The term landscaping is used when visible features of land are altered, often to make it more attractive or practical.

Areas that can be landscaped include:

  • Gardens

  • Natural landforms, such as terrain shapes and elevation

  • Manmade structures, such as fences, buildings or structures

For successful landscaping, good observation and design skills are necessary. It requires a blend of science and art with a solid knowledge of nature and construction vital.

Reasons to landscape your property

Landscape gardeners can really bring your property and garden to life, whilst providing a number of benefits.

  • First impression counts a lot, whether it’s to try and sell your home or simply welcome guests. Your home’s appearance will always be judged so impressing with the landscape can be a great starter

  • Having a beautiful garden will do a lot to relieving the stresses of the day when you come back from work in the evenings. There’s no place like home and having something you can enjoy and relax in can swing your mood. Even maintaining the new look can be stress relieving

  • The health benefits of landscaping are also something you should snatch up. With trees, shrubs and plants you’ll be able to improve the air quality, improving the healthiness of your body. Even maintaining the garden will have its health benefits with the physical work needed

  • Landscaping also has its environmental benefits and as already mentioned, cleaner air will be produced. It can also have a large part to play in the reduce and conserve argument. For example, well placed trees can limit heat entering a property and therefore reducing the need for air conditioning

  • Updating your grounds will add value to your home, there’s no doubting that. Poorly kept gardens can drag down your home’s value whilst a well maintained landscape will increase value.

With just a small investment into the landscaping of your home, you can benefit from a number of advantages.

Landscaping quotes

Landscape gardening can radically change the look of your home, making it instantly more appealing to you and anyone who visits.

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Landscaping companies

Local Landscaping Projects

Project: Spoke to Mr Coombs. Home Owner. Please call to quote for work to front and back garden. Looking for patio.Please call on mobile.-best time to try Tuesday and Wednesdays.
Project: build retaining walls, steps and plant garden. The garden is terraced and mainly chalk. Spoke to mrs. Homeowner. Work to commence early 09. Please contact tuesday,thursday or friday to quote.
Project: remove 15ft hedge and replace with 3ft fence an evergreen hedge to outside of fence approx 25mtrs lenght. Inludig new site for gateway. lvnc
Project: Area of ground, uneven, currently partly turfed needs rotovating/clearing and new lawn laid. There is a large ash tree in corner of garden which if the surrounding area of groung cannot be levelled, g...
Project: spoke to mr. Customer has just moved into the property and has x tree to be cut down and removed. spoke to mr house owner please contact to quote
Project: i want a free quote for a simple, easy maintenance design & to then complete the work spoke to mrs house owner please contact to quote/
Project: My garden is on three levels which all need refurbishing to include repaving, regrassing, steps, wall spoke to mrs homeowner can call anytime is keen for work to begin asap
Project: Current garden slopes to house, we want to put one terrace in so the incline is away from the house. Lower terrace would be patio/decking with soft landscaping on the upper terrace lvn...
Project: Create a stone path to the real of the property approx 2m wide x 17m long using stone and finish with woodern sleeper. Some work required on soil drain (lower it) and drainage required for path. bui...
Project: Large Project Cheshire - A large area needs landscaping, groundwork, some paving is necessary as well spoke to mr owner of the project - only has the street name for area and the first part of the...
Project: paving, brickwork excavating small built up area area approximately 5 m2 design already completed.
Project: we would like our garden designed to include astro turf , patio area etc spoke to mrs homeowner prefers calls after 6pm keen to get work done asap
Project: Garden wall needs rebuild, and also the garden needs sorting - turf and fences etc. All the house work has been finished. Private work. Spoke to mr. Homeowner. Please contact to quote asap - after ...
Project: Just bought new house and want something doing with back garden - just turfed at the moment. Maybe patio area and decking and decorative planting. Open to suggestions. lvnc
Project: Landscaping of new build house with garden (currently just mud) measuring about 15 metres by 10 metres. nc
Project: Spoke to mr. Landscaping the garden. Work to commence asap. Please contact anytime apart from monday and tuesday to quote. nc
Project: design garden stone road spoke to mrs house owner please contact to quote looking for garden to be landscaped
Project: Tree and shrub clearance shed removal and replacement patio work, fence repair small amount planting and supply
Project: I am looking for a Landscape Gardener who can advise me on my back garden and implement any agreed plan lvnc
Project: i have some conifers and other small bushes/trees that i would like out and the roots killed. NC

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Landscaping activity in March 2018

Landscaping Projects in the UK in March 2018

February 2018 January / February
South East 1,160 -3%
Greater London 920 -12%
North West 500 -9%
Western Midlands 492 14%
Scotland 475 10%
South West 451 5%
Yorkshire & Humber 410 0%
East Midlands 383 -14%
East Of England 310 -21%
Wales 250 4%
Northern Ireland 188 6%
North East 70 17%
United Kingdom 5,609 -3%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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