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Floor tile supply and fit

The flooring will always have an important role to play in a room’s design and the material should match the requirements you need. Whether you’re redecorating or renovating a room, upmost attention should always be given to the floor.

Carpeting is often chosen for rooms where comfort is required, such as the living or dining room. But this household favourite just wouldn’t be worthwhile in the kitchen or bathroom.

For both rooms, you’ll want something hardwearing, durable and water resistant. Floor tiles offer all three of these and much more.

Floor tiling benefits

With floor tiling you can benefit from a number of qualities that suit the needs of both kitchens and bathrooms. These include:

  • Cost effective

When it comes to flooring, there isn’t much on the market you could find that’ll beat tile for cost. With a range of products you can select a product that meets your budget and still benefit from a wealth of advantages.

  • Ease of maintenance

Your bathroom and kitchen flooring are bound to attract dirt and grease so it’s important to have a material that’s easy to clean. With floor tiling you’ll be able to wipe, mop or brush the surface quickly to make it look as good as new.

  • Hardwearing

Kitchens and bathrooms are used throughout the day and need to be resistant to water damage, impacts and heavy use. With tiled floors you’ll have something that will last for years with little maintenance.

  • Range of designs

Tiles allow you to pick and choose a design that matches your existing style and looks fantastic. From the decorative designs to plain finishes, you’ll find something that meets your budget and will provide you with a fantastic finished look.

How much do floor tiles cost?

With the plethora of advantages that’s provided by floor tiles, it’s little surprise many homeowners are looking to have them installed especially on their kitchen or bathroom floors. They’re known to be long lasting, easy to install and maintain and resistant to both moisture and stains.

If you’re also considering laying floor tiles in your home or property, you’d probably be interested in knowing the cost to complete such a project. We’d love to provide you with a short and single answer to this question, but the fact is, the installation cost of floor tiles is dependent on a wide array of factors. Let’s have a look!

  • Labour Cost
    The labour cost charged for tile installation varies from one company to the other. Hence, the need to research a reliable tiling professional who is able to offer good quality services at a competitive price.
  • Material Cost
    Just like most other home improvement activities, you always have the option of getting your own materials. However, if you want the professional to purchase the tiles for you, then it would also be added to the final cost, including a service charge.
  • Size Of The Room
    Like you would have expected, the larger the room, the higher the final cost would be as it would take more time and effort to complete.
  • Removal Of Existing Tiles
    If you have old tiles you wish to remove before the installation of the new ones, you’d also be charged for the service provided.
  • The Type Of Tiles Being Installed
    Some tiles are, generally, more difficult to install than the others. For instance, marble installation is a more time consuming task than the likes of ceramic or porcelain. Hence, it’ll be more expensive to install.
  • Additional Expenses
    This includes material delivery, shopping time and other fringe services offered by the tiling professional.


Floor tile supply and fit quotes

With floor tiles you’ll have a product that’s easy on the eye, durable, hardwearing and impact resistant. On top of this you won’t have to spend big to take advantage of tile flooring.

For up to four FREE quotes from vetted and reputable companies in your area, just complete our quick form below.

Average Floor tiling cost

The typical cost of Floor tiling is £1,500 including the supply of the tiles and fitting them. Costs differ based upon the materials and the organisation chosen. The upper price range can be as high as £1,725. The material costs are commonly about £375.

Average price per Floor tiling job in 2022

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

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Prices based on actual Floor tiling costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Floor tiling installation cost in your area 2022

Labour cost £1,050
Material cost £375
Waste removal £75
Time frame: 1-2 days

Advantages for Floor tiling

  • Easy to mop up or wipe away any stains
  • Water-resistant, so ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Tiled flooring is tough and the tiles are hard to crack

Disadvantages for Floor tiling

  • They get quite cold during the winter
  • Hard material, so not the best for those who need to stand for hours at a time
  • Generally more expensive than carpet

Floor tiling Manufacturers

Floor tiling FAQs

How to tile a kitchen floor?

How To Tile A Kitchen Floor

Tiling your kitchen floor can seem a daunting task at first glance, but is a skill that can be mastered after a couple of practices. With this simple guide, you will find it easier to satisfy your kitchen floor tiling needs.

lPrepare The Subfloor

• Ensure the subfloor is very secure to support both the tile and the people working across it.

• If necessary, you can strengthen the kitchen floor with the help of a vinyl, heavy felt or any other good backer board.

