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Tiling your kitchen is one of the most practical and eye-catching means to improve the look of your kitchen. There are many advantages for going with tiles; they can be hard-wearing making them excellent for high traffic areas, they can withstand prospective water damage as well as offer virtually limitless selections for colours and designs.

With a lot of alternatives though, working out pricing for tiling can be made complex. The actual tiling price can greatly affect your final costs, so it's worth speaking to your tiler before buying and tiles as they may be able to get you better trade prices.

We will certainly consider particular kitchen tiling prices, and also flooring tiling cost, so you'll know what to expect before you begin your project.


What are the pros and cons of tiling a kitchen?

With the ability to make any room look quite clean and elegant, it’s little surprise wall tiles a very popular throughout the UK. They come with a plethora of benefits, but just like every other product, there are also some drawbacks to them. If you’re considering whether or not to have wall tiles installed in your home or property, then you’d probably want to know all sides to it in order to help you make the best informed decision possible moving forward. Therefore, before you decide on the what product to use on your walls, here are some of the common pros and cons of wall tiles. Let’s take a look!


  • Durable. Here is one of the greatest advantages of tiling your walls. Generally, wall tiles made from porcelain, ceramic and mosaic are known to be moisture resistant and tough to crack which makes them very durable.
  • Temperature and chemical resistant. Wall tiles are also known to be resistant to extreme temperatures and do not fade when they come in contact with chemical agents.
  • Easy to maintain. Generally, wall tiles require minimal maintenance efforts. In fact, some wall tiles are coated with liquid glass which protects them from stains while also making them a lot easier to clean.
  • Diverse and affordable. Wall tiles are available in multiple range of sizes, colours, textures, styles as well as designs to satisfy varying tastes.


  • Grout lines are difficult to maintain. When grout sealer is not used, this becomes a great concern. Grout lines require more attention as they tend to get stained easily. This can be cleaned using water and small quantity of vinegar.


How much do kitchen wall tiles cost

Tiling of walls is a very common practice in the UK and reasonably so. It comes with a plethora of benefits which includes improving your property’s curb appeal while also adding to its value. If you’re looking to tile your walls, you’d probably want to know exactly how much it’ll cost to get the project over the line. In this post, we’re going to provide you with an insight into wall tiles pricing to help you make the best decisions in the future. Let’s take a look!

Just like any other home improvement project, the price you’ll pay for your wall tiles will depend on a number of variables which includes the tile material, the adhesive and grout required as well as the cost for the tiler. Here, the variation is quite wide which makes it incredibly difficult to provide an average price. Therefore, to get a more accurate estimate, a quote from your tradesperson who has visited your property and discussed your exact requirements is the best bet.

For the average cost of the materials, this will vary on the price of the tiles, the adhesive and grout used. Meanwhile, a tiling specialist can cost you an average of £150 to about £250 per day as labour cost. However, this is also dependent on your location in the UK as well as the type of tiling they’ll have to carry out. The number of days that’ll be spent on your project will be based on the size of the area you wish to have tiled, but this should take within the range of 1 to 2 days.

    Average Kitchen Tiling cost

    The regular cost of kitchen tiling is £700 in your area. Costs differ based upon the materials and the tiler hired. The upper price range in your area can be as high as £805. The material costs are ordinarily around £175.


    Average price per Kitchen Tiling job in 2023

    Avg. price low

    Avg. price low

    Avg. price

    Avg. price

    Avg. price high

    Avg. price high






    Prices based on actual Kitchen Tiling costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

    Kitchen Tiling installation cost in your area 2023

    Labour cost £490
    Material cost £175
    Waste removal £35
    Time frame: 1-4 days

    Advantages for Kitchen Tiling

    • Durable
    • Temperature and chemical resistant
    • Easy to maintain
    • Diverse and affordable

    Disadvantages for Kitchen Tiling

    • Grout lines are difficult to maintain

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    How to remove old tiles from wall

    When your tiles get old and starts to lose its curb appeal and deteriorate, it’s certainly time to have it removed. When it comes to old wall tiles removal, you have two options which is either you do it yourself or call in a professional – with the latter being more advisable. However, if you wish to save some money on installation and carry out the task yourself, then you’ve come to the right place!

