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General building maintenance

Ourhome will probably be the biggest investment we ever make and it’simportant to keep it well maintained, not only to retain value forfuture selling, but also for the aesthetic appeal.

Weall know that every now and then an issue could crop up, and it couldbe anything from an electrical fault to roofing repairs. Conversely,perhaps you’re looking to have home improvements made, from afitted kitchen to painting and decorating.

Eitherway, this will all fall under the building maintenance category andif you want something done right, bring in the experts and avoidpaying out for more repairs later down the line.

Whywould I need a general maintenance company?

Thereare many reasons you could need to bring in a building maintenancecompany, but some of the more popular reasons are listed below.

  • Roofing

Theroof remains a crucial part of every home and ensuring any repairsneeded are done so quickly is pivotal. It’s not uncommon for theroof to become damaged by weather conditions or even birds. Tiles canbreak loose, creating gaping holes and this will allow water intoyour home, creating further damage. With a building maintenancecompany you can have repairs carried out at a cost effective priceand ensure continued roof safety.

  • Kitchens

Thekitchen is the hub of our home, being an area we spend plenty of timein and even entertain guests. A brand new fitted kitchen can be amajor selling point in the future, and a brilliant installation willmake all the difference. There are many styles and designs to choosefrom, allowing you complete control and using a professional in theindustry will ensure a fantastic finish.

  • Flooring

Theflooring is an important part throughout the house and there are manystyles and textures available to choose. From carpeting in bedroomsand living rooms, to tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, you can haveany type of flooring that meets your needs. A building maintenancecompany will be able to supply and fit your chosen surface to a highquality standard.

Generalbuilding maintenance quotes

Fromdecorating to fencing and roof repairs to kitchens, generalmaintenance covers a wide range of home improvements and aprofessional building maintenance company will be able to take careof your needs quickly and efficiently.

Forup to four FREE quotes from local, vetted and reputable buildingmaintenance companies, just complete our quick form below.

Average Building maintenance cost

The typical cost of Building maintenance is £3000. Costs fluctuate based upon the materials and the contractor picked. The upper price range can be as high as £3450. The material costs are normally around £750

Average price per Building maintenance job in 2021

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Building maintenance costs, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Building maintenance installation cost in 2021

Labour cost £2,100
Material cost £750
Waste removal £150
Time frame: 1-3 days

Building maintenance Manufacturers

Building maintenance FAQs

Can a mortgage include renovation costs?

In a nutshell, a mortgage loan is for the acquisition of an asset, so lenders won’t tend to give you anything else in a mortgage that is going to cover your home renovation costs. When you are applying for your mortgage, your provider will examine the price of your new household. For example, if you’re planning to buy a property for £200,000, but you need another £50,000 to help improve it, you’ll find that your lender might turn you down.

Essentially, with any mortgage loans that you take out on your possessions, the bank or creditor theoretically owns your home till you’ve entirely paid off your loan, which is why it is very unlikely that you will get extra funds from them. There are some mortgage providers who will be willing to add on some building costs, but it is entirely up to you whether to choose it or not.

With most mortgages, banks and other lenders will usually give you a maximum of 95% of what you purchased your property for. That means, that even if you contemplate the household has the probability to be valued at so much more, you’ll have to find an alternative way of paying for the developments you have in attention. So, if the accumulation of extra funds on to your mortgage loan is out of the question, you’ll need to find additional ways of paying for the home developments.

It is well and good if you have the cash saved up, or else, you can explore other payment options which your bank or lender may be able to help you with. There are several methods by which you can collect the cost to pay for the improvements, from personal loans to credit cards or even overdrafts, there are tons of ways to lending money. Keep in mind these are all forms of debt so keep an eye out for the interest rates when you are repaying.

How much does a builder cost?

With the prices of buying a house skyrocketing, many of us are tempted to building our own house. This is sometimes an excellent choice, but you will first need to understand the costs of building a house from scratch. As per a general estimate, the cost of self-build ranges between £300 per m2 to £3,000 per m2.

