Drain and sewer clearance

Drain and sewage clearance

A drain or sewer block can be a huge inconvenience, and unfortunately from time to time, hair, grease and solids can cause a blockage. Professional drain cleaners can remove a blockage whilst also stopping a future occurrence.

There are many ways to tackle a drain or sewer blockage, such as chemical drain cleaners and air burst drain cleaners.

There are also devices that can be used in the event of a large blockage that can remove obstructions throughout the drain’s entire length. These are known as sewer jets or electric drain cleaners.

Drain blockage removal is effective and will eliminate any problem quickly with no inconvenience.

What type of drain cleaning service will I need?

  • Handheld drain augers

Handheld augers can unblock obstructions up to eight metres from the drain’s opening. They use a long cable which is driven by rotating the drum. The cables are often thin enough to squeeze past sink traps. However, they’re discouraged from use on toilets as the ceramic could scratch.

  • Air burst drain cleaners

Air burst cleaners use accelerated gas to disintegrate the blockage. Carbon dioxide is frequently used, but normal air and other gases are viable too. Air burst cleaners work best when the blockage is close to the drain entrance and they have a better range than plungers.

  • Electric drain cleaners

These types of drain cleaner are essentially longer versions of the handheld auger. It can clear blockages up to 40 metres from entry point as the cable twists up through the piping. Electric drain cleaners should only be operated by skilled professionals as they require a great physical effort to control and can be expensive to buy.

  • Sewer jetters

High pressurised water is used in this instance to clear pipes and drains. They not only remove the initial blockage but also help to prevent future occurrences. Sewer jetters can be used to remove blockages throughout the pipework’s entire length. Experts are needed in this case as you must be fully trained to operate the machine.

  • Enzymatic drain cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners use bacteria to react with sewer residue and clear slow moving drains. They’re often used as a form of maintenance rather than unblocking obstructions.

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Drain and sewer clearance companies

Local Drain and sewer clearance Projects

Project: Kitchen drainage to be assessed and recommend solution with quotes. The kitchen sink drains out really slowly even though the pipes underneath have been cleaned out. LVNC
Project: outside sewer drain blocked in our yard, about one metre into the pipe,the sewerage has back up.It needs to be cleared happened about six months ago but i sorted it out with my rods. LVNC
Project: Drain outside is blocked. Spoke to mr. Homeowner. Work to commence asap. Please contact anytime to quote.
Project: Two drains completely blocked with solid matter. They need to be cleared and a more effective cover to replace existing covers lvnc
Project: spoke to mr homeowner timescale,asap rats coming in from sewer system please call afternoon
Project: Spoke to Mr The Home-Owner To be contacted on his mobile Quote required to cover work required to connect house to a newly laid public sewer being laid by Anglian Water May be potential to ge...
Project: spoke to Mrs Homer. both homeowners. please call to quote for drains test at new property. please call anytime and speak to Mr or Mrs Homer. Looking for test to be done in approx 3 weeks.
Project: Drain which collects water from sink, washing machine and guttering blocked. Water overflowing into garden. lvnc
Project: Waste water pipe which is a lead pipe going through the wall to out side is leaking causing damages to the laminated floor .
Project: Unblock outside drain which leads directly into ground without a gutter. The drain is accessed by an unsrewable cap about 2 feet abover the floor
Project: Spoke to mr the home-owner Drain is on his property so he will be paying for work blocked private comined manhole at front of house Can be contacted on his mobile anytime
Project: i think my outside drain is blocked which is making a puddle in my neighbors front garden lvnc
Project: clear blockage in drain by use of drain rods or in case of excessive blockage, power hose lvnc
Project: The inspection chamber to the rear of my property (terrace house), is half full, with drainage frombath etc being slow. Rodding has failed to clear the blockage, pressure jetting is needed (I think). ...
Project: the drain in the ground floor bathroom has to be unblocked this drain leads to tto the drain outside the back of the house please supply a quotation for clearing the drain lvnc
Project: blocked drain out the back of my flat that i need unblocked or cleared as the bath/shower water is not running clear and it is visibly obvious the drain is blocked from the overflow at the rear of the...
Project: We have blocked drain, now causing downstairs wc not to empty when flushed... steadily getting worse! Also the loo bubbles and then fills up when the bath is drained from upstairs. Needs sorting asa...
Project: Toilet is not always flushing away completely, toilet paper left floating, smell in bathroom of drains intermittently. Soil pipe incased in unit at back of toilet, bottom of the unit has begun to war...
Project: I have a 1m length of drain - SVP to Manhole which is not running properly. I have a broken displaced joint. This is leading to sewage flies in the bathroom - probably caused by a leaky joint and rats...
Project: boiler, bath and sink are plumbed into drainpipe instead of soil pipe. drain pipe blocked with moss/debris. blockage needs removing LVNC

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Drain cleaning activity in March 2018

Drain cleaning Projects in the UK in March 2018

February 2018 January / February
South East 386 -28%
Greater London 280 -18%
East Midlands 262 63%
North West 210 -30%
Yorkshire & Humber 200 18%
Scotland 195 -18%
East Of England 180 0%
Western Midlands 171 6%
South West 161 -33%
Wales 109 43%
Northern Ireland 44 -50%
North East 1 -92%
United Kingdom 2,199 -12%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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