• After successfully securing the floor, proceed to clear out all dust and dirt.

lMix The Mortar

• Mix a thinset mortar be referring to the instructions on the package. ( Mix only the quantity you can apply within 30 minutes).

• Once the mixture looks similar to the thickness of mayonnaise, allow it to rest for about 10 minutes before application.

lApply The Mortar

• Apply a thin layer of mortar

• Do not cover extensive areas as the mortar can become very dry.

• Spread the mortar with a trowel in curved patterns to make it flat on the floor.

lSet The Tile

• Set down the tile slowly, apply a little pressure until its holds firmly to the surface. ( Apply a consistent amount of pressure throughout to ensure equal heights for all the tiles)

• Continue with the process until all full tiles are well positioned

lCut The Tiles

• Once all the full tile pieces are in place, start cutting to cover the edges requiring smaller tile pieces.

• Take accurate measurements of the outer edges needing smaller tile pieces.

• Cut the tile pieces to fit the measurement taken with the help of a wet saw or hand tile cutter.


• Remove all spacers and mortar residues and lay the grout

• Apply the grout along the tiles’ seams with a grout float

• Clean out excess grout with a damp sponge after leaving it to dry for about 30 minutes

• Once the grout is fully dried, apply the sealer (the drying process normally takes within 3 to 4 days).

For the best results, it’s advisable to contact a tiling professional for help when it comes to kitchen floor tiling especially if you have no training or prior experience. This way, you can get the best quality and also avoid the regrettable mistakes and extra costs that’s very common with newbies.

How to lay floor tiles on concrete?

How To Lay Tiles On Concrete

Installation of tiles on concrete sub-floors can be done with relative ease under adequate guidance. Here is what you have to do.

lPrepare The Concrete Subfloor

• Ensure the concrete is dry, clean and must be at least 6 weeks old.

• If there are dips and humps, level the concrete using a levelling compound.

lSet Out

• Working from the centre outwards, take a measurement of the floor (both length and width) and draw a cross at the centre.

• Lay out the tiles from the cross with a space of 3mm between each tiles. This will allow for movement stresses within the floor and later to be filled with grout upon installation of the tiles and adhesive dried.


lCut The Tiles

• Due to the particularly had nature of some floor tiles such as natural stone and porceclain, high quality tools are usually required to produce a clean cut through the tiles. With the help of an electric wet cutter alongside a slide cutter and nippers, your job would be made a lot easier.

• For a better result during intricate cuts, make use of a cardboard template.

lFix The Tiles

• The tiles should be fixed using a cement-based adhesive.

• Ensure to refer to the packaging or product data for the mixing ratios information.

• Stir the mixture till its lump-free

lApply The Mixture

• Spread the mixture onto the concrete sub-floor to create parallel ribs with the help of a floor trowel.

• Push the tiles into the parallel ribs.

• Clear out any excess adhesive from the tiles surface with a damp sponge.

• Do not walk on the tiles for at least 2 hours.


• Once the adhesive is dried, wipe out any dust, adhesive or dirt from the tiles’ gaps.

• Mix about 4 to 5 parts of grout powder with 1 part of water and ix together.

• Apply the mixed grout diagonally across the tiles using a soft rubber grout float.

• Wipe out excess grout from the tiles surface and allow the tiles to dry.

• Stubborn residues can be cleaned using any washing up detergent with warm water within 24 hours after grouting.

Step-by-step floor tiling

Do you wish to have your residential or commercial space tiled? With a plethora of benefits that comes with a tiled floor, it’s little surprise more and more home and property owners are going for this special flooring type. Not only are they able to improve the curb appeal of any property, but they’re also resistant to moisture helping to increase the durability of the house – be it wall or floor tiles.

Tiling a floor is not the simplest of tasks and should be done with utmost care and attention to details. If you lack the confidence to pull this off, we’d recommend you hire a reputable professional who can guarantee the best outcome the first time.  In this guide, you’ll find processes involved in floor tiling to help put you in the right direction.

Floor Tiles Installation Procedures


  1. Floor Preparation
    The first step is to prepare the floor by moving all objects like mortar, adhesives and more. Use concrete patching compound to fill ill low spots and cracks, until the floor is levelled.
  2. Ensure the floor is dry and clean.
  3. Pattern Layout
    Take the measurement of each wall’s length while also taking into account the room’s diagonals.To help place the tiles in an orderly manner, make use of a chalk to mark down lines on the levelled surface in question and ensure it’s parallel to the walls.
  4. Adhesive Preparation
    Mix the appropriate amount of water with the adhesive (bonding agent). The mixture should be toothpaste-like thick to ensure the durability of the tiles.
  5. Tiles Placement
    Depending on the tile’s size, evenly spread the mortar on the floor using a notched trowel. Lay the first tile on the bonding agent (adhesive or mortar) and apply a gentle and little pressure on the tile.

