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What is a Electrical Survey (EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR is a formal document which is developed after carrying out a detailed inspection of the electrical installation within a property. This is however, not to be conducted by just any individual - only an experienced qualified electrician or approved contractor can carry out this assessment. This usually implies that they’ll have passed a course covering periodic inspection and testing and are also registered with the JIB or a scheme provider and hence, possesses a vast experience and in depth knowledge when it comes to electrical installations.


One of the most common reasons why an EICR might be requested is in rented accommodation where an EICR is the most direct and easiest means of providing a proof that an electrical installation is totally safe. Asides this, it’s also important to note that an EICR is also recommended in all residential homes every 10 years so as to check the condition of the electrical installation and make sure that there’s no drawback. However, there are situations whereby an EICR may need to be carried out more often. Some of these situations include the following:

  • When the installation was done - an older installation will require a an EICR to be carried out more often.
  • The type of the property. For instance, a property featuring a swimming pool will need an EICR to be carried out on an annual basis, though it’s only the part relating to the swimming pool that’ll need to be checked.
  • Environmental conditions
  • Misuse of the installation such as vandalism
  • If there’s a change in the usage of the residential premises like if it’s been sold, purchased or change of occupancy in rentals and lots more.


How can a local Electrician help me with a Electrical Survey (EICR)?

Home and property owners are advised to hire the services of an electrician periodically for a safety assessment of their electrical installations. For residential homes, it’s required that an assessment should be carried out every 10 years, meanwhile rental properties needs to be inspected every half a decade. However, these intervals may even be smaller for older properties of at least 40 years old.


When you call on an electrician, there are a couple of things he is going to do to ensure that your electrical installation is safe and in great condition. In this article, we’re going to look at how a local electrician can help when it comes to electrical survey or Electrical Installation Condition Report ( EICR).


  • They examine the capacity of the circuit breaker. One of the integral thing to do when maintaining electrical safety is to examine whether or not the circuit breaker is functioning as it should and also if there’s a risk of an overload with the circuit itself. Your local electrician will determine if the breaker can maintain currents at levels that are safe.
  • They check the electric meter for possible faults or defects. Asides checking if the meter is logging the correct amount of wattage, the electrician will also ensure that the meter is properly installed and also see if its mechanisms have become defective through wear and tear. What’s more? They’re always on the lookout for rust or other signs of water damage.
  • They examine electrical wires for fraying or damage. Electricians are always on the lookout for fraying wires or ones that are popping out of their protective coating, dangling from walls or ceiling, or exposed to wet or damp areas, as they know how dangerous they can be.


Why should I get a Electrical Survey (EICR)

Not only is electricity invisible to the naked eyes, but you also cannot see the conduits or cables that makes use of electricity. Cables are mostly hidden inside walls or ceilings and the consumer units installed inside cupboards, where they can’t be easily spotted. And more often than not, we often forget to examine the condition of our electrical installations for any possible damage or signs of wear and tear. Hence, highlighting how easy it could be to trigger the potential dangers of faulty electrical installations.


You should know old and faulty wiring is one of the key causes of electrical fires in homes and properties. In order to effectively reduce the risk of a fire and other possible dangers of faulty electrical installations, there’s the need to periodically check your cables, switches and sockets so as to make sure that they’re in great condition. And that’s exactly where an electrical survey (EICR) comes in!


Here are some of the reasons why getting an electrical survey should never be overlooked.


  • Safety comes first. Whether it’s you, your family, relatives, friends or tenants, you want to make sure your building is afe for all those who make use of it. The good way to get started would be by conducting an electrical survey of the entire building.
  • It saves you money. A detailed EICR will bring out any potential problems before they become a major challenge. Prevention, they say, is better than cure. An electrical survey will save you money over time cutting the number of callouts for reactive repairs.
  • It gives you peace of mind. Peace of mind simply cannot be priced. When an electrical survey is conducted by a licensed and qualified electrician, you can be rest assured your building is compliant with the relevant electrical standards which bring you a peace of mind knowing you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your electrical installations.


Things to consider before getting a Electrical Survey (EICR) completed

The safety of your electrical installation is one of your responsibilities as a home or property owner. You want to keep everyone around you safe, save money on costly reactive repairs and ultimately, give yourself a peace of mind knowing your building is in compliance with the relevant electrical standards. As a result, carrying out an electrical survey of your home or property is a pretty good step to take, however there’s a need to put some things into consideration before hiring the services of a qualified electrician. Let’s take a look!


