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Locks provide security to your most expensive possessions, ensuring your home, car and even garage can’t be broken into. They keep you safe in the knowledge that your property is secure and put your mind at ease.

But of course, occasionally we all forget something and leaving the house keys inside and closing the door behind you isn’t a rarity.

If this happens to you, there’s a much cheaper way to solve the problem rather than breaking a window to gain access to your home.

On top of this, locksmiths can fit locks to any room in your house, be the bathroom or even bedroom. Find out how little it would cost to have a professional lock fitted in your property.

Why use a locksmith?

Locksmiths don’t just break into locks, but they also create the mechanism in the first place. They’re the ultimate experts in this field.

By using a locksmith you will:

  • Make your home more secure with up-to-date, secure locking systems

  • Save money on home repair by hiring a locksmith to break the lock and replace with a new mechanism

  • Have peace of mind that your home is secure all year through

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Average Locksmith cost

The regular cost of Locksmith is £150. Costs can change based on the materials and the business selected. The upper price range can be as high as £172.5. The material costs are usually approximately £37.5

Average price per Locksmith job in 2022

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Locksmith costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Locksmith installation cost in your area 2022

Labour cost £105
Material cost £38
Waste removal £8
Time frame: 1 day

Advantages for Locksmith

  • Professional locksmiths know their craft and will get the job completed quickly
  • Locksmiths use the right tools, often resulting in no damage or expensive repairs
  • Professional locksmiths can respond fast and be at your home quickly

Disadvantages for Locksmith

  • Most locksmiths would charge you around £40 to £200 depending on the service you need
  • Unfortunately, not all locksmiths near you are professionals, so be careful who you call in an emergency

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Locksmith FAQs

How to find a good locksmith?

How To Find A Good Locksmith?

Finding a good and reliable locksmith can be a very tricky challenge especially when you don’t planned ahead. For example in emergency situations whereby you get locked out of your home or car, you simply wouldn’t have the time to look for the best locksmith rather you’d be eager to get just about any locksmith available. So how do you go about this and ensure you hire the best possible locksmithing professional? Here are a few tips you can apply to find a good locksmith.

• Plan Ahead

The best time to start searching for a locksmith is right after the purchase of your home or car and not when an emergency occurs. When you purchase a house some of the first thing you do is to research other contractors for your home management team, so why not add a locksmith to this list?

• Verify The Business

Always research the business online once you’ve found a locksmith. Confirm that address is a local one and check their online reviews for red flags. You can also reach out to them during off work hours to ensure they can be responsive during emergencies.

• Ask For Identification

Once the technicians arrive at your house, you can ask them for a means of identification. Every licensed locksmith possesses a Master Security License Number which should be written on their vehicle as well as their photo identity card. If they claim to be licensed but can’t provide this number, you might want to hire another locksmithing company.

• Obtain A Written Estimate

After review of the situation by the locksmith, he should be able to provide you with a written estimate. If he can’t come up with one, then you may want to send him away.

How to choose a locksmith?

How To Choose A Locksmith

Did you accidentally lock out yourself of your car, house or business. There are so many reasons you might find yourself in need of a professional locksmith. However, not all locksmith services are created equal and with so many out there, it can be very challenging selecting a professional locksmith when you need one. Therefore, how do you choose a professional locksmith that’ll guarantee the best results while also saving you time and money? Here are some tips you can put into consideration before making a decision.

• Go For A Certified Locksmith

One basic rule when it comes to hiring a locksmith is never go for an uncertified one - no matter what! This is because only a certified locksmith can guarantee the best outcome with their in depth knowledge and also having proven themselves worthy of your trust. What’s more? With so many scams out there that are locksmithing-associated, going for a certified company will give you the much need protection and peace of mind.

• Go For Local Companies

Going for local locksmithing companies does only mean you’re supporting businesses in your area, but also guarantees you a better assurance of a great service than going for one several miles away.

• Go For Family Owned Companies

Selecting a family owned locksmithing companies come with a wide array of benefits. You’ll get to speak directly with the management of the company when faced with some concerns or questions and also a this type of common normally has a vested interest in your safety as well as community.

