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Would you like to spend less on your energy charges? Geothermal heat pumps could possibly be the way to go and by using Quotatis you are able to compare and contrast heat pump quotes within Tarbert to determine if the environmentally friendly technology is right for you.

So what exactly is a geothermal heat pump? Also called a ground source heat pump, these environmentally friendly systems take natural energy from the ground and transfer it into heat for the house.

They're fitted into a borehole in the garden and connecting pipes link the technology to your home's heating system. This takes away the necessity to buy National Grid gas and electricity.

This means you'll be able to decrease energy bills by some £600 each year, ensuring a future without increasing energy prices impacting your expenses. Besides this there's also a Government incentive set to come in place whereby you earn for all green heat generated.

If a ground source heat pump actually sounds like something you could benefit from, why not look at heat pump prices within Tarbert and discover if the installation would suit your spending budget. It's free and there's no obligation to the service.

Average Ground source heat pumps cost in Tarbert

The typical cost of Ground source heat pumps is £10000. Costs fluctuate based on the materials and the business picked. The upper price range can be as high as £11500. The material costs are normally approximately £2500

Average price per Ground source heat pumps job in 2021

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Ground source heat pumps costs for Tarbert, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Ground source heat pumps installation cost in Tarbert 2021

Labour cost £7,000
Material cost £2,500
Waste removal £500
Time frame: 3-8 days

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Tarbert is a village in the west of Scotland, in the Argyll as well as Bute council location. It is developed around East Loch Tarbert, an inlet of Loch Fyne, and also extends over the isthmus which connects the peninsula of Kintyre to Knapdale as well as West Loch Tarbert. Tarbert had actually a recorded population of 1,338 in the 2001 Census. Tarbert has a long background both as a harbour and also as a critical point player access to Kintyre as well as the Inner Hebrides. The name Tarbert is the anglicised type of the Gaelic word tairbeart, which actually converts as "lugging throughout" as well as refers to the narrowest strip of land in between two bodies of water over which goods or entire watercrafts can be lugged (portage). In past times freights were discharged from vessels berthed in one loch, hauled over the isthmus to the other loch, filled onto vessels berthed there and also delivered forward, enabling seafarers to prevent the sail around the Mull of Kintyre. Tarbert was anciently part of the Gaelic overkingdom of Dál Riata and protected by three castles-- in the village centre, ahead of the West Loch, as well as on the south side of the East Loch. The wreck of the last of these castles, Tarbert Castle, still exists and dominates Tarbert's horizon. Around the year 1098 Magnus Barefoot, King of Norway, had his longship brought throughout the isthmus at Tarbert to symbolize his ownership of the Western Isles. Despite its distinction as a strategic stronghold throughout the Middle Ages, Tarbert's socioeconomic success came throughout the Very early Modern period, as the port turned into an angling community. At its elevation, the Loch Fyne herring fishery attracted numerous vessels to Tarbert.

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can a ground source heat pump heat a swimming pool?

When people think about heat pumps, they’ll automatically have the believe that a swimming pool will require a big heat pump. Since the swimming pool has a large volume of water, then warming such a volume will require a large ground source heat pump because that volume is much larger than the normal domestic hot water tank, right? Well, that point of reasoning does seem logical especially with the information almost everywhere that ground source heat pumps are usually less efficient when it comes to heating hot water for home’s use. However, the fact is there are also some things to put into consideration that also works in favour of the ground source heat pump.

First and foremost, you should know your domestic hot water will typically be heated to a much higher temperature when compared to your swimming pool. Since you wouldn’t be using the water to disinfect your bathroom or doing your dishes in your swimming pool, then the temperature can be much lower. In fact, it’s much more comfortable and enjoyable to heat to a typical “swimming pool temperature than having it at a hot bath temperature. If you’ve ever wandered into a really hot swimming pool, you wouldn’t need any introduction to the painful discomfort that comes next.

As a result of this low temperature, your “tiny heat pump can operate a in a more efficient way which makes the use of ground source heat pumps a viable swimming pool heating option. What’s more? The ground source heat pump works for a swimming pool just like any any other application - moving the heat from the region of a warmer temperature to the cooler temperature region.

what size ground source heat pump do i need?

