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Garage doors

Garages provide security for some of our most expensive items, including lawnmowers, tools and even cars. This makes it vital to have a strong, secure garage door to protect our belongings and metal doors offer that in abundance.

Steel is easily the most used metal for garage doors in the UK and with hundreds of designs and finishes you’ll be able to find something that sets your home apart from the crowd.

Garage doors can be manufactured to fit any size and there are a range of mechanisms you can choose from for how the door would open. However, be sure to use thicker metal in order to avoid stresses and creases distorting the steel panels.

Types of metal garage doors

  • Steel up and over garage doors

This type of garage door incorporates just one swift movement to open and rigidity at every angle ensures it remains strong. A locking system prevents the door from sliding back down once opened, making sure it’s safe too.

The up and over system is one of the most popular in the UK because of ease of installation and cheaper price. It’s easy to operate as well and allows maximum space in the garage.

  • Steel sectional garage door

This type of garage door operates in a similar fashion to the up and over, but the sections allow you to partially or fully open the door. Sectional doors can be manufactured to 7,500mm in width and 3,000mm in height.

These doors are growing in popularity throughout the UK and are simply installed by professional companies. Just like the up and over they allow maximum space in the garage.

  • Steel roller shutter garage door

Roller shutter doors are a novel technique which allows the steel to unravel, whilst maintaining strength and providing a pattern for the front. This is often used for extremely large doors and is rarely seen in domestic use.

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Average garage door cost

The regular cost of Metal garage doors is £1500. Costs vary based on the materials and the business hired. The upper price range can be as high as £1725. The material costs are normally approximately £375

Average price per garage door job in 2023

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual garage door costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

garage door installation cost in your area 2023

Labour cost £1,050
Material cost £375
Waste removal £75
Time frame: 1-3 days

Advantages for garage door

  • Improves the appearance of the property, which can increase the property's value
  • Electric openers can be installed, allowing the doors to open and close easily
  • By selecting the right type of garage door additional space inside the garage can be saved
  • Full range of colours are available and it's possible to match the garage door with your front door colour

Disadvantages for garage door

  • Low quality garage doors can have problems with getting stuck or not closing correctly after a few weeks
  • If you have a double garage the costs can be quite high

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garage door FAQs

How much is a roller garage door?

This is a very sensible question to ask especially before making any decision. However, the answer is not always straightforward without conducting a proper survey of the site in question. In a stark contrast to many beliefs, a “standard garage door does not exist. And as a result of the great variety in specifications, there’s usually a need for garage door to be made to order.

Roller garage door are gradually becoming more and more accepted by homeowners across the country and reasonably so. The fact is, they’re the only type of garage door that features an electric motor as a standard rather than an optional extra. Therefore, if you’re considering the installation of a new garage door and wish to know more about the cost of getting a roller garage door, we’ve got you fully covered!

One thing you should take note is that the prices can vary due to garage door manufactures, price increases as well as the size and type of the garage door you want installed. However, here are the mostly likely price ( including both VAT and installation) you’ll pay to get a roller garage door in the UK.

• For an insulated roller garage door with a single garage door size, the price will range between £1099 to £1800.

• For an insulated garage door with a double garage door size, the price will range between £1400 to £3000.

• For an electric and insulated roller shutter garage door with a single garage door size, the price ( without VAT & installation) will range between £250 to £300.

• For an electric and insulated roller shutter garage door with a double garage door size, the price ( without VAT & installation) will range between £350 to £400.

Who fixes garage doors?

The garage door is unarguably one of the most overlooked and ignored household items, however, it’s benefits are glaring for all to see. Not only does it protect your home, vehicles and property from potential burglars, but also makes your home more visually appealing and loved. As one of the most unthought about items, there’s a huge possibility that it’s care and maintenance is also one of the furthest things from your mind.

When overlooked, garage doors can develop a number of issues which varies from power interruptions and bad remotes to broken seals and chain and other sorts of issues. Given the fact that you know little or nothing about garage doors, it can be a bit challenging to figure out who to call on or reach out to for help. So now to the question, who fixes garage doors?

