Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels are a cost effective way for your business to save money on electricity bills and even earn an income from the Government backed feed-in tariff payments. Currently the feed-in tariff pays up to 4.53p per kWh for some commercial systems. To lock in higher rates please select from the options below and get in contact with one of our energy experts.

Who would benefit from Commercial Solar Panels?

Whilst the solar panel market is heavily dominated by domestic installations, investing for commercial properties (including business, manufacturing facilities, schools and farms) is incredibly lucrative too. Electricity prices are rising annually and the sooner you invest in this renewable technology, the more you’ll save in the next 25 years (the average lifespan of a system). Solar panels will protect a business’ energy bills for at least the next two decades and if you operate at weekends too, you can save a further 40%.

Commercial Feed-in Tariff

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) introduced FITs in April 2010 to encourage businesses and households to invest in solar panels. Up to 4.53p per kilowatt hour of electricity generated is paid to commercial installations. This is paid whether electricity is used at source or sent to the National Grid under the Export Tariff.

Export Tariffs add a further 4.91p per kilowatt hour to your income, on top of the initial 4.53p. If your system is under 30KW, the amount of electricity you export is not metered currently. At the moment, it is assumed that you will export 50% of your electricity to the Grid, you’ll be paid 4.92p/kWh for 50% of the electricity your system generates. The Government do alter the levels of the feed-in tariff but once you have solar installed you will be locked to the higher rates. Select from the options below to get in contact with one of our energy experts.

The Cost of Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial solar panel costs in the UK can range from a few hundred pounds up to over £1,000 per module, depending on your energy requirements. Commercial solar panels can have up to 1,000 solar modules interconnected to generate a specified energy capacity.

Commercial solar panel systems in the UK can cost as little as £10,000 for a small business, up to and above £100,000 for larger installation applications. However, some of these systems are estimated to earn around £1.5 million over the 20-year feed-in tariff scheme, making them a fantastic investment. This is on top of the huge energy bill savings gained by producing free solar electricity.

Depending on your business you will require a different sized system. Select from the three options below or call one of our energy saving advisors on 01603298001.

Commercial Systems 4kw - 10kw
  • Suitable for energy needs of many small UK businesses
  • Use roof space to generate a second income
  • Benefit from Government’s 4.32p/kWh feed-in tariff
  • Cut carbon emissions and demonstrate green credentials
  • Sell electricity for 4.91p/kWh to National Grid
  • Extra advantage in tough economic climate
Commercial Systems 11kw - 50kw
  • Suitable for medium to large companies with higher energy demands
  • Needs substantial premises to support and house
  • Make use of warehouses and other large buildings
  • Earn extra income with 4.53p/kWh feed-in tariff
  • Slash CO2 emissions and enjoy a green status
  • Sell electricity for 4.91p/kWh to National Grid
Commercial Systems 51kw +
  • Suitable for large areas such as farms and industrial plants
  • Earn up to and over £10,000 every year, for 20 years
  • Save on electricity running costs for over two decades
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions for more than 25 years
  • Export excess energy directly to the National Grid