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Guttering is an essential aspect of the roofing of your building. It offers aesthetic advantages as well as ensuring that rainwater that runs off your roof is appropriately channeled away from the edge of the building and into drains. The key to selecting the most appropriate guttering for your property is understanding the needs of your pre-existing roof. For instance, steeper or more substantial roofs will require guttering capable of channeling a larger flow of water. It may be tempting to simply exchange like for like, but a professional guttering company can survey the home to understand your needs, and advise you on the best guttering for your roof. Guttering is available in a number of types and materials. For materials, PVC is the most popular. PVC guttering is very reasonably priced while still being resilient. It's available in an array of colours and styles. However, guttering is also constructed from metal, usually either steel, aluminium or cast iron. While these materials are often higher priced than PVC, they also last longer and are suitable for period properties as they have a more traditionally designed aesthetic. Different moulds of guttering will also affect the flow of the water. Half round and square guttering are common and suit many homes, while deep flow or ogee guttering are well suited for use on buildings that need increased water flow. Ogee guttering also has a unique mould which has a striking appearance. Guttering is also available in a variety of colorings, from traditional white or black to brown and grey. Furthermore, some PVC guttering can be purchased in a cast iron effect.

Average Gutter replacement cost in Virginia Water

The typical cost of Gutter replacement is £1000. Costs can change based on the materials and the contractor picked. The upper price range can be as high as £1150. The material costs are commonly about £250

Average price per Gutter replacement job in 2021

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Gutter replacement installation cost in Virginia Water 2021

Labour cost £700
Material cost £250
Waste removal £50
Time frame: 1-3 days

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Virginia Water

Virginia Water is a commuter town or town in northern Surrey, house to the Wentworth Estate as well as the Wentworth Club. The location inhabits a large minority of the District of Runnymede. Its name is shown to the lake on its western border: Windsor Great Park. Virginia Water is close to the M25, M4 and also M3 freeways. Heathrow Airport is 7 miles to the north-east. A record from October 2015 noted Virginia Water as the most pricey community (excepting specific London boroughs) for residential or commercial property in the UK, having an average house price surpassing £1m. The 2011 Census revealed the population of Virginia Water to be 5,940. Most of the houses are located on the Wentworth Estate, the house of the Wentworth Club which has 4 fairway. The Ryder Cup was first played there. It is also residence to the headquarters of the PGA European Tour, the professional golf excursion. The estate reached the headings in 1998 when General Augusto Pinochet was kept under house arrest in one of its homes prior to his extradition. The community has a junction railway station within the estate. Frequent South Western Railway trains run to London Waterloo, Weybridge, Twickenham, Richmond, Staines, Feltham, Clapham Junction, Vauxhall and also Analysis.

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    How to install guttering and downpipes?
    If you’re a competent DIYer, it’s not too difficult to install guttering and downpipes if you’ve got uPVC ones. uPVC is a type of plastic and therefore is relatively light, but if you’ve got cast iron or copper guttering you might find it more difficult to replace and install. When you install new guttering and downpipes, you’ll need to remove your old ones. It’s a good idea to tie some rope or cable ties around the existing guttering while you dismantle them so they don’t fall down. We’ve explained how to replace guttering in a previous FAQ, so here we’ll focus on the downpipes. It’s simple if you have the right tools, including a sturdy ladder, a drill and screwdriver and all the fixings and brackets you’ll need.
    1. Hang a plumb bob from the outlet to the drain to use as a guide while you draw several marks on the wall with a pencil to show you where the downpipe will run.
    2. Join the marks up with a straight edge, creating a line to show where the centre of the downpipe will be.
    3. Position a downpipe clip at the top of wall, in the centre of the pencil line. Mark the position of its fixing holes on the wall. If you need an offset bend, put a downpipe clip directly below the bend.
    4. Repeat the process down the wall. Make sure there is no more than 1.8 metres between pipe clips.
    5. Refer to the guttering manufacturer’s instructions to see which drill bit is required. Use a drill to drill the fixing holes and insert wall plugs.
    6. Fit the first piece of downpipe starting from the outlet and moving towards the drain.
    7. If you need to add more downpipe, join the two pieces with a pipe socket and clip. Leave a 10mm gap between the end of the pipe and the bottom of the pipe socket, because it will probably expand. Then attach a pipe clip over the joint.
    8. Continue attaching pipe clips down the length of the downpipe.
    9. If you need to, fit a downpipe show to direct the water into the drain. Attach a downpipe clip directly below the socket of the shoe.
    Although it seems easy, it’s always best to leave guttering works to the professionals. They’ve got experience with fitting neat and tidy guttering and downpipes, and they are used to working at height.
    Should I replace gutters with my roof?

