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If you’re looking for local handyman services, it can sometimes be a bit daunting. If you have a specific task that you want a handyperson to carry out, you could spend hours of your time searching for local tradespeople only to find out that they don’t do the type of work you’re looking for. Luckily, Quotatis can help by only putting you in touch with handyworkers that are happy to do the job you need to have completed.

Whether you need some shelves putting up, your kitchen cabinets fitting or maybe a radiator painted, a handyman will be happy to do these kinds of jobs for you. It’s best to use handyworkers for jobs that don’t require lots of training or qualifications. Specialist jobs like electrical work, plumbing and plastering are best left to tradespeople with proven experience in these fields, as if something goes wrong it can ruin the look of your home or even cause damage.

The benefits to using handyman services

Using a handyman is often much cheaper than engaging someone that’s a specialist in their trade. For example, a kitchen fitter will charge much more to fit some cabinets than a handyperson because they have years of experience, and probably have more overheads. That will drive the price up, and often smaller jobs are inflated even more because they won’t take a whole day.

Another benefit to using a handyman is that you’ll stop putting off all those niggling jobs that you’ve been meaning to get round to doing. Whether it’s because you’re not confident in DIY or you’re worried about the cost of hiring someone to do it for you, using a handyperson is a cost-effective way to get those smaller jobs done and improve the look of your home while you’re at it.

Average Handyman cost

The regular cost of Handyman is approximately £35 per hour. Costs alter based on the job required and the materials needed. The upper price range can be as high as £52.5. The material costs are ordinarily approximately £5

Average price per Handyman job in 2021

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Handyman costs, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Handyman installation cost in 2021

Labour cost £30
Material cost £5
Time frame: 1 day

Advantages for Handyman

  • Able to complete a wide range of jobs in the home or outside
  • Often lower cost than a more specialised tradesman
  • Get little jobs that you have been putting off getting completed

Disadvantages for Handyman

  • Not as qualified as a person that carries out a specialised trade
  • There's more chance of a job going wrong

Handyman FAQs

Can a handyman repair a roof

Can A Handyman Repair A Roof?

Are you facing some roof repair needs and wondering if a handyman can provide the solution? When it comes to roof repair, there’s a need to get a reputable roofing company to help with your roof repair needs as your home’s integrity is paramount. If the right repair is not received, an expensive mistake can be made leaving your home or property in worse conditions. A handyman is not known to have sophisticated tools but simple ones which will have them working extremely hard to achieve the same result a trustworthy roofing company can achieve at a faster pace and more expertise.

It’s however worth noting that a handyman should be able to effectively and efficiently tackle small repairs on your roof. This is because this kind of repairs rarely involves fancy or sophisticated tools. Therefore, there’s a good chance the selected handyman will have necessary tools at his disposal. So whenever a handyman comes over to your house for a project, you can easily ask him or her whether or not they can work on your roof or probably take a look at the roof issue to determine. If it’s a relatively small repair need, it should take the handyman long to diagnose and may even be able to fix the same day.

On the hand hand, for a large repair on your roof, a handyman is suitable as these repairs require a unique toolset as well as skillset which is very rare for a handyman to possess. This is not to say they’re not good enough, but they may just prefer to specialize in other things. Therefore, when it comes to large repairs, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with a professional roofing company who has the experience, skills and tools to handle all roof repair needs.

How much should I pay a handyman per hour

How Much Should I Pay A Handyman Per Hour?

Are you about to hire the services of a handyman and probably wondering how much their services cost per hour is? Well, you’re at the right place! The price to be charged by a handyman typically depends on the type of work being carried out, but it’s usually within the range of £20 to £30 per hour. Another typical handyman pricing is project pricing rather than charging of a hourly rate. So when you’re being charged based on the project, you can also ensure to ask for possible discounts as there are often discounts available for larger quantities of jobs or tasks that can be completed one after the other. For smaller, one-off jobs there’s a likely possibility for a minimum charge to surface. As a result, you can expect to pay a premium for the first hour of a handyman’s professional service but a smaller charge for subsequent hours after the first. This is mainly due to the fact that a handyman will need to travel to deliver a service and it’s generally going to be a lot more economical to arrive on the site and take on a couple of tasks sequentially.

