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Guttering is a crucial part of the roofline of your home. It’s made up of a series of downpipes and troughs (the gutters) that move rainwater away from your property. In the UK, most guttering is made from uPVC these days, but you can also get copper, aluminium or cast iron to name a few.

Your guttering needs to be kept in good condition to prevent rainwater from damaging your home. If your guttering falls into disrepair, water could damage your property’s foundations, potentially causing subsidence or other structural issues. It could also erode the landscaping or turf in your garden, which could set you back hundreds to thousands of pounds.

From a cosmetic point of view, if your gutters are dripping rainwater down the side of your building, you could end up with staining on the brick or masonry work. That’s the least of your worries, but it’s still an annoying one.

Types of guttering


uPVC is by far the most popular choice for guttering among UK homeowners. Also known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, it’s used for window and conservatory frames too. It’s a hardwearing material that won’t require much maintenance, other than keeping the gutters and downpipes free from debris and perhaps the occasional clean.

Since it’s very easy to install, it won’t break the bank if you ask an installer to fit it for you. However, competent DIYers might want to try it themselves if they have the right equipment to keep them safe. Expect to pay around £7.50 per metre of guttering, plus installation.


Copper guttering looks stunning compared with uPVC. Its shiny appearance and durability makes it ideal for both period and high-modern homes. Copper guttering could last over 100 years; once it’s been installed around 15 years, a lining called verdigris patina will form which helps protect it from the elements and rust. It’s green in colour and lots of people love this look.

Once you’ve had your copper guttering installed, you won’t have to do much maintenance – perhaps even less than with uPVC guttering as the patina that forms prevents algae and fungi growth, so you won’t get as many blockages.


Aluminium is another great material for guttering and is usually slightly cheaper than copper. It’s hard-wearing and weather resistant which is ideal for something that’s constantly exposed to the elements. It won’t rust over time and usually doesn’t require joints, so is less likely to leak as it gets older. Plus, it expands and contracts in different temperatures seamlessly, so won’t become brittle like uPVC.

Since aluminium doesn’t require joints, it usually takes two people to install purely for practical reasons. That means labour costs will be higher; you can expect to pay between £20-50 per metre of half round aluminium guttering, including installation.

Cast iron

Cast iron might be the most eco-friendly material for your guttering. Cast iron guttering is being constructed out of more and more recycled materials, reducing its carbon footprint. It’s an ideal material to use if you live in a period home as they have a classic look and have been used on properties since the 15th century.

Cast iron is extremely strong, robust and durable and could last over 100 years. It will require very little maintenance when installed, so other than periodic painting and ensure the guttering is clear of leaves and debris, you won’t need to look after them much.

Will replacing my guttering save me money?

While replacing your guttering won’t directly save you money, it could prevent you from having to spend money on expensive repairs in the future. If leaking gutters cause excessive rainwater to affect your property’s foundations, this could set you back thousands – and if you knew your guttering was leaking, your home insurance might not even cover it.

Average Gutter replacement cost

The typical cost of Gutter replacement is £1000. Costs can change based on the materials and the contractor picked. The upper price range can be as high as £1150. The material costs are commonly about £250

Average price per Gutter replacement job in 2022

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Avg. price low

Avg. price

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Prices based on actual Gutter replacement costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Gutter replacement installation cost in your area 2022

Labour cost £700
Material cost £250
Waste removal £50
Time frame: 1-3 days

Advantages for Gutter replacement

  • Seamless gutter systems now come in many colors so you can match it with your home
  • Replacement gutters help ensure water doesn't go into your home or near your foundations - causing significant problems
  • There are lots of different materials to choose from for your guttering, each offering a unique look to your home

Disadvantages for Gutter replacement

  • You may not need to replace all the gutters, just some areas
  • The cost of replacing all the gutters will be higher than a repair
  • It's not a DIY project - you should use a professional for safety