    Repeat the technique for other tiles using plastic spacers to ensure the edges and corners are properly aligned.
  6. Tiles Cutting
    Cut the tiles (if necessary) with the help of a wet saw or scoring cutter featuring a diamond-tripped blade.
  7. Grout Application
    Filling of the tiles’ gap is done using the grout. It can be applied to the joints with a rubber float. After application, allow the grout to set up for some minutes. Use sponge and a bucket of water to clear out any adhesive leftover.
  8. Grout Sealing
    Use a foam brush or applicator bottle for the sealants’ application. Clean out excess sealer within 10 minutes.
How to take up floor tiles

Removing floor tile is always a simple task until you get started. Then, you’d realize not only is it a tedious and time consuming task, but also one with multiple hidden challenges that’s only revealed once the project is underway. If you have no experience or perhaps you lack the confidence required to pull this off, we’d highly recommend you call in a professional who can guarantee the best outcome and save you some unnecessary spending. However, if you wish to tackle this yourself, this guide would be your perfect partner to ensure a successful outcome.


To get started, you’ll need the following tools; hammer, chisel, pry bar, scraper, trash can as well as a broom or shop vac.

  1. Remove fixtures. Ensure the room is empty and remove all fixture that may get in the way.
  2. Pick a starting point. Use a hammer and chisel to chip out a tile and create a starting point for the task. Depending on how the tile is affixed and the underlayment type incorporated, the tile may remove easily or require some effort. Use a hammer, chisel, pry bar or pole scraper to remove the tiles.
  3. Remove the tiles. From the starting point created, proceed to pry up the tiles. Deposit then in a trash can or large bucket in order to reduce clutter.
  4. Access underlayment. There are cases whereby the tiling is attached directly to a concrete floor or subfloor, however the common practice is having a plywood or mortarboard underlayment. The damaged underlayment should be detached to expose the subfloor.
  5. Clear debris. Wipe out all debris from the floor using a broom or shop vac.
  6. Remove nails. If you removed the damaged underlayment, you may have to either remove or pound in some nails to get a level surface.
Are floor tiles expensive?

Are Floor Tiles Expensive?

Are you considering installing floor tiles in your home or office? Just like many other home and property owners, this is one of the many questions that first pops up. Floor tiles can add colour and texture to your living space and comes in various shapes and sizes. The cost of floor tiles depends on a wide range of factors such as the type of floor tiles as well as the quality. The cheapest of them all is the vinyl tiles which can be easily cut through and waterproof when properly sealed. As a result, making them a better fit for bathroom floors. Other kinds of tiles include ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, quarry tiles and porcelain tiles. Each of the types have their own unique qualities including the quarry tiles’ durability and the afore-mentioned vinyl tiles’ waterproof qualities.

Having in mind that the major part of your floor tiles cost largely depends on the type selected, you can then go ahead to contact your preferred tiling professional for an installation only quote ( this can go a long way to help control the overall cost). The quote provided will, of course, be based on the room’s size as well as your preferred choice of tiles. The average price of bathroom floor tiles installation ranges about £20 to £25 per square metre. Meanwhile for a kitchen floor tiling project of about 8 square metres in size, the cost should range between £500 to £600 ( this quote includes both installation cost and all the materials included).

Finding a tiling professional you can rely on to complete your project and delivery a top quality job while also offering a very competitive price can be almost impossible. The professional you use greatly determines the price of your floor tiling effort, so there’s the need to review various professionals before making a decision.

Should you tile a bathroom?

Are you looking to tile your bathroom floor very soon? Well, we’ve got you covered! Tiling is not the easiest skill to acquire and definitely not one you’d want to try out on your bathroom without some practices.  For the best results and to get it right the first time, we’d recommend you hire the services of a reliable professional especially if you’re inexperienced or without a bathroom tiling training. Hopefully, this quick step-by-step guide will put you in the right direction.