Garage doors are fixed by garage door specialists or garage door repair companies. The companies mostly deal with all major brands and models to ensure your needs are well attended to whenever you call on them. Regardless of the problems you might have, be it a bad remote, broken seal or chain, power interruption and more, garage door repair specialist knows just what to do to ensure your garage door is up and running again in next to no time. Majority of these companies also offer maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your door, prevent sudden failures, extend the lifespan of the door and also save you some money on costly repairs. Knowing a garage door can be a pricey investment in your home, you’d have to be careful while selecting the perfect garage door specialist. Use the Quotatis service to find garage door specialists, compare their reviews to get the best deal.

How much is an electric garage door?

When you think about installing an electric garage door, one thing that naturally comes to mind is that purchasing and fitting of an electric garage door would be an expensive luxury. Having a garage door controlled by a remote control will probably cost too much, right? Well, contrary to many beliefs, the average cost of an electric garage door in the UK isn’t as expensive or pricey as you would have earlier imagined it to be. Of course, the price of your new electric garage door depends on a wide variety of factors such as the type of garage you possess, its aperture, construction as well as the type of electric garage door you seek.

Electric garage door aren’t that expensive considering the protection and convenience they provide, making them a viable option that should be considered for your garage. In the UK, a steel up-and-over single garage door price ranges around £700 to £900 plus £150 to £250 installation fee. Whereas, a costly single timber, trackless overlap door can cost as much as £4,200 to £5000 with about £400 to £700 installation price. A double garage door will usually cost double the price to purchase with just a little increase in the cost of the fittings.

The convenience provided in using an electric garage door is one of the main reasons why most people would prefer fitting it in their house. Just the thought of arriving home and driving through the wall of your garage with just a click of a button and without having to leave the comfort of your vehicle can be very appealing. And also with a click of a button you can keep your garage safe and secure from any potential danger. At the end of the day, the convenience and other benefits that comes with an electric garage door largely outweighs the price involved.

How much is a garage door?

Are you about to outfit a brand new house or replace an existing garage door? Regardless of your objective, selecting a new garage door can prove to be a tough challenge which only a few homeowners have vast experience dealing with. And just like any other household items, the garage door comes in a variety of prices starting from a couple of hundred bucks for a basic model - uninstalled, to thousands of pounds for a best-in-class, professional fitted garage door.

However, with the pricey investment also comes good returns, as replacing the garage door is seen by many as a great investment. According to the remodelling magazine, the ROI on a garage door has more value than almost any other home improvement project you can probably think of. With that in mind, now how do you determine the cost of your garage door?

The cost of a garage door certainly depends on a number of factors outside the price of the item. The first step is to ensure that the quoted price includes new tracks - the metal parts in which the rollers are to move up and down. If not, you may want to find the ones that does to cut the costs. To get the best deal, just like many consumer products, it’s advisable to just shop around to compare the various costs.

There are usually a wide range of professional garage door installers in many cities. You reach out to them and find the few ones who can provide you with a written estimate. A good option would also be to compare the garage door costs provided by Home Depot and Lowe’s. Generallly, what determines your garage door cost may be reflected in the material you go for as well as your choice of style.

How to fit a garage door?

Is your garage door a bit old and outdated? Are you planning to make some renovations? Or perhaps you just want a newer and more stylish garage door, that’s safer and easier to operate, installed. Fitting a garage door can be a bit tricky but it’s not as difficult as you might think. If you’re without proper training or experience, it’s advisable to get in touch with a reliable professional for help in order to guarantee the best results while also saving you both time and money. This guide offers you step by step instructions to assist you in the installation of a new door on our garage.

To get started, the obvious first step is to remove the old garage door. Carefully go through the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve this. Here, you’d basically have to unlatch the door, take apart the door’s panel and unscrew the tracks.

lMeasure, Fit The Hinges & Handles

• Take a measurement of the area in which the door will be fitted

• From the top of opening to ceiling should include a space of about 10 to 12.

