Electric heaters

Electric heaters

60% of the British population are paying 30% more on their electricity bills than they should be and electric heaters are one way of cutting the cost.

Electric heaters are able to provide a quality form of heating that’s both controllable and reliable. What’s more you’ll have a low running cost compared to other heating appliances and be in full charge of the controls.

Electric storage heaters are common, using energy during the cheaper night rates and distributing heat as and when it’s needed.

Benefits of electric heaters

With an electric heater you’ll have:

  • Reliability

Electric heaters have a greater reliability than other forms of home heating such as gas boilers, which limits the risk of a breakdown. Breakdowns can be a huge inconvenience, costing both time and money to have any issue repaired.

  • Low running costs

Electric storage heaters take energy from the Grid at off peak times, ensuring that the cost of heating is lower as opposed to more traditional forms. Heat is then released throughout the day and night, ensuring warmth.

  • Ease of installation

Another advantage with wall mounted electric heaters is the easy installation. This is largely down to the fact pipework isn’t necessary and low installation costs make it a viable way to assist with your home’s heating. There are no restrictions for where it can be installed either.

  • Safety

The safety levels of electric heating are another factor, with no fuel burnt on the premises. This means there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or any other gas leaking from the unit. On top of this, there isn’t the need for annual servicing.

Electric heating quotes

Electric heating has become popular in the UK for a number of reasons including cost, reliability and safety.

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Electric heaters companies

Local Electric heaters Projects

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Project: FURNITURE: No ADDITIONALCOMMENTS: interested in dwarf wall radiator for conservatory approx 20 sqm INFOONBLINDS: No
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Project: would like a quote for supply & intsall of electric heaters please contact to quote & assist
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Project: Free-standing heater (convector or Oil filled) needed for a Conservatory apprx.10x11 ft.Half-wall finish Please conatct to appoint
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Project: ADDITIONALCOMMENTS: Please can you send me a brochure of conservatory heating options. I am particularly interested in wall hung electric radiators.
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Project: The customer has confirmed that they would liketo proceed with thier enquiry for a quotation for electric heaters Please contact to appoint
Project: Please call me soonest on 07725 992126 as I would like to order 1 x PR 20 wall mounted electric radiator. Thanks NC
Project: Spoken to Mrs Homeowner supplied and fitted electric heaters for a conservatory contact anytime after 11 a.m and before 16:00
Project: spoke to mr house owner looking for electric heater for a conservatory please contact to quote
Project: Spoke to Mrs Homeowner Electric heater for a conservatory Supplied and fitted Please contact to appoint
Project: spoke to mrs house owner looking for conservatory heating conservatory already installed. please contact
Project: FURNITURE: No ADDITIONALCOMMENTS: I would only like information on free standing electric heaters please INFOONBLINDS: Yes

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Electric heaters activity in March 2018

Electric heaters Projects in the UK in March 2018

February 2018 January / February
Greater London 5,550 0%
South East 3,520 -1%
Scotland 2,198 -6%
Yorkshire & Humber 2,030 25%
South West 2,011 9%
North West 1,880 -7%
Western Midlands 1,575 3%
East Of England 1,510 16%
East Midlands 1,340 -2%
Wales 750 -5%
Northern Ireland 571 6%
North East 160 23%
United Kingdom 23,095 2%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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Energy Performance of Houses

Homes are given an energy ranking based on exactly how efficient they are and ratings are displayed in the data down below. This varies from A, by far the most energy efficient, to G, the very least efficient. With a higher rating you're more likely to have less costly energy bills as more heat shall be kept in the home. You can improve your home's efficiency with insulation such as double glazing, loft lagging or wall cavity insulation.