Which are the best solar panels?

The cost of the best solar panels is falling every year, so to make the most of this renewable technology and earn a guaranteed tax-free income, compare prices with our free online service.

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Solar panels have been manufactured in the UK for decades, providing homes with environmentally friendly energy and giving them the opportunity to reduce their electricity bills.

The best solar panels

So what are the best solar panels and how much should you expect to pay for a PV system?

More and more homeowners are seeing the fantastic opportunities solar panels can provide, with the opportunity to earn a lucrative income, slash bills and cut carbon emissions.

Solar panel manufacturers considered among the best in their field include Canadian Solar, Sharp, Schott, Mitsubishi and Yingli. Of course, there are other brands available that are equally highly respected.

Mitsubishi and Schott

Since the 1970s Mitsubishi Electric have been involved in the solar panel industry and today, prices can start from £300 for a single module. These systems can be more expensive than the average cost of solar, with homeowners paying out over £6,000 for a 2.5kW array.
est Solar Panel Prices
As with most German manufacturers, Schott is notorious for high quality and excellent efficiency. They have been used in the UK for more than 40 years and the company employs over 17,000 people. For a Schott solar panel system you could expect to spend over £7,000 for a 3.76kW array, which would include the installation too.

Solarworld and Yingli

US giants Solarworld are very well-known and offer excellent solar systems for homeowners and businesses around the world. These solar panels have the added benefit of coming with a 10-year warrantee in many circumstances and costs are slightly cheaper than the Schott panels.

Chinese-based firm Yingli is one of the world’s leading solar producers and is notorious for innovative technology. A Yingli system would probably set you back £7,500 for a 4kW system, but the efficiency and feed-in tariff payments would see you making a substantial profit.

How to Compare Solar Panels

All solar panels are different. The effectiveness of the PV technology is measured in power output and efficiency, which will ultimately determine how much electricity you’ll generate and how much you’ll earn over 25 years.

Of course, when it comes to comparing the best solar panels, what’s important to bear in mind is that you could make a greater profit by spending more on the installation. With a greater output and efficiency, more income will be earned with the feed-in tariff as more electricity is produced.

Your main decision will be whether to purchase a 3kW system or a 4kW system, and the below table shows the estimated return of investment for each:


Getting the best solar panel prices

The current feed-in tariff payment levels of 15,44p/kWh allows homeowners to earn a lucrative income and a high return of investment with solar panels. The feed-in tariff scheme was introduced in 2010 and gives homeowners a greater reason than just reduced energy bills, to invest in renewables.

Under the scheme though, you must have the system installed by an MCS accredited company to be eligible for the tariff rates.

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