    Firstly, you have to know that the bonding agent or adhesive usually incorporated to hold a tile against the wall are always very strong or else you’ll find your tiles peeling off. As a result, to have them removed is not the easiest of tasks and bashing them with a hammer, will only have them broken leaving you with the task of having to scrape off the pieces. A better and much easier approach to removing tiles from a wall will be to pry them off one after the other. So how do you go about this? Let’s have a look!

    1. Safety First, Then Remove The First Tile
      Wear a protective eye goggle and gloves.
    2. Break up the grout around a tile located atthe wall’s centre using a putty knife and hammer.
    3. Place the putty knife under the the tile and gently it with the hammer.
    4. Remove The Remaining Tiles
      By tapping and prying using the tools - hammer and putty knife, wipe off all the tiles in the vertical row.
    5. Once done, continue to detaching the tiles in the adjacent rows until you’re able to open a wallboard section that’s around 12 inches wide and does not obstruct a stud.
    6. Use a keyhole blade to poke it through the wallboard.
    7. With the help of a reciprocating saw, cut out the wallboard’s section.
    8. Cut The Fasteners
      Using a metal-cutting blade, cut te wallboard-holding fasteners. Make sure the fasteners holding the wallboard to the top and bottom plates of the wall are both detached.
    9. Remove All Wallboard Sections
      Using a similar approach, gently remove the other sections of the wallboard.
    10. Once completed, you can easily sweep the tiles’ broken pieces.
    11. Finally, vaccum the grout dust to ensure the work is neatly done.


    If you lack a proper training or experience, taking off your tiles from a wall is best left to a skilled professional for the best results and to prevent potential damages which can lead to additional costs.

    Do you tile walls before or after fitting a kitchen?

    If you’re thinking about the better option between tiling your walls either before or after fitting a kitchen, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll give a good insight on the best practices to help you plan and also avoid making costly mistakes.

    The short and simple answer to this question is - it depends. It depends on structure of your home or property, your kitchen as well as the surface in question, the materials selected and also your unique preferences. This answer is mainly provided because there’s no tile industry standard explaining when a kitchen or cabinet should be fitted. Therefore, there’s a need to check the suitability of any structure and substrate needs by a professional before you determine the type of tile installation as well as when to install the tile.

    If you decide to install the wall tiles before fitting the kitchen, here are some benefits you stand to derive:

    ✓ There will be no finish cuts or sealant application required for the perimeter joints at the finished sides of the cabinets making the installer’s job a lot easier

    ✓ This also implies extra square footage for the installer, but less detail as well as trim work.

    ✓ Water leaks from the kitchen won’t be able to cause much damage.

    ✓ It allows for more flexibility when remodelling in the future.

    However, installing the wall tiles after fitting the kitchen also comes with some advantages. Let’s have a look!

    ✓ This means less in square footage, but more time in both detail as well as trim work.

    ✓ The risk of damage to the wall tiles by other trades is significantly minimized.

    ✓ It’ll be easier to change the wall tiles later on without having to remove the kitchen.

    How best to fit kitchen wall tiles?

    Tiling a kitchen wall can seem like an easy task until you get started. Errors made will forever be evident for everyone to see unless you’re prepared to spend some extra bucks. When done right, it can actually be a very satisfying project, but don’t even think about rushing into it. If you lack a proper training or experience, it’s advisable to leave the task to a skilled professional for the best results and to avoid extra costs. This guide is meant to give you a detailed insight into the process and help you avoid possible errors.

    • Preparation

    ✓ Ensure you have the required amount of tiles, adhesive and grout.

    ✓ Take the tiles measurement and calculate in square metres.

    ✓ Determine the number of tiles to be used and add about 10% to the total number to cover for possible wastage.

    ✓ Check to surface to make sure its clean and dry.

    • Mark Out The Area To Be Tiled

    ✓ Mark out the width of the tiles with spacers using a baton of timber.

    ✓ Position a tile against the bottom-most point and draw a line.

    ✓ Put a baton along this line and follow this by a vertical line at the wall’s end.

    • Install The Tiles On The Kitchen Walls

    ✓ Apply an even layer of adhesive with a wall trowel on the kitchen’s wall surface.

    ✓ Place the first tile on the adhesive and apply small pressure, do this for the remaining tiles with similar pressure to ensure its levelled.

    ✓ Make use of tile spacers to get a uniform space in between.

    ✓ Leave the adhesive to harden before applying the grout.

