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In this day and age insulation is vitally important for any home. As the National Grid gas and electricity prices continue to rise year-in year-out, ensuring your property is adequately insulated remains of highest priority.

And insulation comes in many shapes and forms, covering a range of areas in the home. Effectively, with insulation fitted you’ll be able to prevent heat loss, locking more heat in your home and reducing the amount you need to spend to warm the property.

So where can you expect to see insulation?

Depending on your home, one of the best areas to ensure insulation’s fitted is in the loft. Heat naturally rises and without loft lagging installed to a required depth, it’ll simply escape the home.

You should also consider the walls, whether they have a cavity or are instead solid. Most homes built after 1920 will have cavity walls and this can be filled with an insulating foam to prevent heat passing through.

The windows are also an important area when it comes to energy efficiency, and double glazing should always be considered to make the most from heat retention.

But some properties are a lot more difficult than others to insulate, and to do so would set you back more in the way of an investment. For that reason there’s the CERO insulation scheme, specifically designed to help those with hard-to-treat properties.

The CERO insulation scheme has eligibility criteria and covers a range of insulation materials. It’s part of the much broader ECO scheme and the DECC outline some of the hard-to-treat criteria below:

  • Properties that are more than three storeys tall
  • Homes with narrow cavity walls, less than 50mm wide
  • Buildings with uneven cavity walls which have been constructed from natural stone
  • Properties with an uninsulated timber frame cavity
  • Any flat roof property
  • Lofts or roofs that are deemed as hard-to-access.

Essentially, with the CERO insulation scheme you’ll receive a grant to help cover the energy efficiency improvements so make sure not to miss out. It’s a fantastic chance to get help with the insulating of your home.

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Scotland 29 -86% <img src=
North West 18 0% <img src=
Greater London 13 0% <img src=
South East 8 -94% <img src=
South West 7 -87% <img src=
Western Midlands 5 -82% <img src=
United Kingdom 228 -56%

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The below information demonstrates the energy performance of properties in Uk. Energy ratings vary from A to G, with A being the most energy-efficient and G being the very least efficient. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating comes into play heavily when attempting to sell your home, as prospective buyers will see how much they're probably going to be paying for their heating bills. Home improvements such as insulation help you to significantly boost a home's EPC rating.