• For the length of the garage, you should have the door’s height with about 18 or more space.

• Once done, attach stops to the sides of the opening

• Lay out the bottom piece of the door and include the weather stripping (if you deem fit) using the sawhorses.

lPut The Bottom Piece In Position

• Fit the bottom piece into door frame using a level

• Hit nails partway into each jamb

• Bend the nails slight to secure their position.

• Assemble the vertical, curved and horizontal pieces of the track using the manufacturer’s instruction

lFit The Remaining Panels

• Put the second panel on the first panel

• Use a hammer to hit nails into it

• Fit the hinges.

• Repeat the process for the number of panels required and achor individual piece into the door jamb.

lInstall Rollers

• Fit the rollers in the section’s supports

• Put the rollers in the assembled track and make sure they’re not pressed to tightly against the track to prevent friction.

lSecure Tracks & Fit The Springs

• Fit the curved and horizontal pieces

• Assemble the springs following the manufacturer’s instructions

• Ensure that the tracks are level and parallel by lifting the door to about half length

• Lift the door to cover the distance left and fit the springs to the pulley system

How to insulate a garage door?

There are several benefits that can be derived from insulating your garage door. Not only can it reduce your energy bills and protect your garage’s content from elements, but can also go a long way to increase the return on your property’s value, reduce noise, increase the garage door’s strength and deliver a more convenient garage and home. Insulating your garage is a task you can actually take on by yourself. However, if you lack proper training or experience, we’d recommend you leave it for a reliable professional who can ensure the project is done right, the first time - saving you both time and money. This guide will give you a good insight on how you can go about the project.

To insulate your garage, you’ll need a fibreglass insulation, garage door insulation, expanding foam, drywall, gloves and long sleeves, wood, sharp utility knife as well as a staple gun and staples. Now let’s take a look at the garage door insulation process!

lClear The Walls

• Remove the drywall (if present)

• Clean out the dirt and stud cavities.

• Wipe out any chemicals in the garage like gasoline.

lIdentify Gaps & Cracks In The Wall

• Shake your expanding foam vigorously for about a minute.

• Attach the straw to the can and use it to spray the wall openings.

• Fill the gaps until its 50% full

• Leave the foam to fill the openings completely in about 5 to 15 minutes. It should be hardened or completely cured within 6 to 8 hours.

lInstall Fibreglass Insulation

• Staple the insulation’s paper face to the side of the stud and not the face.

• Place a piece of wwod on the insulation’s top to act as a guide to properly cut the insulation to size.

• Cut the excess insulation with a utility knife.

• Tuck in the insulation to make for easier stapling.

• Staple the insulation down to the stud’s side.

lUse Drywall To Cover The Insulation

• Screw and glue the drywall to the stud.

• Do not leave the insulation’s paper exposed.

How much do replacement garage doors cost?

This is one of the most important factors to consider when considering the replacement of your old garage door. However, the replacement cost of a garage door relies on a number of factors such as the type of the preferred garage door, the size of the area in which the door will be installed and lots more. To get a more accurate estimate of the replacement cost you also have to consider the cost of removing the old garage door and the mechanism, the price of disposing the old garage door from the premise, the cost of installing a new sub frame and a new door panel, cost of the new operating mechanism and modern locking installation as well as the cost of purchasing and installing the new garage door. Here, we are only going to look at the purchase and installation cost of the new asset.

Today, there are a wide range of garage doors to choose from such as sectional, rollers, up and down, side sliding ( round the corner) and side hinged. They also come with varying materials which plays a significant role in the cost of the item such as steel, timber, aluminium, PVC and more. Furthermore, several garage doors include the option of being controlled electronically.

Generally, garage doors will cost between £300 to £5000, and include a price with the range of £150 to £1000 for the ones that can be operated electronically. With that in mind, the remaining cost would be that of the professional installer and that should be between £150 to £250 a person per day. For the labour, you can expect the installation of your new garage door to be completed within 3 to 6 hours (although an electric or specialist door may take longer installation time than the conventional or manual ones).

How to fit a Garage Door

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