• Watch Out For Red Flags

This is important so you don’t get played. Some companies can falsely claim to be certified by ALOA. Others travel in some unmarked vehicles while also refusing to identify themselves in the proper manner. You can also encounter some who hides under different names just to be able to serve a wider region. Another red flag is the failure of the locksmithing company to request verification that you own the property which is what all certified locksmiths have been trained to do before proceeding with their services.

Do locksmiths fix door handles?

Do Locksmiths Fix Door Handles?

If you’re leaving your house for work, coming back home after a long day or closing your bedroom door to take a quick and quiet nap, one thing your hand touches every single time is your door handle. Therefore, it’s very easy and usually quick to observe whenever there’s a problem with your door handles. In such events, your best bet would be to call on the locksmith immediately as it’s one of the various services that can be offered by a professional locksmith.

However, there are times that some key and lock problems may be mistaken for door handle issues. So how do know the exact type of issue you’re facing and know if you’d require the services of a professional locksmith?

Firstly, you’ll know that something is wrong with your door when you’re struggling either to open or close the door. You may be forced to think that this is a door handle issue, but just observe very closely and take a look at the key. If you notice that the key is a bit bent or chopped off on one part, then the problem is actually with the key and not the door handle. In these type of situations, calling the locksmith should be done immediately.

Secondly, you may suddenly feel some kind of resistance while trying to turn the key in the door or perhaps you notice your lock doesn’t look like it does any longer when the door is open. This implies the door handle’s interior is not functioning as it should. This problem is a lock problem which a locksmith can attend to.

If you, however, think the door handle has an issue, then you may have to call on your locksmith for a solution. However, in some cases, door handle issues can also be resolved by yourself. For examples, when the door handle appears loose, you can simply get a screwdriver to tighten it.

What is a locksmith?

What Is A Locksmith?

A locksmith is a skilled and professional technician who is properly trained in the art of working of locks, be it on doors, cars, windows, safes and lots more. They specialize in the installation, repair and adjustment of locks in probably everything with a lock from offices and homes to cars and safes. Locksmiths are able to help individuals accidentally locked out of their homes or cars and can also be consulted by people about their security systems. This is an ancient profession which makes it a very popular one as well.

What Does A Locksmith Do?

A professional locksmith offers a plethora of residential, commercial and automotive as well as security devices solutions. They’re able to change lock combinations, fabricate locks and bypass locks when authorized. With their expertise, knowledge and skill when it comes to installing and repairing traditional security hardware as well as lock sets, they’re able to bring a lot to the table in the commercial, residential and industrial world which needs different levels of physical security to prevent any form of unwanted entry.

Although locksmiths are best known to pick only locks, they also offer several other solutions which includes:

• Provision Of Locks For Both Doors & Windows

Locksmiths are well trained in the provision, servicing and repairing of the door and window locks, which are the two most common lock types for use in both homes and businesses.

• Cutting Of Keys

Locksmiths are able to cut keys for locks in all buildings, cars, windows and more.

• Provision Of Locks For Security Safes

Unlike the door locks, security safe locks are not as common and even more complex. Locksmith are able to provide, open as well as repair all kinds of security safes and vaults.

• Provision Of Automotive Locksmith Service

In case you’re locked out of your vehicle, many professional locksmiths can help you get back in and can also program or reprogram transponder and remote keys, provide a new key for your car and repair car key fobs.

Does house insurance cover locksmith?

Does House Insurance Cover Locksmith?

If you happen to be accidentally locked out of your home for whatever reason, it may be costly to hire the services of a reliable and professional locksmith for help. To mitigate this risk, is home insurance the answer?

The financial coverage provided when you get locked out of your home to cover the costs associated with hiring the services of a locksmith is called home lockout protection assistance. However, it’s very rare that this type of perk is covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. In the common cases where it’s not included, you can file a claim for reimbursement of the costs associated with hiring a professional locksmith to re-key your lock or let you into your home. Without raising your hopes, it should however, be stated that using a house’s insurance to provide coverage for lockout will hardly work in your favour.

In order to file a claim under homeowner’s insurance coverage, it’s a must to pay your deductible upfront. This can be very costly depending on a number of factors. And to state the interesting part of it all, the locksmith services in association with being locked out of your home is, at most times, even lesser than the deductible amount you’re expected to pay to file a claim. As a result, it’s simply a no brainer to pay for the home lock out from your pocket than to use the home lockout protection assistance.

