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Insulation is very important in any home and if your energy bills are sky-high, it’s probably because your property is inefficient and you’re losing hundreds of pounds worth of heat every year.

Insulation comes in many forms for the home, depending on which area of the property is required. For instance, loft lagging would be used in the attic, or an insulating foam pumped into you wall cavities. Another example of insulation is double glazing for the windows.

But this is all a very expensive process you ask. In actual fact it’s not and is much cheaper than you’d imagine. As well as this, there are grants and Government schemes for you to take advantage of.

This includes the insulation scheme HHRCO. The HHRCO (Heating Cost Reduction Obligation) is also known as the Affordable Warmth scheme and helps the most vulnerable homeowners in the UK. With the scheme you can benefit from a grant to help cover the cost of wall cavity and loft insulation, but you must meet stringent eligibility criteria.

To be considered for the insulation scheme HHRCO, see if you meet one of the following:

  • Receive a state pension credit
  • Have a joint income below £15,860 and in receipt of child tax credits

If you receive an income based allowance, you must also meet one of the following:

  • Claim a disable child premium
  • Have parental responsibility for a child under 16
  • Receive a pension premium
  • Be in receipt of child tax credits including a disability element.

Remember, if you don’t receive one of the above, it’s still important to consider insulation for your home. Payback can be as little as two years for loft lagging and wall cavity insulation, providing you with decades of energy savings. As the National Grid prices for gas and electricity continue to rise you’ll be able to save even more on a yearly basis too.

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5 Project: Loft insulation plus limited access space Time scale: 1-3 months Please call to appoint Please call to appoint Please call to appoint
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