Boiler repair and service

Boiler repairs and service

Our heating systems are one of the most important features of our home, providing heat and hot water throughout the year.

In fact a boiler breakdown is almost inconceivable, as to be left without heat for days during the height of winter would be a nightmare. But this happens because homeowners neglect their boiler whilst it’s working without a hitch.

The problem is a fault could strike at any time, without warning. When this happens you don’t want to be paying the world to have the issue repaired.

Boiler servicing

A boiler service should be carried out annually, to ensure the system is working efficiently and there isn’t a hidden problem that could cause a fault.

Services will also bring up other dangers such as carbon monoxide leaks. Monoxide poisoning affects hundreds of residents every year and is almost impossible to detect because the gas is both odourless and colourless.

Apart from the yearly service, notable reasons why a boiler service would be wise include:

  • The pilot light extinguishing regularly

  • The pilot light’s flame being unusually small or partly yellow or orange

  • There is soot or staining on the boiler

By having a service as soon as possible you’ll ensure:

  • Paying less

  • Staying safe

  • Avoid missing out on heat and hot water if there’s a fault

Boiler repairs

Sometimes the worst does happen and our boiler will breakdown. Getting the problem fixed as quickly as possible is a top priority so you’re not left without heat and hot water for longer than necessary.

A boiler fault could unfortunately be anything, and the cost associated will change depending on the problem.

In the middle of winter the price of call-outs and repairs can double and a boiler of over 10-years-old is more likely to fault at this time.

Our advice would be to consider investing in an A-rated efficient boiler to replace your old, inefficient system. This way you’ll reduce your bills and ensure a fault doesn’t happen in the near future.

Boiler service and repair quotes

If your boiler is in desperate need of a service or you’ve suffered a breakdown and need an engineer urgently to come out and make repairs, complete our quick form.

We’ll do all the hard work and match your enquiry with up to four vetted and reputable contractors so you can compare quotes and ensure to get the right price.

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Boiler repair and service companies

Local Boiler repair and service Projects

Project: My Ferolli Combi Boiler is an year old & it is making clunking/banging noise.Hot water system is ok but central heating stops working after a short while.There are 5 radiators & it is recently power f...
Project: Boiler service Are you the property owner: Owner of the property What work do you require: Service What make is your boiler: Vokèra Interested in Boiler Replace Quotes: No Is your boiler: Gas ...
Project: Ideal commercial boiler concord cx. Heating not coming on but the pilot light is on Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: The boiler pressure is too low and needs to be restored back to normal Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Boiler a service and also check a small drip coming from a pipe below the unit as well. The boiler is a biasi model m96.24sm/c Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Property Type: Te...
Project: PHONE QUOTE ONLY Landlord of Tenanted Property, Landlord unable to attend appointments but paying for work Power Flush Only Required Boiler: Chaffoteaux and Maury Britony System Plus (12yrs old) ...
Project: Reoccurring/constant Ignition lock out error, no change when powered off and back on again. Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Property Type: Detached What work do you require: Rep...
Project: Replace faulty expansion vessel Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Property Type: Semi detached What work do you require: Repair Age of boiler: 10 years + What make is your boile...
Project: Home Owner Repair Required Boiler cuts electric in property when heating switched on, works fine for hot water only Please call to appoint
Project: Property owner Boiler Repair and Service Boiler not firing Age of boiler: 10 years + Gas Time scale: Less than one month
Project: Myson Epic Housewarmer back boiler.pilot light stays on but when calling for central heating doesn't fire up then pilot light goes out Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: Install timing clock on Worcester 28i combi boiler (clock has been purchased). Also boiler losing pressure when cold therefore need to check pressure in the expansion vessel. Homeowner Please co...
Project: Glowworm xtramax boiler break down. Fault Code error 05 manuals description over heating loop pump blocked or condenser out of service isolating locks closed on Jig defective overheat thermos...
Project: Home owner Gas boiler repair Current boiler age 20 years+ Immediately Please contact to appoint *
Project: Boiler not firing up, have tried restarting it, also pressure gauge is at 1(minimum) Homeowner Please contact to appoint
Project: boiler service, natural gas leaks/breakdowns and loss of water pressure Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Current Boiler: Gas Age of boiler: 10 years + Radiators: No How old is ...
Project: Annual service Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Property Type: Terrace What work do you require: Service Age of boiler: 0-5 years What make is your boiler: Worcester Bosch Int...
Project: Need Boiler repair Are you the property owner: Owner of the property Current Boiler Type: Gas Age of boiler: 10 years + What make is your boiler: Alpha Time scale: Immediate
Project: Home Owner Repair to Vaillant Ecomax combi. Water is leaking from the pipe connecting to the bottom boiler assembly. The white neoprene/plastic nut has split. Please Call to Appoint
Project: Annual service require for gas combi boiler - landlord certificate required. Including gas fire check Homeowner Please contact to appoint

* List of companies

Boiler repair activity in June 2018

Boiler repair Projects in the UK in June 2018

May 2018 April / May
Greater London 910 20%
South East 680 15%
North West 410 -5%
Western Midlands 361 20%
East Midlands 312 41%
Yorkshire & Humber 290 26%
Scotland 246 -19%
South West 201 -26%
East Of England 190 12%
Wales 114 -18%
Northern Ireland 69 -28%
North East 50 -17%
United Kingdom 3,833 7%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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