  1. Make Sure You Have A Levelled Subfloor
    Your subfloor’s stability is crucial for the success of your tile laying.
  2. Once done, then you can start planning how to level the floor.
  3. Identify the highest point of your floor and place a really long level to determine the dip and hump spots.
  4. Fill in the identified low spots with mortar.
  5. Cut The Tiles
  6. Using a wet saw with a diamond blade and pump, cut through the tiles to get the appropriate shape.
  7. Choose The Appropriate Adhesive
  8. To best adhesive is probably the one written on the label and suggested by the manufacturer. If uncertain, you can make use of a modified mortar
  9. Prepare The Area
  10. Using the prepared mixture of your mortar, prime the surface by spreading it on the floor with the trowel’s flat side.
  11. Once done, you can add more mortar with the ridges of the trowel.
  12. Space The Tiles
    Tile spacement depends largely on the surrounding walls. Straight walls equal straight tiles, if not your judge would be required to ensure a great outcome.
  13. If the wall is straight, make a space of about an eighth of an inch. The bigger spacing, the higher the possibility for the grout to become visibly discoloured.
  14. Use The Right Grout
  15. With sanded and unsanded grouts having a variety of colours, choosing the ideal grout can a tricky affair.
  16. The size of the spaces play a huge role in determining the best choice.
  17. Use a sanded grout if the spacing is an eighth of an inch or more. However if less, make use of the unsanded grout.
Can you use floor tiles on walls?

Can You Use Floor Tiles On Walls?

Some floor tiles are so lovely you just can’t help but wonder if its safe to be used on the walls as well. If you’re also thinking along the same line, you’re not alone! Several other home and property owners are busy finding answers to this particular question. Now let’s look at the possibilities.

Generally, any tile designed as a floor tile by the tile manufacturer can also be laid on the wall (vertical surfaces) as well as countertops. Due to the fact that the floors are usually subjected to greater use than the walls in terms of foot traffic, the durability required is also considerably greater. Therefore, a floor tile with Abrasion Resistance values ranging from I - V is suitable for wall installation. However, you should take note that exterior wall applications must be different from its interior counterparts and must only be incorporated on tiles that are frost resistant.

There are two other factors that must be taken into consideration before you install a floor tile on your walls which includes the weight of your tiles per m2 as well as the strength of the surface in which the tile is to be installed. If you don’t want your tiles falling off, the combined weight of the tiles with the adhesive and grout should not be more than the maximum weight required per m2 (20kg to 35kg depending on the wall substrates).

Now that you have an idea of the possibilities of installing floor tiles on walls, it must, however, be said that reverse is the case when it comes to installing walls tiles on the floor. Wall tiles are, generally, not suitable to be laid on the floor as they are mostly non-vitreous ( can not withstand excessive impact, abrasion or thaw cycling).

How to remove a tile floor?

How To Remove Tile Floor

Removing old tile can be a very tricky process which require lots of skills and experience to get right, the first time. Here, you’ll learn the best approach to removing your old tile by yourself. During the removal process, be sure to incorporate the necessary tools while also protecting yourself by putting on the recommended safety requirements. These includes a floor scraper, paint scraper, dust mask, handheld chisel, safety glasses, drop sheet as well as leather gloves or top quality riggers.

Tile Removal Process

lBreak The First Tile

• Use a hammer to break the first tile (target the centre of the tile with the hammer).

• To protect yourself from the sharp edges of the broken tile, use a drop sheet to cover the surfaces.

lRemove The First Tile

• With a chisel, remove the broken tile that’s still bonded on the floor.

• Position the chisel on the grout line at the tile’s edge to remove the broken but glued tile.

lBreak Up The Remaining Tiles

• Break up several tiles at once and use the floor scrapper to remove it.

• Ensure that the bonding agent used is pliable to make the job a soft work. If the bonding agent is a bit more permanent in nature, then you might want to consider a dynamite to dislodge the flooring.

lRemove The Mortar

• Hit the mortar with a hammer on a 2 to 3 foot square section to remove it from the underlayment.

• Scrape off the mortar’s broken pieces using a floor scraper

• In the event whereby most of the mortar is not removed, your best bet would be to change the underlayment.

• Bonding agent (adhesive) removal is not the easiest of tasks. To make it a bit simpler, you can softening the adhesive with a heat gun before scraping with the help a wide putty knife.

Tile removal is not only a tedious task, but can also be harmful if adequate care is not taken. If you’re inexperienced or not well trained, we’d recommend you hire the services of a professional to avoid making mistakes and incurring extra costs.

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