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Block paving can look great as a driveway. It is a stylish and functional solution to your driveway and will give your home great kerb appeal. Whether you want a classic herringbone design or something a bit different, there are many block paving options and materials available to you.

The bricks found in block paving are made of clay commonly, but some are made up of different composite materials. Among the main advantages to block paving is that if some of the bricks get broken over time, they can simply be replaced. In addition, it means that it is easier to perform work under the surface of the paving without leaving a mark.

The most common pattern that driveway companies lay is the herringbone pattern since it has the strongest interlock, rendering it a fantastic choice for driveways. The herringbone pattern is established by the tradesperson by setting the blocks at 45 degrees or 90 degrees to the perpendicular. Both types of herringbone pattern create an elegant and appealing look for your driveway that can make your home look fantastic to potential owners.

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Average Block paving cost

The average cost for a block paving project is around £4,000. For smaller areas of paving, or if you live in a cheaper area of the country, expect to pay around £3,000, but for larger areas or within the London area, costs may be as much as £4,600-£5,000.

Average price per Block paving job in 2021

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Block paving installation cost in 2021

Labour cost £2,800
Material cost £1,000
Waste removal £200
Time frame: 1-2 days

Advantages for Block paving

  • Block paving is considered to be more attractive than basic, plain tarmac
  • Individual blocks can be lifted and replaced if damaged, stained or has a spillage
  • block paving is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
  • block sizes tend to be very accurate and uniform allowing for easier laying

Disadvantages for Block paving

  • Poorly prepared sub-bases can result in block paving surfaces sinking
  • Weed and moss growth can occur between the blocks as airborne seeds settle into the sand
  • The colour of less expensive block pavers can fade over time

Block paving Manufacturers

Block paving FAQs

How much to block pave a drive

One thing you should know about block paving a drive is that it can be very expensive depending on a number of factors such as the materials to be incorporated, block paving pattern, labour cost as well as the size of the drive in question. However, before you get started it’s always a good idea to obtain multiple quotes to compare the prices and select the most reasonable quote. Here, we’ve provided a breakdown of the block paving cost to ensure that you’ll not get ripped off.

There are three main types of block paving which includes clay blocks, concrete blocks as well as natural stone. If you were to go for complex block paving patterns and extras such as drainage solutions and edging, you may have to pay a significantly higher price. The size of your drive is also a major determinant of your block paving cost. What’s more? The materials you need as well as the contractors you select will all play a key role in the final cost of block paving your drive.

The material cost for the three types of block paving includes: Clay block £70 to £100 per m2, concrete blocks £20 to £60 per m2 and natural stone £50 to £105 per m2. To calculate your total material cost, you’ll need to determine the size of your drive.

The cost of labour for installing block paving is usually within the range of £50 to £100 per square metre. In certain cases, you may also have some waste removal needs. If you’re going to hire a specialist that’ll take a day or two of labour to get the job done, it’ll cost about £150 to £200 per day.

Other additional block paving costs include: hardcore £300, blocks and edgings £1,700, sharp sand £250. kiln-dried sand £250 and skip hire £500.

How much is block paving

So have you decided to lay block paving on your property? If yes, then knowing how much it would cost would help you prepare a budget and set out a plan before commencement of the project. The cost of block paving depends on a wide range of factors such as the the size of the area in question, cost of labour as well as the type of brick and block paving to be used. So how much does block paving cost? In this article, we’ll give you an general idea of the cost of laying of block paving on a driveway so you can estimate your cost according to your personal requirements and needs.

For a small to medium sized driveway featuring a complex design, the block pavings’ cost starts from a range between £3,000 to £4,000, meanwhile that of a large sized pathway will jump to a range between £6,500 to £7,500. And depending on the complexity of the design, the final cost of the project can be greatly impacted as it would also take a longer period of time to be completed. For the same small to medium sized pathway featuring a simple design which usually takes up to 3 to 4 days will cost within a range of £4,500 to £5,500. While a complex design such as a herringbone pattern will take up to 5 to 6 days and costing within a range of £5,000 to £6,000.

