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In search of floor tiling specialists in Swindon? Our floor tiling professionals within Swindon will be able to provide you the top prices for having work finished around the home.

The flooring will always have an vital part to play inside a room’s layout and the material should really complement the requirements you'll need. Whether or not you’re decorating or redesigning a room, upmost attention should be given to the floor.

Carpeting is normally decided on for locations where comfort is called for, such as the living or dining room. However this household favourite simply wouldn’t be advantageous in the kitchen area or bathroom.

For both rooms, you’ll want something durable, durable and water resistant. Floor tiles offer all three of these and much more.

We are able to provide you up to four floor tiling experts, who'll provide quotations for the work. You’ll be given a house visit from professionals within Swindon who are properly trained in laying floor tiles of all shapes and sizes.

Average Floor tile fitting cost in Swindon

The regular cost of Floor tile fitting is £500. Costs fluctuate based on the materials and the organisation picked. The upper price range can be as high as £575. The material costs are generally approximately £125

Average price per Floor tile fitting job in 2021

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Avg. price low

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Prices based on actual Floor tile fitting costs for Swindon, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Floor tile fitting installation cost in 2021

Labour cost £350
Material cost £125
Waste removal £25
Time frame: 1-2 days

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The major town of Swindon is towards the southwest of England in the county of Wiltshire, which includes a population of 209,000. Swindon is just 81 miles from London, wedged in between Bristol and Reading. The town is maintaining growth, with population growing 16.2% since 2001 alone and a expected 39% increase by 2026. Be sure of choosing the right rates for your project by checking quotations from trustworthy tradesmen.

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What is the cost to have floor tiles layed

With the plethora of advantages that’s provided by floor tiles, it’s little surprise many homeowners are looking to have them installed especially on their kitchen or bathroom floors. They’re known to be long lasting, easy to install and maintain and resistant to both moisture and stains.

If you’re also considering laying floor tiles in your home or property, you’d probably be interested in knowing the cost to complete such a project. We’d love to provide you with a short and single answer to this question, but the fact is, the installation cost of floor tiles is dependent on a wide array of factors. Let’s have a look!

✓ Labour Cost

The labour cost charged for tile installation varies from one company to the other. Hence, the need to research a reliable tiling professional who is able to offer good quality services at a competitive price.

✓ Material Cost

Just like most other home improvement activities, you always have the option of getting your own materials. However, if you want the professional to purchase the tiles for you, then it would also be added to the final cost, including a service charge.

✓ Size Of The Room

Like you would have expected, the larger the room, the higher the final cost would be as it would take more time and effort to complete.

✓ Removal Of Existing Tiles

If you have old tiles you wish to remove before the installation of the new ones, you’d also be charged for the service provided.

✓ The Type Of Tiles Being Installed

Some tiles are, generally, more difficult to install than the others. For instance, marble installation is a more time consuming task than the likes of ceramic or porcelain. Hence, it’ll be more expensive to install.

✓ Additional Expenses

This includes material delivery, shopping time and other fringe services offered by the tiling professional.

how to lay large porcelain floor tiles

If you’re considering the installation of large format porcelain tiles in your home or property, you’d probably want to know how you can go about the laying process. Large porcelain tiles can measure up to 3m in length and as a result, requires specialist skills, equipment as well as products in order to see to a high quality installation of the tiles. In this guide, we share with you expert tips that’ll help install large porcelain tiles onto floor space with relative ease. Let’s take a look!

✓ Prepare the tiles. This includes cleaning the surface of the tile of any dirt, dust and removing any temporary protective layers. This is because any contamination to the tile’s surface can affect the suction action of the lifting frame.

✓ Cut your porcelain tiles. For cutting, the tiles should be transferred to a stable base for for more accuracy and clean cut. Use the measurements to get a perfect cut and if you’ll require a straight cut simply use the score and snap tools and techniques.

✓ Prepare the adhesive. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prepare the adhesive.

✓ Install the large porcelain tiles. Use a 4mm notched trowel to backcomb the adhesive onto the tile’s reverse. All ribs should run in same direction and also be parallel with the shortest length. Use a larger notched trowel to apply the adhesive to the substrate. Once you’ve applied the adhesive to both surfaces, you can then life the tiles into place with the lifting frame. Then use the tile levelers to ensure the tiles are flush at the joints and wipe off any excess adhesive

✓ Apply the grout.

how to fit bathroom floor tiles

Due to its numerous advantages, bathroom floor tiles are a popular choice for homeowners across the country. Not only are they durable and good looking, but they’re also resistant to both moisture and stains. Hence, they’re very easy to maintain and with skill, confidence and patience, can also be relatively easy to install especially when compared to wall tiles which is a vertical surface.

