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Ground Source Heat Pump in Isle Of Cumbrae

Would you like to save money on your energy bills? Geothermal heat pumps could be the way to go and by making use of Quotatis you are able to check heat pump prices within Isle Of Cumbrae to find out if the environmentally friendly technology is perfect for you.

So what exactly is a geothermal heat pump? Often known as a ground source heat pump, these green systems take natural energy from the ground and transfer it into heat for the house.

They're hooked up into a borehole in the garden and connecting pipes link the technology to your home's heating system. This gets rid of the necessity to buy National Grid gas and electricity.

What this means is you'll be ready to decrease energy bills by some £600 each year, guaranteeing a future without increasing energy prices impacting your expenses. Besides this there's also a Government incentive set to come in place whereby you earn for all green heat created.

If a ground source heat pump actually sounds like something you could take advantage of, why not compare heat pump prices within Isle Of Cumbrae and discover if an installation would suit your spending budget. It's free and there's no obligation to the service.

Average Ground source heat pumps cost in Isle Of Cumbrae

The typical cost of Ground source heat pumps is £10000. Costs fluctuate based on the materials and the business picked. The upper price range can be as high as £11500. The material costs are normally approximately £2500

Average price per Ground source heat pumps job in 2021

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Ground source heat pumps costs for Isle Of Cumbrae, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Ground source heat pumps installation cost in Isle Of Cumbrae 2021

Labour cost £7,000
Material cost £2,500
Waste removal £500
Time frame: 3-8 days

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Isle Of Cumbrae

Great Cumbrae (additionally known as Great Cumbrae Island, Cumbrae or the Isle of Cumbrae) is the larger of the two islands called The Cumbraes in the lower Firth of Clyde in western Scotland. Residence to the National Watersports Centre, the Cathedral of the Isles as well as the College Marine Biological Station, Millport, the holiday island has an 18-hole golf links which sweeps almost to the summit, and a round-island road much favoured for household cycle runs. The island is approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) long by 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) broad, rising to a height of 127 metres (417 ft) over sea level at "The Glaid Stone" - a huge, naturally taking place rock set down on the highest possible summit on the island. There is a triangulation column close by, in addition to an alignment factor which shows the areas of surrounding sites. Millport, the island's only community, is spread around a bay which makes up the whole south shore of the island. The usual island population of 1,376 as recorded by the 2011 census was a mild autumn from the 2001 figure of 1,434. The population boosts significantly throughout the summer traveler season due to the high proportion of second residences.

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how does a ground source heat pump work in winter?

Are you currently considering installing a ground source heat pump in your home? Well, a heat pump can be a great alternative when compared to gas or oil boiler, however, you may also be worried about the operating efficiency of this heating system if you live in a cold climate or during the winter months. However, in reality, there’s nothing to be worried about!

A ground source heat pump works by incorporating the natural heat that’s typically found in the ground or groundwater. In other words, this type of heat pump doesn’t make use of fossil fuels to heat your home while it can also minimize carbon emissions that may pose a huge risk to the environment. This makes a popular option especially amongst home and property owners who are very environment conscious and prefers to utilize more renewable sources of energy.

However in a place such as the UK where the temperature can drop to around -10℃ during the winter months, it may get you thinking whether there’ll be enough heat in the ground to warm up your home. Let’s have a look.

In the UK, the temperature of the ground doesn’t normally fall less than 10℃. This is still enough heat for the ground source heat pump to warm up your home. In other words, as long as you purchase the right one, your ground source heat pump will continue to work just fine during the cold months. Due to the fact that every heat pump varies, you will need the right equipments so as to ensure the heat pump works well throughout the winter. This is usually not an issue in the UK, but same can not be said of colder places like Canada and North America.

how much does a ground source heat pump cost?

So do you wish to take advantage of the heat generated by the ground to warm up your home by getting a ground source heating pump? If yes, then you’d also probably be wondering how much a ground source heat pump is going to cost so you can set a budget and start planning.

Installing and running ground source heat pump can cost between the range of £600 to £700 to run on an annual basis, meanwhile it can cost you within a range of £13,000 to £19,000 to have installed. However, you should take note that these prices can be by varying influencing factors such as the size of the installation as well as any other extra work that may needed to complete the job.

When it comes to estimating the time it takes to recover the initial cost of the system via energy savings, nothing is certain as this can be very hard to determine or predict. The main reason for this is due to the fact that it’s dependent on the efficiency of your heating system, the type of system you’re replacing ( whether or not you qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive -RHI payments ), the efficiency of your home’s insulation, how efficiently the system’s controls are being used and how the heat generated from the ground source heat pump would be put to use. However, to figure out how much you’ll save, the type of fuel replacing is perhaps the most essential. For a four bedroom detached house, you can save between a range of £1,200 to £1,300 for a LPG fuel replaced, £1,400 to £1,500 for an electricity fuel replaced, £600 to £700 for an oil fuel replaced and finally, £200 to £300 for a solid fuel replaced.

are ground source heat pumps noisy?

Are you interested in fitting a ground source heat hump in your home? If yes, then one of the thing you’d probably like to know is whether or not the heat pump is noisy. In this article, we seek to provide you with necessary information that’ll solve these mystery.

One thing you should when it comes to heating products is that they all make some noise. However, they’re usually a lot quieter when compared to fossil fuel heating systems. Generally, a ground source heat pump can reach within the range of 40 to 60 decibels depending on the manufacturer of the product as well as it’s installation.

The noise levels of heat pumps are a major concern for several homeowners. However, the fact is when the system becomes a nuisance or becomes noisy, that is always a sign of poor planning as well as poor quality installation. This is because heat pumps, in general, are not usually noisy.

In ground source heat pumps, volume isn’t quite associated due to the lack of a fan unit. However, it remains a very common question for homeowners who intends to install a ground source heat pump to ask whether or not the type of heat pump is noisy. Just like any other heating product, there are components in the ground source heat pump that produces some noise but this is always not as much as that of an air source heat pump. This is due to the fact that the heat coming from the ground is more consistent, hence the compressor’s power capacity wouldn’t be as high. What’s more? This type of heat pump doesn’t also work at full throttle which also plays a key role in its low noise level.

are ground source heat pumps worth the money?

If you’re thinking about installing ground source heat pumps for your home, you’ll definitely want to know whether or not its worth the money. In this article, we’re going to look at the various benefits and drawbacks of the heat pump to enable you make an informed purchase decision.

As a result of their high efficiency rate and low running cost, ground source heat pumps are incredibly low carbon heating system which are presently experiencing a rapid increase in popularity, therefore they can actually be a valuable investment. This type of heat pump utilizes the constant temperature of the ground to provide warmth to your home - either for a space or for water heating purposes. Upon installation, the cost of running ground source heat pump is relatively low. What’s more? This type of heating system is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which means you can also earn an extra income on the side as well. However, what makes most homeowners think twice before installing a ground source heat pump is the high cost of installation.

Heat pumps are greatly essential especially when it comes to minimizing the UK’s total carbon emissions. At present, there about 240,000 units of the heat pump installed and to help attain the UK’s 2050 Net Zero goals, an extra 19 million heat pumps will have to be installed. If you wish to help in the achievement of this goal, you can start by investing in a ground source heat pump. So let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the heat pump.


✓ Low running costs

✓ Low carbon heating

✓ Energy efficient

✓ Eligible for grants

✓ Increases property value

✓ Provides both cooling and heating

✓ Inexhaustible


✓ High installation costs.

✓ The soil type impact its level of efficiency.

✓ It can be hard to install in retrofits.

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