Furthermore, there are also other factors that can determine the price of block paving and another example is the current condition. This includes the preparation work to be carried out before laying the block paving can be a time consuming task especially when the driveway is in a terrible condition and this comes with a high labour cost. Another factor to be considered is the materials used in making the block paving such as stone, concrete, cement, composite and resin - they’re all available in various range of colours and textures. They play a key role in the block paving cost.

How to lay block paving

How To Lay Block Paving

Do you wish to know how to install block paving? We’ve got you covered! Here, you’ll find a useful step by step guide that’ll provide you with all the necessary information to lay a wide range of block paving products available in the market today. You must, however, note that the installation of block paving can be a tricky affair and should not be attempted unless you have undergone a proper training or have a good experience in the field. If otherwise, we’d advise you to leave the task for a reliable block laying professional to guarantee the best results and also avoid making costly mistakes.


• Draw up a design to perfectly suits your needs.

• Decide on the type of block as well as colour.


• Use a mini excavator or a JCB ( depending on the size of the job) to excavate the driveway.

• Identify and mark out the area to be excavated.

• Dug out the area until you reach a suitable level

• Ensure that the proposed finish level is 150mm underneath the damp proof course in any of the adjoining building’s brick.

lEdge Restraints

• Build a 100mm depth-thick concrete foundation with the help of a concrete mixer, 1 part cement and 6 parts ballast.

• Position the kerb unit on top of the level with a string line and spirit level.

• Use a trowel and rubber mallet to mortar the kerb unit to the foundation.

• Haunch the back of the kerb units in such a way that the concrete reach half way up the kerb’s rear.


• Put the crushed concrete in the edge restraints and ensure it’s at the desired level of 50mm.

• Use a vibrating plate to compact and level


• Apply a layer of sharp sand (to 50mm depth) and campact it using a vibrating plate.

• Apply second layer of sharp sand (to 20mm depth) on top of the first layer.

• Level the second layer to the correct falls.

lInstallation Of Paving

• Lay the block paving starting from the bottom of a slope.

• Ensure the blocks are placed at about 10mm to 15mm above the required finish level.

• Make sure the blocks used are between 3-5 packs as you proceed with your desired pattern. You may need to cut smaller block pieces to fill smaller gaps.

lFinishing Touches

• Clear out the area to ensure no debris is left on the blocks.

• Put kiln dried sand and brush across the whole of the area, ensuring the sands falls between the blocks’ joints.

• Compact the drive with the vibrating plate.

• Brush more kiln dried sand over the area and compact again

• Repeat the process until the joints are full of sand.

When's the best time to get driveway work done?

Driveway work is usually done in the warmer half of the year. This is partly to avoid bad weather. If you want to get ahead and avoid waiting for a contractor to be free, you should try getting in touch with a professional in the early spring so a date can be booked for install as soon as practically possible.

Can you lay block paving on top of concrete

Can You Lay Block Paving On Top Of Concrete?

The replacement or improvement of your driveway is unarguably one of the most expensive projects you can undertake in the exterior of your home. When done by a true professional the results can be impressive and visually appealing, however you’d have to pay huge bucks to have this done. This is exactly the situation with block paving as it is not only time consuming, but also a lot more expensive when compared to other types of driveway.

A large chuck of this cost is associated with the removal of the existing driveway. So assuming your old driveway is concrete, can you simply pave over the existing concrete? If yes, will it save you money? The simple and short answer is yes. It’s in fact advisable to pave over concrete as this will not only add around 20% to your home’s value, but also make it look a lot more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

However, there are some problems associated with block paving over concrete. It may be better to remove the concrete in situations whereby the base is substandard. For instance, if the ground underneath the concrete is failing, there’ll most definitely be problems.

Also, there’ll be some issues with settling (not even the cracks). If your concrete is dropping little amounts every year, these can affect the blocks and ultimately lead to dropping of some sections of the block paving in such a way that they’ll no longer be on the same level as the other blocks. Giving a rise to the possibility of drainage issues, tripping hazard and lots more.

Other issues that may crop up can be triggered as a result of using the wrong size block height as well as totally ignoring or overlooking the undulations of the concrete.

How to seal block paving

Are you having weed problems on your carefully picked out block pavings? After spending huge bucks to install the block pavings, the last thing any homeowner would want to discover is weed taking over the prized asset. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be effectively handled in a few simple steps provided in this article.