    You don’t always need to replace your gutters with your roof. Often people think that it’s a requirement, or simply the best thing to do, but it’s not always necessary. The reason why people think it’s required is because to re-roof a home, the guttering often needs to be removed and put back on.

    If the time has come to replace your roof, then the chances are that your guttering is pretty old too. When you start to get quotes for your roof replacement, ask the roofer to take a look at your guttering as well. If there are signs of peeling, rust, cracks or sagging, then it makes sense to replace your gutters with your roof. If you get them done at the same time, you’ll save money labour costs, which is the reason why most homeowners do it.

    Another reason to replace your gutters with your roof is the risk of damage. Re-roofing is a significant project, so the guttering needs to come off most of the time – running the risk of brackets and pipes getting damaged in the process. So if your guttering is still looking good right now but you think it might need replacing in a couple of years, it might be worth just doing it at the same time as your roof to save you money and the stress if damage does occur.

    However, if your guttering has only recently been replaced, then there’s no need to replace it again with your roof. But because it needs to come off, make sure you speak to the roofing company about keeping it safe and doing their best to avoid damage. It’s also worse ensuring that they have the correct insurance to cover you both in case your guttering does get damaged during your roof replacement.

    How much do copper gutters cost?
    Copper gutters are expensive – there's no doubt about it. But the look it can give a property might be just what you’re after. uPVC guttering doesn’t suit every home, and while it’s the cheapest option, some properties might not even be able to have it – for example, if you live in a conservation area or listed building. So if you’re going to have them installed, how much do copper gutters cost? Prices start at £18 per linear metre for half-round copper guttering. If you add all the bits you’ll need to go with them, like brackets and clips, you could be looking at around £40 per metre. That’s about double the cost of a uPVC or aluminium guttering system and about the same as cast iron guttering. Add in the installation costs and the average cost of a copper guttering system is £2,390. But copper gutters have a look that can’t be replicated by any other material, so if your home will suit them it might be worth the investment. It might be tempting to try to install copper guttering yourself, especially if you’re used to doing DIY. But copper guttering can be quite heavy to handle and is more fragile than uPVC, so it’s best leaving it to the professionals. On two-storey homes, roofline specialists would probably use scaffold towers to help them keep stable while they install the guttering, and will work in pairs. Since they carry out copper gutter installations all the time, they’ll be used to handling it and ensuring that they don’t scratch or damage this expensive product. So while it might seem cheaper to do it yourself, it won’t if you damage your copper gutters and have to fork out for new ones.
    Do you need scaffolding to replace guttering?

    You don’t always need scaffolding to replace guttering. If your home is a bungalow, the tradespeople might only need a ladder to replace your guttering. It’s when your home is two storeys or more that scaffolding is more necessary.

    You might not need full scaffolding for a simple two-storey home. Guttering specialists use scaffold towers, which are the platforms you see underneath the scaffolding, where the installation is relatively straightforward. You might need scaffolding to replace guttering when there are obstructions to towers being used – for example, if you have a conservatory or the ground is very uneven. It's more likely that specialist roofline companies will use scaffold towers when necessary. Sole traders that replace guttering as part of their services may be comfortable using sturdy ladders.

    There’s no legal requirement to say that you must have scaffolding when fitting guttering, but it is a good idea when working on homes rather than bungalows. If you’re unsure whether you need full scaffolding for your gutter replacement project, get a few quotes from reputable businesses of different sizes. If you’ve been quoted by one company that you need full scaffolding whereas everyone else says that only towers are needed, it’s likely that the job is perfectly safe to carry out with just towers.

    Placholder Image

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