  • Move things out of the way. Prior to the arrival of the electrician at your place, there’s the need to remove anything that could lead to inconveniences and delays to the project. Anything that may affect the accessibility of your house’s major electrical panel should be removed with care. Things like furnitures and carpets should also be removed to protect them from accumulating dust during the process and also to create space for moving electrical equipment. To prevent losses, you might also want to remove fragile items from the working area.What’s more? If the electrical survey is going to affect your family’ daily activities like switching off of the electricity, you may also want to move out until the survey is complete.
  • Make sure that your home is safe from water leaks. Water and electricity aren’t the best of friends. Therefore, there’s a need to make sure that your home or property is properly waterproofed in the best way possible. This is particularly crucial during seasons of heavy rain or winter. You should know that electrocution can be cause by water dripping from an electrical service panel. You should also ensure that the electrician is duly informed about any dangerous situation in your home so as to prepare home and also prevent any potential injuries.


Will getting a Electrical Survey (EICR) save me money?

The Electrical Installation Conditioning Report ( EICR) is a document that helps to determine the electrical installation of the building is safe and secure. It’s simply a basic condition and safety report of the level of electrical safety of a building which is required to be taken at various intervals throughout the lifespan of the property. An electrical survey will include a thorough inspection of all the electrical systems and installations.


The EICR cost differs from one property to the other and tests can take a couple of hours or they can take weeks. However, one of the things that’s common with all electrical surveys is that they can definitely save you money in many different ways. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways an Electrical Installation Conditioning Report can prove to be economical. Let’s take a closer look!


  • Save money on costly repairs. If you keep ignoring a faulty electrical system, it’ll only keep getting worse and you’ll end up spending more on costly repairs. The EICR helps you spot the faults in the system and offer you an opportunity to fix the issue before it gets out of hands.

  • Save money on energy bills. Since energy costs are always increasing, it has become a great concern for homeowners in recent times. In order to cut down on your energy bills, there’s the need to make sure that your electrical system is efficient. The EICR helps to figure out the problems with your electrical installation which makes it easier for you to implement necessary changes as soon as possible. Stuffs like upgrading lighting appliances, HVAC systems and wiring can go a long way to boost your building’s energy efficiency.

Average Electrical survey cost

The common cost of Electrical survey is £200. Costs vary based upon the materials and the firm selected. The upper price range can be as high as £230. The material costs are in most cases around £50

Average price per Electrical survey job in 2023

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






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Electrical survey installation cost in your area 2023

Labour cost £140
Material cost £50
Waste removal £10
Time frame: 1 day

Advantages for Electrical survey

  • Keep Your Property & Those Inside Safe
  • Remain Compliant With Electrical Standards
  • Avoid Damage To Irreplaceable Items
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Save Money

Disadvantages for Electrical survey

  • Costs to have it completed

Electrical survey Manufacturers

Electrical survey FAQs

How long does an electrical certificate last?

If you’re about to acquire an electrical safety certificate, it’s quite normal to be a bit curious about the length of time the certificate is expected to last for. Well, this is also a bit tricky as the duration is determined by your type of property. In this post, we aim to shed more light into this topic in order to give you a detailed insight and help you make informed decisions moving forward.


As earlier stated, the validity of your electrical safety certificate or report is based on the type of property you own. In event whereby you happen to have tenants living in the property, the electrical safety certificate will last for 5 years or with every change of tenancy, depending on whichever comes first. However, in the event whereby you happen to live in your property, the electrical safety certificate is going to remain valid for 10 years. What’s more? For commercial properties, the electrical safety certificate is also valid for only 5 years. Meanwhile for caravans and swimming pools, the electrical safety certificate possesses a shorter lifespan of just 3 year and 1 year respectively.


The suggested length of validity is only the industry standard. And as such, landlords are not under any legal obligation to get their electrical safety certificate updated at the aforementioned times. According to the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985, landlords are only required to keep the electrical wiring in proper condition at all times. It does not in any form require landlords to get an electrical safety report or certificate.


One of the primary reasons why you need to get an electrical certificate is that you may not be allowed to show legal proof that the wiring and electrical set up in your property was in the best possible condition in the event of an electrical accident. Several insurance companies will not accept your claims if you’re unable to present the electrical safety certificate.

