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uPVC double glazing is one of the best home improvements you can make if you want to reduce your energy bills and become more environmentally friendly.

Replacing old, inefficient single paned windows with a double glazed unit will see you save hundreds of pounds every year.

uPVC windows are a household favourite and the amount of installations surpass aluminium and hardwood for a number of reasons.

How does double glazing work?

You may have heard the term double glazing a lot down the years, but what exactly is it and how will it help you to reduce your heating bills.

The technique is actually very simple and the basic structure is two panes of glass separated by an energy efficient gas spacer. This spacer, usually Argon, restricts heat loss with its motionless qualities.

Heat is unable to pass between the two panes and exit the property. Combined with uPVC frames the efficiency of the unit is further heightened.

Benefits of uPVC double glazing

uPVC double glazed windows are a chosen favourite among homeowners and thousands of installations are completed yearly. With this highly efficient unit:

  • Reduce your energy bills by up to £300 a year, helping you to escape the clutches of fuel poverty and see a return on your investment

  • Insulate your property, improving the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and ensuring your home is kept warmer throughout the year

  • Add security to your home. The added pane instantly puts off potential burglars and double glazing fitted with internal beading adds even more to the protection of your property

  • Cut your property’s carbon footprint, helping to meet EU targets and aiding the environment to beat global warming problems

  • Limit the amount of noise pollution that’s allowed into your home. In the same way heat is retained in the home, sound waves aren’t allowed to pass through the efficient uPVC double glazing.

Why choose uPVC windows?

uPVC beats its main competitors of aluminium and hardwood in a number of key areas. The price is the first major advantage, being far cheaper than both of the above mentioned.

And despite this, it doesn’t skimp on quality. uPVC is a durable, hard-wearing and weather resistant product and fitted with stabilisers, is resistant to the sun’s UV rays.

On top of this, you won’t need to carry out heavy maintenance work and uPVC can’t rot, warp or bow. If you’re looking for a product that is proven to be a quality window material, uPVC is your answer.

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1 Project: are you the home owner of that property? homeowner how many windows are you considering replacing? 2 windows what material do you require, upvc? upvc what colour do you want them to be? white would yo...
2 Project: two 300 x 300mm white upvc windows with frames hinges and handles. one left opening and one right opening. clear glass, supply only
3 Project: Are you the home owner of that property? YES How many windows are you considering replacing? 2 What material do you require, UPVC? UPVC or Wood What colour do you want them to be? considering Grey Do ...
4 Project: bifold window 3000 x 1000 are you the property owner: owner of the property where would you like your bifold door: external what level of service do you require: supply only property type: semi detach...
5 Project: windows for summer house, I will fit them myself
6 Project: are you the home owner of that property? yes how many windows are you considering replacing? 4 windows 1 door what material do you require, upvc? upvc what colour do you want them to be? undecided wou...
8 Project: Supply only Bi fold doors white 2.7 high x 2.5 wide
9 Project: 2 windows. for a shed and an outside toilet so just basic. the shed does not need to open and is 630 wide x 1170 high. the toilet is 480 wide x 830 high. with an opening at the top. both want obscured...
10 Project: are you the property owner: owner of the property
11 Project:
12 Project: we need to buy a double door (french door)
13 Project: Bi-fold window, anthracite grey. 2000mm wide x 750mm height. Supply only.
14 Project: 1425x630 double glazed unit non toughened. 28mm thick
15 Project: french doors white upvc 2100 x 1800 white handles, full pane clear glass 2 x white upvc windows 1000 x 1200 top opening, obscure glass supply only and fit price please are you the property owner: own...
16 Project: this is a new build so looking for doors and windows
17 Project: Door size 5000mm x 2100mm in white Aluminium . The opening at the moment is only 4000 mm but this will be opened by our builders. We would like a price for supply only and supply and fit if possible.
18 Project: Front door and two pannels . Grey in coulour
19 Project: 2+870+870 no openings windows
20 Project: Supply only window 1200 width by 600 height one opener left hang! Just as simple as possible

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Double glazing units activity in September 2020

Double glazing units Projects in the UK in September 2020

August 2020 July / August
South East 770 12% <img src=
Greater London 430 2% <img src=
North West 370 0% <img src=
South West 331 3% <img src=
Western Midlands 331 -8% <img src=
Yorkshire & Humber 280 4% <img src=
East Of England 260 8% <img src=
East Midlands 252 4% <img src=
Scotland 211 -10% <img src=
Wales 182 23% <img src=
Northern Ireland 82 -29% <img src=
North East 50 -17% <img src=
United Kingdom 3,549 2%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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Homes are given an energy ranking dependent on exactly how efficient they are and ratings are displayed in the information beneath. This varies from A, the most energy efficient, to G, the least efficient. With a higher rating you're more likely to have less costly energy bills as more heat is going to be kept in your home. You are able to increase your home's efficiency with insulation including double glazing, loft lagging or wall cavity insulation.