There’s however an option of getting a home lock out protection via auto club membership such as AAA. They’re known to re-imburse their premium members with a good amount of money towards the costs associated with a home lockout.

How long does a locksmith take?

How Long Does A Locksmith Take?

It’s usually a surprising experience when a security issue that you might have thought is not resolvable or nearly impossible to overcome, took an expert locksmith just a couple of minutes to fix. This is not magic or some voodoo, it’s just a learnt skill being perfectly applied by an experienced and well versed locksmith. In this article, you’ll get to know what to expect when you call on a locksmithing professional for help with a security issue.

To determine the period of time a locksmith will take to complete his services, two factors are to be considered - the estimated arrival time as well as the service providing time.

Generally, if you call on a local locksmithing company, you should expect the locksmith to arrive within 15 to 30 minutes to your location. However, this might be shorter or longer if you put into account some influences such as the distance involved and traffic. Some companies can show up faster but charge an extra fee to it, while others will need more time to show up but offers a cheaper service. Usually, locksmithing companies will publish information about the estimated time of the arrival of their technicians on their websites. If you don’t find any, you might want to consider another company with one as this is a red flag.

The second factor which is the service providing time which depends on many influences including the type of lock and key in question. Therefore, it’s impossible to give a precise answer. However in general, a professional locksmith would not usually take more than an hour and half to create a new key for a car or house, or more than 10 minutes to unlock a house or car. Whereas replacement of a lock can take within the range 10 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the complexity of the lock.

Do locksmiths need a license?

Do Locksmiths Need A License?

If you’re in the UK, the simple answer to this question is no. The locksmithing industry in the country is an unregulated one by the United Kingdom’s government. Ultimately, this implies that anybody can be a locksmith with their competence, background or motive being irrelevant. Areas in the security industry that are licensed by the government include door staff as well as keyholding businesses, with the government overlooking the locksmith industry as they do not want to heighten the legislative burden on small businesses.

There are a number of implications for an unregulated industry such as the locksmithing industry. This includes:

• Anyone can wake up in the morning, pick up a set of tools and call themselves a locksmith without being termed as illegal.

• The fact that the industry is not regulated means that there’s no price structure to follow. There’s no price guide for locksmithing services, so they are free to charge whatever price they wish to. As a result, the price of a locksmith can greatly vary from the other for the same or similar tasks.

• Irrespective of your background, competence or motive, you can decide to trade as a locksmith.

Although there are about 6,500 locksmiths in the UK that are not licensed, we do have about 350 plus MLA approved locksmiths. Being MLA approved means they’ve been fully vetted, inspected and fully qualified to operate as a professional locksmith.

The Master Locksmith Association ( MLA) possesses its very own licensing scheme for MLA approved companies. This means that the locksmithing businesses that are listed on the Master Locksmith Association’s find a locksmith page and incorporate their official logo are being inspected on a regular basis, have been vetted by using the standard level DBS checks and have passed the exam based proof of competence test.

How much is a locksmith?

How Much Is A Locksmith?

If you’ve ever been locked out of your home or car, then you probably know how frustrating the experience can be. And even more so, when you don’t have a spare key kept somewhere. In this kind of scenario, a professional locksmith is your best bet to help in this type of bind and lots more. So exactly how much is the average cost of hiring a locksmith? This article will help you shed more light on this as well as the factors influencing the amount you may need to pay.

Locksmith provides a wide range of services including replacing your existing lock, installing a new lock system as well as re-keying a lock for a house or car. The services may also encompass installing garage door locks, repair damaged locks for doors and lots more. Depending of the locksmith service you require, the price of a locksmith can range between £65 to £90. For instance, if you happen to be locked out of your house, you may have to pay up to £70 to £80 and could even be higher or lower depending on the location, the lock’s type as well as the time of the day. Furthermore, if you wish to completely change the lock, this will cost you above £65 or more. You’ll discover the starting price list for each service of most locksmith companies on their websites.

To provide their service, a professional locksmith company will have to visit your location to help change the lock on your car, at home or in the office. Therefore, the minimum service fee your locksmith will charge will include factors such as travel fees. Generally, the minimum service fee to visit your home will fall within the range of £65 to £90. However, if your call comes in during the company’s off hours, you may have to pay more than the usual.

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