Carpenters and joiners

Carpenters and joiners

Carpenters and joiners are skilled craftsmen responsible for constructing buildings, furniture and other objects.

Carpenters work primarily with timber and their role requires plenty of manual labour. Skills are picked up over the years through both experience and study and they’re used by homeowners, businesses, schools, farms and more, for a number of reasons.

Joiners also work in the wood construction industry and are seen as a type of carpenter, responsible for cutting and fitting wood without the need for nails, screws and metal fasteners.

You could require the services of a joiner for many different needs, but they’re mostly associated with interior decorating such as doors, windows, stairs, tables and bookshelves.

When would I need a carpenter or joiner?

You could be surprised by exactly how much a carpenter or joiner can do for your home and even fixing broken wooden chairs will fall under their expertise. But they also deal with much more complex installations such as extensions.

Carpenters and joiners will be responsible for a number of jobs, including:

  • Building staircases

  • Building and fixing furniture

  • Building decking areas

  • Fencing and borders

  • Erecting scaffolding

  • Doors and windows installation

With carpenters and joiners, you’ll be trusting a professional to take care of your home repairs and installations. As a skilled specialist they’ll provide you with the highest quality of work.

Carpenter and joiner quotes

Carpenters and joiners are primarily associated with wooden constructions and can deal with a number of your home’s key features from the staircase to the windows and doors.

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Carpenters and joiners companies

Local Carpenters and joiners Projects

1 Project: want a bike shed 6x2 foot. time scale: 1-3 months please call to appoint
2 Project: new plain internal door with fittings, hung and painted. time scale: immediate please call to appoint
3 Project: 8x4 shed (yet to be purchased). coukd i have quotes for: (a) clearance of area - flower bed; instalation of a base and shed erected. (b) put up shed only in a prepared surface. time scale: 1-3 months ...
4 Project: hi, i have a summerhouse but the flooring badly needs some attention. i can send you some photos or you could pay me a visit to see if this is something you would take on. time scale: 1-3 months pleas...
5 Project: take down and remove existing shed and install new one 6x4 time scale: less than one month please call to appoint
6 Project: three internal doors, two living room and a cupboard time scale: immediate time scale: less than one month please call to appoint
7 Project: Just need a shed for my back Garden
8 Project: timber pergola installation. time scale: immediate time scale: less than one month please call to appoint
9 Project: erect a log cabin , material will be delivered time scale: immediate please call to appoint
10 Project: Remove old Upvc door replace with new wooden door and surround
11 Project: i need a new worktop and replace a couple of units which have been damaged including a cabinet door.a new sink unit also.i intend to spray all. time scale: less than one month please call to appoint
12 Project: Supply and errect shed, 8ft x 10ft
13 Project: 20 ×8 ft shed 3 windows each side of door with ridged roof fitting and supply cost please.
14 Project: build a 10 cube bookshelf from amazon please time scale: immediate please call to appoint
15 Project: X4 internal doors including one bathroom door (lockable) and one glazed door
16 Project: building of 12x 8 reverse apex roof summerhouse time scale: immediate please call to appoint
17 Project: 10x8 2 lengths FRONT 1 length BACK, 1lenght SIDE need replacing
18 Project: wardrobe unit three quarter built but struggling to complete 3 final doors and 3 drawers. main structure built time scale: immediate please call to appoint
19 Project: log cabin 20feet by 13 feet to errect time scale: immediate time scale: less than one month please call to appoint

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Carpenters and joiners activity in August 2020

Carpenters and joiners Projects in the UK in August 2020

July 2020 June / July
Scotland 152 69% <img src=
North East 142 306% <img src=
Western Midlands 83 60% <img src=
North West 80 33% <img src=
Northern Ireland 52 49% <img src=
East Midlands 51 -16% <img src=
Yorkshire & Humber 50 -17% <img src=
South West 47 0% <img src=
South East 44 -71% <img src=
Wales 32 -35% <img src=
Greater London 20 -75% <img src=
East Of England 14 -86% <img src=
United Kingdom 767 -7%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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