspiring looks from Swift’s impressive collection of properties.

The driveway

Image via Trulia

While you may not have quite such an impressive façade as this, from Swift’s recently purchased Beverly Hills mansion, you can certainly take inspiration from the design.

A new driveway can work wonders for the external appearance of a home, but cleaning your old one will also boost the curb appeal of your property. This driveway uses large patterned slabs to create a grand effect and the appearance of space.

Subtle garden uplighting can be used to highlight features like trees and bushes, and these can really increase the appearance of outside space. Your driveway or front garden forms the first impression of your home, so think about where you want visitors’ eyes to be drawn.

The living room

Image via Trulia

Living rooms should be comfortable, luxurious places to relax and have fun. This room, from Swift’s converted double penthouse in Tribeca, New York, has luxury in spades.

To recreate the look, use wood panel flooring and a deep, rich colour on the walls. Think about using rugs on top of the wood floor to create separation and to introduce ‘islands’ of furniture, while keeping an airy, open plan feel. This works well even in small rooms, but be careful when measuring for rugs, as any mismatch in space can feel confusing.

The kitchen

Image via Trulia

This kitchen, also from Swift’s Tribeca penthouse, features a gorgeous marble island with a built-in sink and matching countertops. The kitchen uses light colours to create a bright, airy feel.

If you’re using plain colours on counters, try tiled splashbacks to create a pop of colour. In Swift’s room, the line of red tiles on the splashbacks really attracts the eye and lifts the design of the kitchen.

Image via Trulia

From one of Swift’s earlier properties, a Nashville estate she purchased in 2011, this kitchen demonstrates the power of using features to draw the eye. By using the two large hanging feature lights to distract from the imposing oven hood, the kitchen emphasises the separation between its two halves.

You don’t need to use such large features in your rooms, but if you’re looking to cover unsightly appliances in the kitchen or other areas, consider using a statement piece to rather than simply screening or covering the appliance up.

A darker counter top supported by statement legs and wicker furniture complete this look. Darker countertops can sometimes make a kitchen feel gloomy, so be sure to include plenty of overhead and task lighting to brighten up the room.


Image via ABC/Business Insider

This image, from 2012 when Swift gave Katie Couric a tour of her NY penthouse, displays Swift’s eclectic interior design style.

While heart shaped splashbacks may not be your cup of tea, the whimsical style of this room is a striking reminder that homes don’t have to be minimalist to look great. If you’re feeling that your home is just a little underwhelming, don’t be afraid to jazz things up with accessories and other items. Use accessories and a variety of colours to introduce vibrant details in otherwise plain spaces.


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