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Gutter replacement FAQs

How much do copper gutters cost?
Copper gutters are expensive – there's no doubt about it. But the look it can give a property might be just what you’re after. uPVC guttering doesn’t suit every home, and while it’s the cheapest option, some properties might not even be able to have it – for example, if you live in a conservation area or listed building. So if you’re going to have them installed, how much do copper gutters cost? Prices start at £18 per linear metre for half-round copper guttering. If you add all the bits you’ll need to go with them, like brackets and clips, you could be looking at around £40 per metre. That’s about double the cost of a uPVC or aluminium guttering system and about the same as cast iron guttering. Add in the installation costs and the average cost of a copper guttering system is £2,390. But copper gutters have a look that can’t be replicated by any other material, so if your home will suit them it might be worth the investment. It might be tempting to try to install copper guttering yourself, especially if you’re used to doing DIY. But copper guttering can be quite heavy to handle and is more fragile than uPVC, so it’s best leaving it to the professionals. On two-storey homes, roofline specialists would probably use scaffold towers to help them keep stable while they install the guttering, and will work in pairs. Since they carry out copper gutter installations all the time, they’ll be used to handling it and ensuring that they don’t scratch or damage this expensive product. So while it might seem cheaper to do it yourself, it won’t if you damage your copper gutters and have to fork out for new ones.
How to install guttering and downpipes?
If you’re a competent DIYer, it’s not too difficult to install guttering and downpipes if you’ve got uPVC ones. uPVC is a type of plastic and therefore is relatively light, but if you’ve got cast iron or copper guttering you might find it more difficult to replace and install. When you install new guttering and downpipes, you’ll need to remove your old ones. It’s a good idea to tie some rope or cable ties around the existing guttering while you dismantle them so they don’t fall down. We’ve explained how to replace guttering in a previous FAQ, so here we’ll focus on the downpipes. It’s simple if you have the right tools, including a sturdy ladder, a drill and screwdriver and all the fixings and brackets you’ll need.
  1. Hang a plumb bob from the outlet to the drain to use as a guide while you draw several marks on the wall with a pencil to show you where the downpipe will run.
  2. Join the marks up with a straight edge, creating a line to show where the centre of the downpipe will be.
  3. Position a downpipe clip at the top of wall, in the centre of the pencil line. Mark the position of its fixing holes on the wall. If you need an offset bend, put a downpipe clip directly below the bend.
  4. Repeat the process down the wall. Make sure there is no more than 1.8 metres between pipe clips.
  5. Refer to the guttering manufacturer’s instructions to see which drill bit is required. Use a drill to drill the fixing holes and insert wall plugs.
  6. Fit the first piece of downpipe starting from the outlet and moving towards the drain.
  7. If you need to add more downpipe, join the two pieces with a pipe socket and clip. Leave a 10mm gap between the end of the pipe and the bottom of the pipe socket, because it will probably expand. Then attach a pipe clip over the joint.
  8. Continue attaching pipe clips down the length of the downpipe.
  9. If you need to, fit a downpipe show to direct the water into the drain. Attach a downpipe clip directly below the socket of the shoe.
Although it seems easy, it’s always best to leave guttering works to the professionals. They’ve got experience with fitting neat and tidy guttering and downpipes, and they are used to working at height.
Is it easy to replace gutters?

If you live in an average home with an average amount of guttering and you’re used to a bit of DIY, it’s relatively easy to replace gutters. But if you have a home that’s more than two-storey or you have guttering that’s more complicated, it’s best left to the professionals.

Lots of homes these days have uPVC guttering. uPVC is a hard-wearing plastic that will last a long time without much maintenance except your usual gutter clearing. It’s relatively light, so lots of people think it’s easy to replace uPVC gutters. If you live in a bungalow, you may be able to just use a ladder to take down your old guttering and replace it with new uPVC gutters, but if you live in a two-storey home it can be a bit more complicated. If you do attempt to replace your gutters yourself, make sure you’ve got a sturdy ladder that will comfortably reach the right height, and never rest it on the fascia or the guttering itself.

If you have cast iron or copper guttering, this is much heavier and bulkier than uPVC. Certainly don’t try to replace these on your own – make sure you have another competent DIYer to help you. Reputable roofline specialists will use scaffold towers to make it easier to handle heavy gutters and they will always work in pairs on this type of guttering, so make sure you have the right tools and equipment to work with.

Just because it’s easy to replace gutters, it doesn’t mean you should. It’s better to ask a reliable roofline company to help you, since they have the skills to fit guttering properly and have experience with working at height.

Should I replace gutters with my roof?

You don’t always need to replace your gutters with your roof. Often people think that it’s a requirement, or simply the best thing to do, but it’s not always necessary. The reason why people think it’s required is because to re-roof a home, the guttering often needs to be removed and put back on.

If the time has come to replace your roof, then the chances are that your guttering is pretty old too. When you start to get quotes for your roof replacement, ask the roofer to take a look at your guttering as well. If there are signs of peeling, rust, cracks or sagging, then it makes sense to replace your gutters with your roof. If you get them done at the same time, you’ll save money labour costs, which is the reason why most homeowners do it.

Another reason to replace your gutters with your roof is the risk of damage. Re-roofing is a significant project, so the guttering needs to come off most of the time – running the risk of brackets and pipes getting damaged in the process. So if your guttering is still looking good right now but you think it might need replacing in a couple of years, it might be worth just doing it at the same time as your roof to save you money and the stress if damage does occur.

However, if your guttering has only recently been replaced, then there’s no need to replace it again with your roof. But because it needs to come off, make sure you speak to the roofing company about keeping it safe and doing their best to avoid damage. It’s also worse ensuring that they have the correct insurance to cover you both in case your guttering does get damaged during your roof replacement.