There’s a couple of varying handyman’s pricing strategies which is important to be aware of before moving forward. These includes hourly rate, charging by project as well as regular discount or bulk discount. However, if you’re loyal and stick to one handyman, they’ll generally reward your loyalty by looking at your best interest when it comes to the pricing of your projects. This showcases the obvious economy in dealing with one handyman over time and as you build a solid relationship, they’ll also get to know more about you and your projects which will enable them finish the tasks more effectively and efficiently.

What does a handyman do

What Does A Handyman Do?

A handyman is an individual who’s skilled when it comes to general repair and maintenance. Without necessarily needing a certified expertise in any area, a handyman stands out with his unique ability, versatility and general knowledge on all manners of repairs and maintenance. As a handyman, you can work on making basic repairs on plumbing, electrical and heating systems, fitting fixtures, painting and many more in both residential and commercial settings. Basically, what they do is to manage all forms of jobs required to keep a building running and in good condition.

Do you want to become an handyman? Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to become a handyman. Some individuals works work as an apprentice or an assistant under some professionals in order to improve on their skills in different areas. Other people may fancy completing a vocational school program and earn a licenses in varying specialties which can be electrical services, plumbing, painting and lots more. To become a handyman you can also decide to work on your own home by yourself or sign up to take part in charitable construction projects. This way, you’ll be able to acquire valuable skills in home improvement as well as maintenance. Before getting started, it’s advisable to check with your state to know what handyman’s work will require a license and what wouldn’t.

As a handyman, there’s a wide array of jobs you can work on. Handymen can select to work for service agencies which receives calls from home and property owners in need of some sort of help. You may also choose to work in a residential or commercial complex as a maintenance person. It isn’t uncommon to find handymen in business for themselves but this can be a little risky.

How do I find a reliable handyman

How Do I Find A Reliable Handyman?

When your home is in need of repairs or renovations, you’d be lucky to have a reliable handyman who’s highly proficient in a plethora of home improvement skills on speed-dial. With a skilful and reliable handyman, you can save both time and money while also making sure your home and property gets the attention it deserves in next to no time. But the question is, how do you find the perfect handyman who is skilled, reliable and also affordable? Let’s have a look!

• Ask Family And Friends

The people you know are probably the best bet to find a reliable handyman. Ask for referrals from your family and friends especially those who they’ve used for their own home repairs and renovations. Ask about the project, the price charged as well as the quality of the work done.

• Get In Touch With An Association

Reach out to an association that represents the work you want done to advise on local handymen who possess a great reputation .

• Ask Your Local Home Improvement Store

Local home improvement stores are always in touch with some regular handymen customers who often stops by to purchase some materials. So you can ask store owners or employees if they know any handyman who has the required expertise to get your job done.

• Check Online Websites

Online websites such as Craiglist and Kijiji gives you an opportunity to find a reliable handyman. However, it should be noted that some free websites can be a hot spot for scam artists. Ensure to study their ads and check their experience as well as their insurance. You can get in touch with multiple handymen to compare the prices and portfolio.

• Google It

Simply by searching “handyman services on Google, you may be able to identify some local businesses. Be sure to confirm that their testimonials and portfolio are genuine and also reach out to them for more details.

Can handyman do drywall

Can Handyman Do Drywall?

Do you wish to hang a drywall or perhaps you’re just in need of a drywall repair and wondering if a handyman would be up to the task? Well, you’ve come to the right place! For several home and property owners, nothing provides more headaches than cracks or damage to their drywall which always tend to occur more often. Large cracks, holes, punctures and other forms of drywall damages are not the easiest to fix and even more so, when these damages are to the ceiling drywall. Definitely not the type of task you’d like to turn to a DIY project and not up to what you’d like to consider calling in a specialist for help. Hence, the handyman is the best option to have it resolved!

Whether you’re in need of help to patch up a few holes or you want to hang drywall over a whole room, drywall is vital to the comfort of your home. One little damage can affect the entire room making everywhere look dilapidated. What’s more? The drywall’s texture and finish are also of great importance, so if you want your home to look beautiful for several years to come, reaching out to a handyman may be your best bet.