The bigger the ground source heat pump, the better right? Wrong! And you’ll definitely be sorry to make such a huge mistake. When planning to install a heat pump, determining the size of the ground source heat pump is not as direct and straightforward as many homeowners would think. Here, you’ve got only a small margin for error. When the pump is too small, the heat pump will make use of the backup heater too often and in the event whereby the heat pump is too big, it’s going to short cycle. Both situations are preferably avoided as they’ll both leave you with an expensive and inefficient system.

To get the accurate size of a heat pump, there’s usually the need to hire the services of an expert and licensed heat pump installer who possesses a top notch design calculation software. In reality, the majority of inefficient systems are caused by a lack or poor understanding of the suitable design software.

There are many factors that can influence the calculation of a home’s heat pumps size. These includes

✓ Radiators and underfloor heating sizes

✓ Insulation, property fabric as well as heat loss

✓ The number of rooms in the property

✓ The types of rooms and their uses.

✓ The desired indoor temperature for varying rooms

✓ Seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Generally, a bigger house will require a bigger ground source heat pump. With an eye on the age of the property, heat loss as well as the types of the rooms, a house of about 100 square metre can require up to 4kW ground source heat pump. And for a house that’s about 200 square metre, the ground source heat pump also doubles to 8kW.

how deep for ground source heat pump?

If you’re considering installing ground source heat pump, it’s likely you’re also wondering just how deep it’ll go into the ground to be efficient. Well, the initial step to take while determining the ground source heat pump’s design is to research the different options available to reduce the space heating as well as hot water demand. To achieve this, there must be an accurate measurement of energy efficiency which is usually done by getting an Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC) . This is helpful as such that it helps to identify the most suitable or the right size of heat pumps which will help reduce the consumption of energy, heat loss as well as hot water needs of the house.

Generally, ground source heat pumps are usually more compatible with new builds against retrofits. What’s more? The heat pump has two different types of loop systems :

✓ The open loop system and;

✓ The closed loop system.

The open loop system absorbs water from the ground and transfers this ground water via a heat pump to where it carries out the extraction of heat. Meanwhile the closed loop system extracts heat from the ground and incorporates a continuous loop of piping that’s linked to the indoor heat pump. There are a few types of closed loop system, these includes:

✓ The Horizontal Ground Source Heat Pump. This is installed in horizontal trenches of about 1 to 2 metres deep. This is more common in areas where land is readily available.

✓ The Vertical Ground Source Heat Pump. These boreholes are a more costly option but it’s also the best option when land is not readily available for horizontal installation. The insulation hole is dug at a minimum of 6 metres into the ground, while the entire piping will be at a depth of about 50 to 150 metres based on your home’s heat requirements as well as the ground’s composition.

how efficient are ground source heat pumps?

If you’re thinking about the possibility of installing a ground source heat pump in your home, then it’s normal to consider how efficient they’re in heating up a house before going ahead to make a purchase decision. In this article, we are going to address this question to help you make an informed purchase decision.

We know you’d prefer a single, accurate answer to this question, but the fact is, there are several influencing factors that can play a key role in the efficiency of a ground source heat pump installation. These factors include whether or not the property is well insulated, the fitting of a well designed system and the quality of its installation, the heat source that’s being used as well as the heating distribution system and its size ( under floor heating or radiators ).

The Coefficient of Performance ( CoP) measurement is used to imply the efficiency of a heat pump. This is basically the ratio between the amount of heat energy generated by the ground source heat pump and the amount of electrical energy or fuel it consumes. Therefore, the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance ( SCoP) is usually taken as a realistic measurement to cover throughout the year as its based on CoP at varying conditions as well as a standardized climate.

You must, however, note that there is no established Coefficient of Performance for ground source heat pumps as they can be influenced by a lot of factors as well as testing conditions. When they’re properly fitted, ground source heat pumps can achieve a quite high Coefficient of Performance.

Generally, a ground source heat pump can generate about 3 to 4 kilowatts (kW) of heat for every 1 kilowatt to electricity or fuel it consumes. It’s able to achieve a higher efficiency when compared to its counterparts by using the freely available heat energy from the ground.

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