What boiler do I need?

The central heating of your home is something you need to take a lot of care with, as the replacement boiler you choose to have installed will decide how much heat and hot water you receive.

Boilers are often left unchecked throughout the year, without a registered Gas Safe engineer checking the safety and inefficiency of the appliance. Without an efficient system, you’ll end up paying out hundreds of pounds more every year on your energy bills.

By having a replacement central heating boiler fitted, you have the opportunity to save up to £300 every year depending on the fuel your home uses (gas, electric, oil or biomass).

Below you’ll find information on the savings achievable with a replacement boiler, in relation to both energy and carbon reductions. These figures have been produced by the Energy Saving Trust:

Replacement boiler

Often, older boilers in the home will have a separate cylinder in which to store hot water. This is rather than heated water being directed straight to taps on demand. When you want to upgrade your heating system, there’s a choice to make.

Firstly, you could opt for the same style but with enhanced efficiency. Or you could choose to change to a combi boiler, where hot water is available on demand. The decision will be based on three key areas:

    • How much hot water do you need? Whilst combination boilers supply you with hot water whenever it’s needed, they can’t provide this to two points at the same time. Effectively, this means that families with multiple bathrooms which could be used at the same time would benefit more from a regular condensing boiler. On the other hand, smaller households would save more money with a combi.

Replacement boiler

  • How much space is available? The old style boilers have storage tanks in the loft or airing cupboard. Combi boilers fit straight into a small kitchen cupboard or can be hooked onto the wall, so they needn’t require a storage tank – providing you extra space. For anyone who may be considering a loft conversion in the future, installing a combi boiler would up open space in the loft by removing the storage tank.
  • Would you consider renewable energy? Environmentally friendly products such as solar panels generate renewable energy as they use natural sources. With renewables becoming more popular because of major financial incentives, you may well invest in the future. When replacing a boiler, find out if the new system would be compatible with renewables because some combi boilers can’t work efficiently with solar thermal.
  • Any boiler you choose to have installed needs to be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer. On top of this, try to find an efficient system recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and receive quotes from a range of suppliers to get the best deal available in your area.

If you need an urgent gas boiler quote, or want to find out the gas boiler replacement cost, why not complete our quick form. If you don’t have the money upfront you can also look to get a boiler on finance.

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