Basically, sealing of block paving is all about prevention of weed growth in the area by total weed removal, putting of sand between the block paving joints and sealing with a good quality sealant. This is a task that’s best left for a reliable professional to guarantee the best results especially if you lack proper training and experience. This guide will give a good insight into the process.

Here are the equipment you’ll need to get started: pressure washer, weed killer, bin bag, broom, small brush, protective gear, sealing roller, spueegee, jointing sand and sealer and DIY sprayer.

lRemove The Weed

• Put on a protective clothing and gloves

• Get a weed disposal bag to clean while you go.

• Apply the selected weed killer on both areas where weeds are present and the absent ones to prevent any growing.

lPressure Washing

• Angle your pressure washer between the gaps. This is done to remove all weeds and debris that are still lying around as well as removing all possible chemical residues to create a thorough clean between the paving slab.

• Leave the washed area to dry.

l Sand The Joints

• Check the weather forecast to ensure there’s about 24 to 48 hours of dryness as its important for both sand and sealant to do a perfect job.

• Put sand between the gaps and push it down with your small brush until its levelled.

lSeal The Gaps

• The sealing process should be done immediately and sanding.

• Clean up the patio

• Perform a test using a small area

• Apply the sealant

• Apply the second of sealant

• Leave to dry for about 2 to 3 hours.

What sand for block paving

Have you decided to install block paving and wondering what the best sand to be applied to the joints is in order to achieve a perfect job? Well, you’re at the right place! This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to block paving and we seek to give you a reliable solution once and for all.

The best sand for block paving is a kiln-dried sand. It’s an extremely fine sand which has been dried in a kiln to get rid of all the water before it’s incorporated to achieve the best results. Therefore, the sand contains no moisture and is commonly used to fill the joints of block paving to keep the paving’s structure rigid and strong. It also goes a long way to prevent the ingress of water while stopping the paving from moving and becoming loose. The major reason why the paving sand must be dried is to allow it flow easily into the joints as well as the block paving’s gaps. As result of this smooth flowing to the bottom of the joints, there will be no sand sticking to the sides of the pavers.

Another major reason why kiln-dried sand is commonly applied to the block paving’s joints is to prevent water from penetrating the paved area. It also tightens the individual pavers together to prevent from moving and becoming loose. In the event whereby you happen to leave the joints of your block paving without kiln dried sand, it’s highly likely that they’ll sink as a result of water penetration and the blocks will become very loose. After washing block paving, it’s very important to also replace any sand washed off in the process once the paving is dried to prevent water ingress into the joints.

Is block paving permeable

Is Block Paving Permeable?

Back in 2008, there was a regulation introduced which comes with a requirement guiding the pavement of front gardens. It requires homeowners to incorporate the conventional impermeable driveways which makes for an uncontrolled run off of rainwater into sewers, roadways, local watercourses etc. However since then, new systems have been established which complies with the legislation and permit driveway laying of block paving without requiring planning permission while still providing the same visually appealing features as the conventional systems. Therefore, a short and simple answer to whether block paving is permeable is yes.

A permeable paving driveway (unlike the conventional ones which quickly diverts rainwater towards the edges to local drains) purposefully diverts rainwater into the built paving structure which oversees a controlled release of the rainwater into the environment. Permeable block paving comes with a wide range of benefits which includes the following:

• No Planning Permission Required

Unlike the traditional system, permeable block paving requires no planning permission as it oversees the driveway draining by ensuring that the surface water passes directly through the joints which makes sure the drains are not over worked and minimizing the risk of flood.

• Puddles Reduction By Natural Drainage

A permeable block paving minimizes puddles as well as standing water which helps to boost natural drainage. This is due to the laying process which features little voids that permits the passage of water.

• Natural Filtration

A natural filtration occurs when water is allowed to return to the ground by permeable block paving which helps assists in getting rid of any pollutants from the rain water.

• Flood Prevention

Permeable paving can help to prevent flooding as it absorbs water rather than directing it to the local drains or leaving it to build up on the surface’s top.

• Natural & Sustainable Materials

Natural and recyclable materials can be incorporated in producing permeable paving which is an excellent choice especially if you’re seeking a more sustainable driveway.

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