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Interested in crazy paving specialists in Pembrokeshire? Our crazy paving professionals within Pembrokeshire will be able to provide you the very best quotes for getting work completed around the house.

Crazy paving takes its name from the overall look. Whilst it possesses a crazed look with randomly placed paving sections, it's a low cost form of adding an original appeal to your front or back garden.

With a trademark look of broken parts, it can set your property apart from those that have block paving or hardwood decking.

Even though it may well look like a fairly easy DIY job, it shouldn't be attempted without the necessary capabilities because there's actually heavy labour involved. An expert is best placed to finish a crazy paving job and the finished look will likely be excellent.

We will supply you with as many as four crazy paving professionals, who'll offer prices for the work. You'll get a property visit from professionals in Pembrokeshire who're fully trained in laying crazy paving and also slabbing.

Average Crazy paving and slabbing driveways cost in Pembrokeshire

How much your slab paving project will cost depends on quite a few things. These include the area your paving will cover, the materials you use, the professional you hire to help you and your location. However, the regular cost for a slab paving project in the UK ranges from about £1,800 to £2,800.

Average price per Crazy paving and slabbing driveways job in 2021

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Crazy paving and slabbing driveways costs for Pembrokeshire, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Crazy paving and slabbing driveways installation cost in 2021

Labour cost £1,750
Material cost £625
Waste removal £125
Time frame: 3-5 days

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Requests for Crazy paving and slabbing driveways quotations in Pembrokeshire in May 2021. 0% change from April 2021.


Requests for Crazy paving and slabbing driveways quotations in Wales in May 2021. 0% change from April 2021.

We reported 2,849 requests for household improvement prices in Pembrokeshire. Of those price requests the volume of crazy paving and slabbing specialists (type: crazy paving, block paving, driveways etc...) was 0.

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Pembrokeshire possesses the fifth largest land area of all Welsh regions and carries a population of 122,400. This gives the county a small population density of no more than 74 individuals for each square kilometre. The area is made famous for its shorelines which have been assigned more than 100 honours. Pembrokeshire's county town of Haverfordshire is the most filled within the county with 13,000 and it's found in the heart of the UK's only Coastal National Park. For all property upgrades you're looking at in the Pembrokeshire area, be certain to utilise reputable specialists to get the most out of your investment decision and enhance house value.

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  • Completed Crazy paving and slabbing drivewaysproject picture by Probuild
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    AMB Groundwork & Development

    28 review(s)
    Based: in Cardiff, CF3 0PJ

    AMB Groundwork & Development has over 20 years experience in Driveways, Paths & Patios. We Strive upon customer satisfaction ensuring that all customers are 100% satisfied with any work carried out by AMB Groundwork & Development. We have good reput...

    Latest review

    Michael kim H., CF83
    11th January 2020

    Paving & Driveway | Resin Bound in Caerphilly

    Very helpful

    CDS Resin

    21 review(s)
    Based: in Bristol, BS8 1ES

    CDS Resin have over 30 years experience serving the Manchester and surrounding areas. We are family business, and do not sub contract, every jobs is completed by our professional in house team. How it works STEP 1 Firstly, we begin with an in dept...

    Latest review

    Stuart G., CF31
    18th May 2020

    Paving & Driveway | Asphalt / Tarmac in Bridgend

    Could have come to look at the job then get me a positive quote

    Andrew Williams Builders

    1 review(s)
    Based: in Swansea, SA4 3NY

    Building/Roofing, Landscaping and Decorating services. Clean workmanship and clean building

    Latest review

    Jane R., SA13
    20th February 2021

    Roofing | Pitched | Repair in Port Talbot

    Nice men who played attention to the clients needs.

    Reinforce Utilities Ltd

    2 review(s)
    Based: in Tonypandy, CF40 1SS

    We carry out work for all major companies carrying out all aspects of Tarmac, Paving and Ground works and earthworks with qualified and experienced workforce, we use our own excavators, Grab Lorry and Tarmac Hot box to ensure a quality job

    Latest review

    Bridgett J., CF31
    14th May 2018

    Paving & Driveway | Asphalt / Tarmac in Bridgend

    Due to book date to start soon


    1 review(s)
    Based: in Cardiff, CF3 1UF

    Latest review

    Peter H., NP44
    1st December 2017

    Paving & Driveway | Block in Cwmbran

    no quote

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    how much are paving slabs

    Do you want to install a new patio? If yes, then on top of the agenda will definitely be the cost of paving slabs. However providing a single and accurate estimate to the cost of your new patio is almost impossible as there are many factors that can influence what the price would be. These factors include the size of the area, the choice of stone, installations and lots more.