How do you replace gutters?
The best way to replace gutters is to ask a reputable installer to do it for you. They have all the right safety equipment and knowledge to do it. But if you’re a competent DIYer, you could have a go at replacing the gutters yourself. If you do, you could save yourself an average of £359 on labour costs. The biggest risk from replacing guttering yourself is the height. Even if you’re on a secure ladder, if you’re not used to working at height you could seriously hurt yourself. If your home is a bungalow, the risk is lower, but anything two storeys and above carries significant risk. If you’re still happy to go ahead, there are a few things you’ll need to fit gutters yourself:
  • A sturdy ladder
  • Gloves and safety goggles
  • A hammer and nails to secure your fascia so it doesn’t fall down mid-replacement
  • A hacksaw – this will cut through uPVC guttering – just make sure you leave a margin of error with every cut you make
  • Cable ties or rope to secure the existing gutters while you dismantle them, so they don’t fall off
  • All the right fixings and brackets to secure the guttering
  • An electric drill and/or screwdrivers
Once you’ve removed the old guttering, you can get started with the new ones. Follow these steps:
  1. Add a gutter bracket to the top of the fascia board at the opposite end to the stop-end outlet, if you have one. Then tie a piece of string around the base of the bracket.
  2. You’ll need to place the gutter outlet accurately over the drain. Hold a plumb line against the fascia directly over the drain, and mark that position with a pencil. Following the manufacturer’s advice on the number of screws to use, fit the gutter outlet no more than 50mm below the level of the roof tiles.
  3. Stretch the piece of string you tied on the bracket along the fascia board, and tie it to the outlet. Make sure you check with a spirit level that the string slopes towards the outlet.
  4. Mark the positions of the other brackets. They should be no more than 800mm apart, or 600mm if your roof is very steep. They also shouldn’t be any more than 150mm from a joint or fitting. Then fit the rest of the brackets.
  5. Fit a stop-end to the first length of gutter and clip it into position on the brackets. At the other end, fit a union piece and screw it into the fascia.
  6. Then fit the next length of gutter into it, and the next until you’re finished. Cut the last one to fit using your hacksaw before attaching a stop-end. Then make sure all the joints line up with the insertion depth marks on the fittings. Then you’re done!
What are gutters normally made from?

In the UK, gutters are normally made from uPVC. It’s a hardy plastic that won’t rot, warp or tarnish very easily, which is why it’s so popular. It’s the same material that’s used for most homes’ windows these days; they don’t have to be the standard white as they can be made into a range of colours. Expect to pay an average of £500 for the supply and installation of uPVC guttering, and more if you require scaffolding.

Other materials that are popular for gutters include copper, aluminium and cast iron. These are much more expensive – you might be looking at around £1500 or more for the supply and installation – but they give a more polished look and are often used on period properties or those in a conservation area. If you're considering these types of gutters, make sure you get a few quotes from different roofline companies so you can compare the different materials.

In the past, gutters were made from wood, asbestos concrete or stone. They were often lined with lead to stop the water from seeping through. When it was discovered that asbestos was seriously harmful, it of course stopped being used. Wood was prone to rotting, even with lead lining, and stone is heavy and expensive. So when uPVC came along, it became an affordable and easy material to use for gutters so homeowners could be confident that rainwater will be kept away from the foundations of their properties. It’s important to keep gutters clear from leaves and debris, because if they become blocked, they can make water to fall against your property’s walls, causing damp.

How much do gutters cost?
How much gutters costs depends on the type of home you live in, what material you want for your guttering and whether your roofline has easy access. As a rough guide, you should expect to pay somewhere between £450-£800 for the supply and installation of new gutters. If you live in an average home and access is easy, a pair of tradespeople should be able to install your new guttering in a day. It’s only if they have to put up scaffolding to make an access tower that work may span longer than a day – and this will increase the price. The type of material you choose for your guttering will also affect the cost. Plastic, or uPVC, is the cheapest option for your gutters and it is relatively hardwearing. For an average 3-bed semi-detached house, uPVC guttering will cost around £70 without installation costs. However, go for an option like aluminium for your gutters and they’ll set you back around £750. Other options include cast iron, popular on period homes, which may cost around £620 for the same size house, or copper which would be around £850. Most people choose uPVC for their gutters because they’re the cost-effective option. They don’t have to be white – like uPVC windows, you can get guttering in a range of colours to suit your home. When people choose other guttering materials, it’s usually due to their home being in a conservation area or having a period look. People also choose other materials because they’re easier to recycle.
Do you need scaffolding to replace guttering?

You don’t always need scaffolding to replace guttering. If your home is a bungalow, the tradespeople might only need a ladder to replace your guttering. It’s when your home is two storeys or more that scaffolding is more necessary.

You might not need full scaffolding for a simple two-storey home. Guttering specialists use scaffold towers, which are the platforms you see underneath the scaffolding, where the installation is relatively straightforward. You might need scaffolding to replace guttering when there are obstructions to towers being used – for example, if you have a conservatory or the ground is very uneven. It's more likely that specialist roofline companies will use scaffold towers when necessary. Sole traders that replace guttering as part of their services may be comfortable using sturdy ladders.

There’s no legal requirement to say that you must have scaffolding when fitting guttering, but it is a good idea when working on homes rather than bungalows. If you’re unsure whether you need full scaffolding for your gutter replacement project, get a few quotes from reputable businesses of different sizes. If you’ve been quoted by one company that you need full scaffolding whereas everyone else says that only towers are needed, it’s likely that the job is perfectly safe to carry out with just towers.

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