Typically, the handyman should be able to deliver a wide range of drywall solutions. These includes hanging drywall, drywall repair, skim coating drywall, installation of drywall, step or fall through ceiling damage, popcorn ceiling removal and repair, drywall finishing, new ceiling, mud, tape and sand, plaster wall repair, water damage removal and repair, drywall patching and lots more. So you know regardless of the drywall needs you might have, you can be rest assured there are handymen out their who are capable of providing them when you reach out.

Where can I find a handyman near me

Where Can I Find A Handyman Near Me?

Do you have a need for the services of a local handyman? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Some tasks around the house or property are a bit too much to be handled as a DIY project, but at the same time not enough to hire a general contractor or a professional company. So in such cases of middle of the road projects, your best bet would be to reach out to a reputable handyman and even more so, if he or she is in a location near you.

A lot of household repairs, maintenance and upgrades aren’t always a massive job. However, there’s a likely possibility for them to stack up when there’s not just enough time on the plate to conveniently tackle them or probably due to the overwhelming idea of having to visit multiple shops to acquire various tools and supplies. The more worrying issue however is, where can you find a handyman that’s close to you?

• Ask family and friends for experiences and recommendations. Choosing the right handyman goes way beyond the qualifications, you also have to be comfortable with bringing the professional into your home.

• Ask local realtors for recommendations. Due to the fact that they’re often in contact with handymen as they would mostly need to make some repairs before negotiation a sale, they tend to know several local handymen by experience.

• Google it. Just by searching “local handyman services, Google can automatically determine your location and proffer a number of handymen in your area, However, you must be extremely careful not to fall prey to all these scam artists in disguise of being a handyman.

Before hiring, it’s always advisable to go through your state’s licensing requirements for licensing handymen. Certain states will only require licensing for some job types or generally, some projects that cost more than a particular amount of money.

How to hire a handyman

How To Hire A Handyman

With so many individuals having not-so-good experiences with handymen, hiring one can be a very difficult task. If you’re also looking for the best way to hire a handyman, then you’d have probably heard some stories of them not showing up, not returning calls or delivering an awful service after promising heaven and earth.

However, the reality is there are also a number of people who have enjoyed the several handy skills these “small job guys have got. Some who actually return calls, show up and also come true of their promises. So how do you become one of those people that’ll have a great story to tell about these handymen? Well, in this article, you’d probably learn a thing or two on the best approach to hiring a handyman that’ll not only provide you with a high quality service, but also display an all-round professionalism and excellent customer service.

• Be Organized. Make a list of all repair and maintenance services required and establish a budget for them. You can use free online pricing tools like Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide to learn more about repair costs.

• Prioritize Your Tasks. Your repair list should be made in order of priority.

• Compare Your Prices. Ensure that your handyman is familiar with the repairs and compare the prices. The handyman’s price quotes can be a little bit higher, but more attention should be placed on obviously inconsistent pricing.

• Search For References. It’s important to request references of previous work. If the handyman has low quality work samples or negative references, then you might want to steer clear and find another handyman.

• Discuss Payment. If you have multiple projects to be done, it’s advisable to structure your payments around task completions. Do not even consider hiring a handyman who requests a full upfront payment.

How much does a handyman charge per hour

How Much Does A Handyman Charge Per Hour?

Do you need the professional services of a handyman? If yes, then you’d probably like to know the hourly rate a handyman charges in order to set a budget and make the necessary plans. Here, we’ll discuss the amount charged by handymen per hour and reason for the differences.

The fact is, there’s no accurate or single answer for all handymen as the project varies and the handyman mostly charges based on the type of work to be done. However, there are also other handyman pricing strategies which includes project pricing. When you’re being charged based on the tasks involved, you should ensure to ask the handyman for possible discount as several handymen will offer a considerable discount for bulk projects or tasks that can be completed on after the other. If the task is a small, one-off job then you’re likely to pay a minimum charge fee which would usually be higher when compared to the task being part of a larger project. Consequently, the first one hour of a handyman’s service will usually attract a premium, while the charges for remaining hours after the first will be a smaller charge. This is mainly due to the fact that a handyman will need to travel to deliver a service and it’s generally going to be a lot more economical to arrive on the site and take on a couple of tasks sequentially.

Moving forward, you should be aware that there’s an economy in sticking to one handyman. Handymen usually charge less to repay clients for their loyalty as they’d already have an idea of the client’s projects and needs which makes the job a lot easier. However, generally a handyman will charge within the range of £20 to £30 per hour.

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