As you can see, this is quite a variation in price from lowest to highest. Location is a prime factor in determining the costs. Building a house in London and the South is more expensive compared to other regions. Aside from location, several other factors make up the price.

Self-manage with subcontractors

You hire professionals directly like builders and carpenters. You also buy all the materials yourself allowing you to get the best prices.

Hiring a main contractor with other subcontractors

You will first need a main contractor who will help to create the watertight structure for your house. For the rest of the work, try hiring out subcontractors. Make sure that you buy all the materials yourself to get the best price.

External cladding materials

If you are looking to install other external material other than brick, you will also need to factor in the cost for the same.

Here are some example prices:

• Render on blockwork costs around £25 per m²

• Timber cladding is around £25 per m²

• Hand¬made all-weather tiling costs around £54 per m²

• Rubble walling or flint is around £90 per m²

• Reconstituted stone costs about £48 per m²

• Natural stone is about £75 per m²

Make sure to include these costs when coming up with the estimate.

Roofing materials

Non-standard roofing materials tend to add more to the cost and therefore you will also need to account in for this factor.

Here are some examples:

Welsh slate – £60 per m²

Second-hand slates – £35 per m²

Handmade clay tiles – £65 per m²

Reed thatch – £80/m²

If you choose to add any unique material to your roofing, be sure that you remember to factor in its cost.

Can builders work on a Sunday?

General construction work should be restricted to the following hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Saturdays 8am to 1pm. Most councils advice that noisy work is prohibited on Sundays and bank holidays but you should check with your local council to confirm this.

What qualifications should a builder have?

Some individuals who have been in the construction department for many years may not be qualified, that is, they may not have undergone an apprenticeship and/or trade certificate courses, but they might still be very skilled at their work. However, anybody can pick up a sledgehammer and demand themselves a builder lacking any skills or training. The wise thing would be to ask the builder coming to your house about what qualifications they have and what training they have undergone.

Licensing of building practitioners

You can now check if your builder or tradesperson is a licensed building practitioner by using an electronic public register which has a record of every registered builder. Being licensed provides you with an assurance that the builder who is about to do your work has proven his shill to the government and earned his right to be a practitioner. If you wish for certain important building and design work on your home it is imperative that you hire a licensed practitioner, the act is very common when you compare the scenario with when you have to call a plumber or an electrician regarding any work.

In order to become a builder in the UK, you must complete an apprenticeship or an NVQ. NVQ is another popular route to becoming a builder. You can also get your NVQ even when you are working as an apprentice. You can also make it based on any recognised overseas qualification.

All associates maintain a Code of Practice and Conduct which sets the standards for all stages of the building procedure. The Code requires builders to:

• Submit quotes on projects for which they have time.

• Securing the contract with a sufficient insurance cover.

• Maintain honesty and integrity at all times.

• Obey the law and industry standards of conduct.

All members of the construction association must also follow a code of conduct. As a consumer, if you think your builder has breached the Code of Conduct or the Code of Ethics, you can file a written against him or her.

How can I find a builder in my area?

Finding a builder nearby can have enormous assistance when it comes to your build. Period on site, their familiarity of local planning permission, constructors’ dealers and other local trades are all vital bits of knowledge that you’ll welcome on site.

It is always wise to walk around in your local area or drive to a site where any construction work is going on. It’ll give you a proper impression of the constructors who are active nearby. You don’t have to like their style of work or the project they are currently carrying out – after all, a builder can only produce what’s on the plans in front of them.

Find a Builder Other Tradesmen Recommend

If you’ve had to call an electrician before or a local plumber and liked their work, you can always ask them if they have any builders whom they would recommend. Maximum tradesmen get used to seeing the similar acquainted names from one place to another in the sites they are working on and every so often has favourites for who they like to work with — and who they see as a good source of work.

Always Talk to Previous Customers

Once you’ve found a builder you would like to work with, ask them for a list of previous customers they have worked with; they ought to be glad to offer particulars if they’re self-assured they’ve done an effective job.