    To get a more accurate estimate of your cost there’s is the need to look at some factors before calculation. These includes envisioning your patio as well as putting the drainage in mind. Firstly, you’ll need to decide where you want your patio to be - this should include considering whether you’ll get enough privacy sitting on your patio and more. If you’re able to identify where to put your patio, you’ll be able to have a clearer idea of the potential shape and size of the patio. Secondly, there’s a need to consider the drainage because failure to provide adequate drainage will only result in storing of water which leads to a development of algae or vegetation across your patio.

    The material you opt for is also a huge determinant of your patio’s cost. When it comes to paving slabs you’ll only get what you pay for. Deciding to go for cheaper paving slabs will most likely lead to frequent staining, slippery surface, tough maintenance as well as constant cracking. Consequently, the act of cutting back on the cost of paving slabs will only you cost you more money in the long run. What’s more? If you have an existing patio you’d like to replace, then you’d probably need to include the cost of removing the existing one.

    do you need planning permission for a driveway

    As a homeowner, your home is your haven where you can control things and add more value, however that doesn’t give you the license to go around digging up your driveway as you deem fit. Replacing your old driveway with a new one comes with its own unique set of rules which are put in place to ensure that your personal preferences doesn’t pose long term issues such as flooding or poor visibility on any adjoining road. You should however note that it’s not every time you would need a planing permission for your driveway.

    Below are the circumstances whereby you’ll need to submit an application before commencing your driveway paving project.

    • In the event whereby you are to pave a driveway of over 5 square metres and/or a permeable surface is not available for its drainage. If the later is not available, there’ll be an increase in the flood risk. As a result, there’s the need to take into account permeable paving for your project.

    • In the event whereby you’re changing the visibility on your road. These situations include removal of trees, gates or walls and the like. So far your changes negatively affects drivers’ visibility, you’ll need a planning permission.

    • In the situations whereby you need to include a drop kerb. You may plan to add in a drop kerb if you’re thinking about expanding your driveway. Therefore, since residents can’t change the roads or pavements at their first fanciful impulse you’ll need to consult your local council before submitting your application.

    • In the situation whereby its a listed building. Planning decisions are also greatly affected by the need to protect historic building. So if your building is a listed one, you’d have to submit an application before making changes.

    how to lay paving slabs

    To inexperienced people laying of paving slab isn’t much more than digging a little, purchasing little amount of mortar and pressing down the paving slabs. But how good would it have been if only it were that easy in real life? The truth is, in reality, laying paving slabs does not only require you to prepare your sub-base painstakingly and mix your mortar using the appropriate materials, but you’d also have to work with accurate and precise paver placements to guarantee the patio’s longevity. As a result, if you lack proper training or experience, we’d recommend you hire the services of a seasoned professional who can guarantee the best results and also save you time and extra cash that may result from possible costly errors. In this guide, you’d gain more insight into the paving slabs laying process.

    To get started, you’ll need sharp sand, cement, shovel, wheelbarrow, pointing trowel, rubber mallet, spirit level, jointing compound, hard-bristled brush and tarpaulin.

    • Mix a layer of mortar for each paver.

    • Apply the mixed mortar onto the sub base by using the trowel.

    • Slot the first flag in place and ensure not to stain the paver’s surface with the mixed mortar.

    • Using a rubber mallet, carefully tap the paver to the mortar bed. Once done, ensure the surface is even with a spirit level.

    • Take a measurement of the gap between the pavers

    • Repeat the above steps until all pavers have been perfectly laid

    • Leave the pavers to dry for about 1 to 2 days. You can protect it using a tarpaulin if concerned about rain.

    • Use the jointing compound to fill up the paver gaps to bind together the pavers. Ensure to wipe off any excess compound using the hard bristled brush.

    how to grout paving slabs

    How to joint pave or grout paving slabs is a common question asked by several home owners. Most times they may have some existing paving and thinking its high time to have them re-pointed or laid some new pavings and wondering how to fill the gaps.

    In the UK, patios don’t get much use especially during cold winter months. However even when not in use, the combination of wet weather and cold temperatures is capable of having the hardest outdoor living spaces looking a bit neglected. This may lead to cracked grouting which leaves gaps between stones making way to a place where weeds can grow and flourish during spring. You definitely wouldn’t want your outdoor living space looking this messy. Hence, there’s a need to get your patio back on track by grouting the paving slabs. However, if you lack proper training or experience, it’s advisable to employ a reliable professional who can guarantee the best results. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the paving slabs grouting process.

    • Saturate the area that needs to be repointed with the help of a hosepipe and/or watering cans. Use a yard brush to distribute the water across the paving slabs.

    • Pour a generous amount of your compound product over the newly soaked patio.

    • Sweep the into the joints where it’s needed with the help of a broom. Do this carefully in order to make sure each and every joint is fully filled with the compound. If done right, this can help prevent premature cracking for a long period of time.

    • Once the joints are filled with the compound, brush aside the exces product and strike it in. Ensure that the product is pressed firmly into each gap leaving behind no spaces.

    • Sweep out the excesses which can be kept for future use.

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