Fitting bathroom floor tiles requires a lot of planning as it can be easy to make costly errors here and there. Generally, this task shouldn’t pose any serious difficulty for a confident and patient DIYer. However, if you lack these attributes, then it’s advisable to call in a professional who can guarantee the best results for help. In this article, we’ll take you through the bathroom floor tiles installation process. Let’s get started!

• Make Sure You Have A Levelled Subfloor

✓ Your subfloor’s stability is crucial for the success of your tile laying.

✓ Once done, then you can start planning how to level the floor.

✓ Identify the highest point of your floor and place a really long level to determine the dip and hump spots.

✓ Fill in the identified low spots with mortar.

• Cut The Tiles

✓ Using a wet saw with a diamond blade and pump, cut through the tiles to get the appropriate shape.

• Choose The Appropriate Adhesive

✓ To best adhesive is probably the one written on the label and suggested by the manufacturer.

✓ If uncertain, you can make use of a modified mortar

• Prepare The Area

✓ Using the prepared mixture of your mortar, prime the surface by spreading it on the floor with the trowel’s flat side.

✓ Once done, you can add more mortar with the ridges of the trowel.

• Space The Tiles

✓ Tile spacement depends largely on the surrounding walls. Straight walls equal straight tiles, if not your judge would be required to ensure a great outcome.

✓ If the wall is straight, make a space of about an eighth of an inch. The bigger spacing, the higher the possibility for the grout to become visibly discoloured.

• Use The Right Grout

✓ With sanded and unsanded grouts having a variety of colours, choosing the ideal grout can a tricky affair.

✓ The size of the spaces play a huge role in determining the best choice.

✓ Use a sanded grout if the spacing is an eighth of an inch or more. However if less, make use of the unsanded grout.

how to tile a floor

Are you interested in having a tiled floor in your residential or commercial space? There are so many benefits that comes with installing tiles and that’s why so many home or property owners are considering it. Not only do they increase the visual appeal of the property, but they’re also resistant to moisture helping to increase the durability of the house, whether it’s wall or floor tiles. So if you wish to lay tiles for your house, this guide will help put you in the right direction, ensuring you get it right, the first time.

Floor Tiles Installation Procedures

• Floor Preparation

✓ The first step is to prepare the floor by moving all objects like mortar, adhesives and more.

✓ Use concrete patching compound to fill ill low spots and cracks, until the floor is levelled.

✓ Ensure the floor is dry and clean.

• Pattern Layout

✓ Take the measurement of each wall’s length while also taking into account the room’s diagonals.

✓ To help place the tiles in an orderly manner, make use of a chalk to mark down lines on the levelled surface in question and ensure it’s parallel to the walls.

• Adhesive Preparation

✓ Mix the appropriate amount of water with the adhesive (bonding agent).

✓ The mixture should be toothpaste-like thick to ensure the durability of the tiles.

• Tiles Placement

✓ Depending on the tile’s size, evenly spread the mortar on the floor using a notched trowel.

✓ Lay the first tile on the bonding agent (adhesive or mortar) and apply a gentle and little pressure on the tile.

✓ Repeat the technique for other tiles using plastic spacers to ensure the edges and corners are properly aligned.

• Tiles Cutting

✓ Cut the tiles (if necessary) with the help of a wet saw or scoring cutter featuring a diamond-tripped blade.

• Grout Application

✓ Filling of the tiles’ gap is done using the grout. It can be applied to the joints with a rubber float.

✓ After application, allow the grout to set up for some minutes.

✓ Use sponge and a bucket of water to clear out any adhesive leftover.

• Grout Sealing

✓ Use a foam brush or applicator bottle for the sealants’ application.

✓ Clean out excess sealer within 10 minutes.

Floor tiling can be a very tricky activity that can end up being disastrous, especially when done by a novice. Unless you have prior experience or well-trained, it would be advisable to employ the services of a seasoned professional - it’ll save you lots of time, money and guarantee a top quality job is done.

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