What electrical certificates to sell a house?

There’s a need to ensure that all the paperwork are in place,before putting your house up for sale on the property market. An very good example of such essential document is the Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) which is used as a proof to attest to the fact that the electrical installation works carried out on the property in question was actually done and also whether or not it satisfies the building regulations. It’ll be a contravention of the law to put your house up for sale or actually sell it without producing this important document. Therefore, if you’re looking to sell your house you may wish to know the electrical documentations you need to complete the task. In this post, we aim to provide you an in depth insight into the electrical certificates needed to sell your house while also helping you make informed decisions along the process. Let’s take a look!


You’ll need to obtain two certificates in the event whereby the electrical work done was performed by a registered and qualified electrician. The two documents include:

  • The Building Regulations Compliance Certificate - This is provided to confirm that the electrical works done complies with the Building regulations.
  • The Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC), alternatively you can have a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate which is provided to confirm that the electrical works done satisfies the BS 7671.

In addition, the local building control body must be provided with a copy of these documents. In such an event whereby the electrical work was completed after 2013 and either it was done by yourself or by an individual who isn’t a registered professional, then there’s a need to make sure that work is inspected by a registered third party certifier within 5 days of completion. If the work is found to be satisfactory, you’ll be issued a copy of an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

How much is an electrical safety certificate?

What an electrical safety certificate offers both home and property owners as well as tenants is peace of mind. However, if you’re going to get an electrical certificate, you’d probably want to know just how much it’s going to cost. In this post, we aim to give you an idea of the electrical safety certificate pricing in order to help you make a budget and start planning. Let’s take a look!

Generally, the cost of getting an electrical safety certificate in the UK is usually within the range of £80 to about £150 for a medium sized home. With that in mind, it’s also important to note that the price you’ll have to pay to acquire an electrical safety certificate is based on a number of factors which includes the complexity of the job, the size of your property amongst many others. All home and property owners including landlords should invest in getting an electrical safety certificate. The certificate can only be legally issued by a qualified and certified electrician and it must document that all electrical appliances as well as connectors within a property are totally safe and in a proper working condition. What’s more? More often than not, an electrical safety certificate test will most likely be completed in less than 24 hours.

The Electrical Safety report bring to life an concerns as regards the status of all electrical appliances and circuits. At present, it isn’t a legal requirement for home owners. However for landlords, it is an obligation to acquire an up to date Electrical Safety Certificate.

How to get electrical certificate?

An electrical safety inspection is basically the act of carrying out a thorough assessment of all electrical systems within a property, be it residential, commercial or industrial premises. The main goal of conducting this survey is to see to the fact that all the electrical systems and installations forming part of a property are correctly fitted, well maintained and ultimately, safe. This is required to be carried out by an electrician who’s an approved contractor and accredited by ECA, NICEIC or STROMA. To get contractors who can carry out the electrical safety inspection and meet with the government criteria, you simply have to search on the Electrical Component Person database. They’ll assess the current condition of the electrical systems and evaluate if they are working efficiently while also paying special attention to any defects or faults.


Generally, the best way to get an electrical safety certificate ( an EICR) is to shop around. In the event whereby you need the inspector to examine a part of your property you’d have to raise his/her awareness to this. This will be referred to as an “agreed limitation in the report.


Failure to comply with electrical safety regulations bring about serious penalties for such landlords. Upon the introduction of the new regulations in June 2020, local authorities can fine the electrical safety regulations-breaching landlords up to £30,000. Asides this fact, it’s also in your interest to keep your property as well as its appliances in a good condition at all times. If everyone including your tenants feel safe and your property is in great shape, everyone is happy!


The cost of an Electrical Certificate varies depending on the size of your home as well as the number of electrical installations and appliances that needs to be checked. The price can start anywhere from £120 and above.

What is a Registered Electrician?

Registered Electricians will certainly work in uniformity with the UK nationwide criterion, BS 7671 - Demands for Electrical Installations. They will certainly provide a safety and security certification for their electric work to verify that the setup has actually been created, built, evaluated and evaluated, based on the standard.

You should guarantee that your selected Electrical installer is signed up with one of the adhering to companies:

  • BRE Certification Ltd
  • British Standards Institution.
  • ELECSA Ltd
  • NAPIT Registration Ltd
  • NICEIC Group Ltd
  • SELECT (Scotland)

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