Look for a builder online

A decent place to start looking for builders online is on sites like the Federation of Master Builders. They have a search tool where you can find precise crafts in your area and look at their situations. All FMB members are assessed and individualistically examined and are checked to ensure that they have the correct insurances in place.

How much does it cost to renovate a house?

Presenting with its unique sets of components, the price for every house renovation project varies considerably. Though giving a proper price for the house renovation is not possible, you can generally expect to pay anything between £40,000 and £75,000 for renovating a three-bedroom house.

You must list out all the changes needed since renovation comes with several potential costs. This makes it easier for you to calculate the renovation costs and start planning your budget accordingly.

Let us take a look at some of the crucial factors that affect the cost of renovating a house

• Property size

• Property’s condition and age

• Complexity oof the job

• Structural work

• Building extension work

• The quality of materials, fixtures and finishing

• Decoration

• Location

When it comes to renovating a three-bedroom house, the average cost is around £ 57,000. A new gas supply will cost you around £1,500, depending on the route of the supply. There may other additional costs involved if you are looking to do any work to extend the gas supply line.

The cost of rewiring a house is in the region of £5,750. That price will also be dependent on the complexity of the electrical systems in your house and the size. If you are looking at installing a new set of windows, it can cost you up to £6,000, with the average cost being about £4,250. Replastering walls will add another £2500 to the total budget. A new kitchen will set you back around £7,000, on average including the cost of design, materials and installation. Most renovations will need a new bathroom. Installing a new bathroom will cost you around £4,250.

How to renovate a house

As with every home development project, a home makeover comes with heaps of preparation and, hard work, but it is a remarkable way to breathe new life into an old home.


Get to know your household better, the time it was constructed in, and the kind of individuals who would have lived there. The greatest tactic is to repair current structures, make the house dry and safe.


There are certain restrictions that don’t allow you to remodel your house after a certain extent, it should be made clear to you when you purchase the property but if you are unsure about the regulations you should check them up, as it is a criminal offence to carry out unauthorised work to a listed home. Restrictions in Conservation Areas generally affect only the exterior of the property as the intention is to ‘preserve or enhance the character or appearance’ of an area, but the right to develop your house will be affected. This means the kind of work that you could have easily completed in a different location may need certain planning and even permissions to complete in your area.


It is very important that you take your time to perfect the design. This will help to ensure that the finished work is in tune with your needs. You will also need to figure it out how the changes might play with the original building.


If you are planning on managing the renovation project yourself, it is advisable to ask from friends or family who have renovated their house before and have undergone a similar experience. They can help you find the right architect and builder. Or else, you can always opt for a project manager.

What time can builders start work?

The periods at which noisy work is permitted do vary across the nation because the Control of Pollution Act 1974 provided Local Authorities with the authority to regulate noise from construction sites and similar areas. At the same time as these do differ across unalike councils, the average hours throughout which noisy work is tolerable is usually between 8 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday. This is usually based on the impression of ‘noisy work’ being carried out, so labours could start earlier to prepare things for the day but then not start carrying out their work until 8 am.

On Saturday’s builders are usually allowed to work between 8 am and 1 pm, but this can differ to some extent with different councils. It does mean that workers can start at the identical time as the rest of the week, but they are generally required to finish a lot prior. On Sundays and Bank Holidays there is not as much of detailed direction on hours, but most councils say that there should be no noisy work taking place. Although these are decent strategies, it is worth examining your Local Authority website as they can change slightly. Noisy work is commonly described as ‘noise audible at the site boundary’ and it may be the case that workers are there outside these hours but are setting up before carrying out noisy work.

Local Authorities also recognise that now and then it is unescapable to work separately to these hours, such as work on railway tracks that must be done when trains are not running. Though, local councils do have the authority to serve an announcement on individuals carrying out building or demolition works and tell them how the work should be carried out to evade a possible lawful noise irritation.


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