    • Grouting

    ✓ Remove the tile space and clear out excess adhesive

    ✓ Prepare the grout

    ✓ Make use of a grout float to apply the mixture into the joints.

    ✓ Let the grout dry up a bit before washing the surface off with a sponge and water.

    Can you use kitchen floor tiles on the walls

    Some floor tiles are so lovely you just can’t help but wonder if it’s safe to be used on the walls as well. If you’re also thinking along the same line, you’re not alone! Several other home and property owners are busy finding answers to this particular question. Now let’s look at the possibilities.


    Generally, any tile designed as a floor tile by the tile manufacturer can also be laid on the wall (vertical surfaces) as well as countertops. Due to the fact that the floors are usually subjected to greater use than the walls in terms of foot traffic, the durability required is also considerably greater. Therefore, a floor tile with Abrasion Resistance values ranging from I - V is suitable for wall installation. However, you should take note that exterior wall applications must be different from its interior counterparts and must only be incorporated on tiles that are frost resistant.


    There are two other factors that must be taken into consideration before you install a floor tile on your walls which includes the weight of your tiles per m2 as well as the strength of the surface in which the tile is to be installed. If you don’t want your tiles falling off, the combined weight of the tiles with the adhesive and grout should not be more than the maximum weight required per m2 (20kg to 35kg depending on the wall substrates).


    Now that you have an idea of the possibilities of installing floor tiles on walls, it must, however, be said that reverse is the case when it comes to installing walls tiles on the floor. Wall tiles are, generally, not suitable to be laid on the floor as they are mostly non-vitreous ( cannot withstand excessive impact, abrasion or thaw cycling).

    Are wall tiles best for a kitchen wall

    Being one of the most used rooms in a house, the kitchen is a place that must be set up to withstand almost everything thrown at it – from top to bottom. Now when it comes to wall tiles, having them installed on your kitchen walls is probably the best protection you can offer to your kitchen. Want to know why? In this post, we’re going to some of the qualities which makes wall tiles perfect for your kitchen wall. Let’s take a look!


    • Durable. One of the reasons why walls tiles are very common part in most kitchens is due to their longevity. Porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tiles are moisture resistant and being fully aware of the gradual destruction that can be caused by water, you’d definitely wouldn’t want to look far beyond wall tiles for your kitchen walls.
    • Stain resistant. From food stains to oil spillage and everything in between, the kitchen is a place that’s prone to all sort of stains and gets dirty pretty quickly. As a result, one of the best ways to combat this is by installing wall tiles which are known to be stain resistant. This will protect your kitchen walls and keep them in top condition for a lengthy period.
    • Temperature and chemical resistant. Tiles are impervious to harsh temperatures and do not deteriorate when exposed to chemical agents.
    • Easy to maintain. There are some wall tiles which are coated with liquid glass which protects them from stains while also making them a lot easier to clean.
    • Diverse and affordable. Wall tiles come in a large array of sizes, colours, textures, styles as well as designs to suit any individual’s preference.
    How to tile a kitchen

    If you’re not an expert floor installer who would take wall tile installation as merely being a vertical floor, you are advised to be very cautious when tackling the project. The installation of wall tiles follow some set of rules which you’d better not break if you really wish to protect your investment. And worst of all, a wall tile done wrong is a lifetime penalty of having to look at it. So how can you get it right? Well, probably by reaching out to a wall tile installation professional for a good quality solution that’ll save you time, money and effort. However, we’ve put together this guide to help give you an insight of how it works and also to help you avoid some unnecessary expenses. Let’s have a look!


    1. Hang a batten board
    2. Start your rows of tiles or bottom-most course with a batten board which works to prevent spillage of tiles.
    3. Position the batten board at 3/4 of the tiles’ height. Ensure not to start at the floor.
    4. Form A Pyramid Shape With The Tiles
    5. If you’ve reached the bottom row of tile, then arrange the tile in a pyramid shape. To achieve this, you’d have to install the tiles one through four as instructed. Each following row will be draped over the pyramid.
    6. Examine The Floor For Level & Walls For Plumb
    7. If your floor level or plumb is off by a maximum of a half-inch over the course of 8 feet, add extra baseboards and trim to cover up the problem.
    8. The Least Size Of Tiles To Be Used Is Half-Wide
    9. Ensure that no “silvers (tiles that are lower than half the width of the tile in question) are incorporated in the project.

    How to tile a kitchen

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