Gravel paving and driveways

Gravel paving and driveways

In the UK, gravel driveways have shot to popularity, replacing block paving as the nation’s favourite material.

It’s easy to see why it has become so popular too, not only looking great, but being easy to maintain too. It’s hugely successful in creating an aesthetically pleasing look, especially in the country settings where materials tend to be stone and brick.

With gravel driveways you’ll also have a wide variety of choice, with the size of area covered, colour and texture. As an added benefit, gravel paving can even act as a security measure, alerting you to anyone coming towards the house.

The maintenance of gravel driveways

The maintenance of gravel driveways is generally very straightforward. Of course, as with anything it will eventually deteriorate over time and dirt, dust and weeds will begin to take over.

To keep the fantastic look gravel paving originally creates it’s important to maintain. This can be just removing weeds and spraying weed killer, or sweeping escaped gravel back into place.

If a vehicle is constantly using the surface, the top gravel layer will eventually need replacing over time. The weight of the vehicle will slowly break down the gravel pieces and make the surface compact.

Benefits of gravel driveways

With a gravel driveway you’ll benefit from a range of features including:

  • An aesthetically pleasing look for your front garden which will last for years with little maintenance

  • An ultimate choice in style, colour and area covered by the gravel

  • A surface that matches with your home’s exterior look

  • A cheaper alternative to adding something different to your front area

  • Added security to your home

Gravel driveway quotes

Gravel driveways offer something different to block paving, creating a fantastic look that needs little maintenance throughout the year.

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Gravel paving and driveways companies

Local Gravel paving and driveways Projects

Project: Build stair to loft. Create one large loft roof with dormer window. Create and install shower room and toilet in loft. Additionally Interior and exterior painting of property, to refresh in keep...
Project: At the moment we have a front lawn and need extra parking space for another vehicle so we have decided to gravel over.There is an old manhole cover which would need replacing. LVNC
Project: dropped kerb of 9 kerbs. 47 sq M dig off @ 200mm, Lay 160mm of limestone and 40mm of gravel. Rear hardstanding: Dig off 87 Sq M @ 100mm, Lay 100mm of Hardcore. Is currently grass spoke to mr homeo...
Project: turn small grass area into car port - is undecided and would like advice on whether to have gravel, tarmac or concrete spoke to ms keen for work to be done is mother's property but she lives ther...
Project: Lay new driveway to include removal or overlay of current concrete and grass with gravel lvnc
Project: I would like my garden to be made into a drive that is made of stones/gravel. It is currently all grass and is about 2 1/2 car lengths wide and about 2 car lengths long lvnc
Project: Existing drive is concrete with a chipping surface the drive has slumped in a few places and needs repairing / replaceing the drive is approx 80 metres in length LVNC
Project: Back yard - breakup and removal of concrete surface and replace with paving stones/shingle. Front garden - removal of top soil and returf as well as placing paving slabs. lvnc
Project: To put down a gravel driveway with brick border. 20 square feet. Initial digging up of surface already complete. lvnc
Project: Area of around 9.5 x 2.5m which is currently turfed I need converting to a gravel driveway LVNC
Project: 115m2 gravel drive needs to be dug out to 100mm 50 mm hardcore and 50mm gravel as ground very stable underneith, concrete edgings outside edge 53m all round perimeter. lvnc
Project: driveway from a country lane across arelatively level field to a house. distance 60m X 4 m. a turning area needs to be included at point that drive meets house. lvnc
Project: Looking for ideas for a new back garden design. The garden is long and narrow. Considering gravel. lvnc
Project: to remove all shrubs pathways and existing grass, lay membrain to lay scalpings with wackerplat lay sleepers as a retainer lay ecogrid and shingle LVNC
Project: Excavating existing gravel drive, laying membrane and resurfacing with new gravel or stone chips. lvnc
Project: A new gravel driveway to be laid after clearance and levelling of existing grassed area. Area is roughly 15m x 10m x 8m lvnc
Project: Clear and dispose of shrubs/grass,then lay gravel over whole area of area of 15 x 15 metres lvnc
Project: I have a small garden approx 14x6 meters that is currently grassed that I would like to get gravelled. there are a few trees growing in the bushes that would need to be removed also. I am not in a hur...
Project: Basically we are after a simple second driveway to be laid within a 16x16m piece of land. There is 1 manhole within this surface area. nc
Project: Hard parking area to be made good and re graveled + pathway to house with gravel to match. Area of parking area approx 12ft x 20ft + about 14ft of pathway. Please contact to further and quote

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