Despite our best to secure our property, if someone wants to break in, they inevitably will do. This is what makes CCTV (closed circuit television) so important, for both your home and business.

CCTV is now part of everyday life and is highly recommended by the London Metropolitan Police force as a way to combat crime and protect both your property and family.

In the UK there are as many as 2.5 million cameras on everything from cash machines to public transport.

The incorrect opinion is that CCTV systems are too expensive and only suitable for luxury homes or big spending businesses. But in fact they’re highly affordable, making them a crucial part of every property’s security.

CCTV is proven to reduce crime and people say the presence of this added security makes them feel safer.

CCTV benefits

There are a number of benefits for having home of business CCTV installed, including:

  • Deterrence

Just seeing a CCTV camera, even if it’s not switched on, is enough to deter potential burglars from your property. With this added security your property wouldn’t be seen as risk worthy and therefore not a good target for break-ins.

  • Feel safer

With a camera on the premises, residents or workers will feel much safer than without this added measure. With a proven success of deterring criminals it will give peace of mind that both the property and your family are safe from harm.

  • Prosecution

With CCTV you can catch thieves and criminals in the act and ensure a much likelier prosecution. CCTV is the ultimate crime deterrent and many will be instantly put off by the camera’s presence.

CCTV benefits

CCTV is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and a cost effective way of deterring crime.

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Cctv activity in June 2018

Cctv Projects in the UK in June 2018

May 2018 April / May
Greater London 22,720 0%
South East 12,900 8%
North West 11,000 4%
Yorkshire & Humber 10,050 4%
Western Midlands 9,593 18%
East Midlands 6,440 20%
Scotland 6,177 -0%
South West 5,812 2%
East Of England 5,040 4%
Wales 3,647 16%
Northern Ireland 2,185 -12%
North East 820 -2%
United Kingdom 96,384 5%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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