Top 5 conservatory styles for your home

With the start of the New Year you’ll be thinking about ways you can improve your home in 2014.

For many homeowners, the idea of a conservatory will be greatly considered.

And if an extension has entered your mind, you’ll want to know the styles available for your property.

After all, your conservatory should blend seamlessly with the home rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

If you’re keen to increase the space and value of your home, then take a look at our favourite five conservatory styles:

Victorian conservatories

Victorian conservatory 2
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This is a very traditional conservatory which provides a stylish feature to your home. They’re the most popular design in the UK, with an apexed roof and ornamental detailing to create the perfect finish. Rather than resembling a boxed shape, Victorian conservatories have angled walls to represent a hexagon or octagon. You’ll have the choice in material too, with both uPVC and timber being popular options for a Victorian conservatory.

Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian conservatory
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Edwardian conservatories take a similar look to the stylish Victorian, creating an extension that’s suitable to most properties. These also have an apexed roof and the main difference tends to be the shape, as Edwardian designs typically have a square or rectangular finish. They boast an intricate level of detailing too and leave your home with a beautiful extension.

Garden rooms

Garden room
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When it comes to extending your home, size doesn’t always matter. The garden room is quite popular amongst British homeowners, bringing you closer to the garden with less expense and brilliant views. Garden rooms give you the opportunity to benefit if you’ve a smaller garden and are suitable for new-build properties too because of their modern appeal.

Panoramic extension

Panormaic extension
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A panoramic extension provides the best of both worlds, giving you all the benefits of a conservatory but with a solid rooftop. You’ll get the extra space you need, increasing your home value and drawing in more light, whilst matching the rest of your property. A panoramic extension is fully customisable too so you can handpick each feature, from the lights to the windows and doors. You can also choose the extension to be as big or small as you need, whilst keeping in line with your budget.


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Orangeries have been designed from conservatories, providing a more luxurious space for you to enjoy throughout the year. They tend to be larger than conservatories and as such will set you back slightly more. But what’s for sure is it will help your property stand out from the crowd. Orangeries are certainly increasing in popularity too and give you an excellent opportunity to make the most of your garden.


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