Loft insulation

Loft insulation

The natural direction for heat is up and uninsulated lofts will lose a quarter of your home’s heat. This means you’ll be paying out much more than you need to on energy bills and creating more carbon emissions in the process.

With the recommended amount of loft insulation you can slash your bills for 40 years, for little installation costs and a quick payback.

Whether your home is uninsulated, or is in need of a top-up, read more to find out the savings you’ll make with our loft lagging guide.

How much will I save with loft insulation?

Loft insulation is a great way to save money as it’s installed with minimal hassle and payback is as little as two years.

  • The Energy Saving Trust recommends loft insulation of 270mm in thickness to make the most from its heat saving abilities.

  • And with this recommended level you’ll be saving up to £175 every year. Considering installation costs range between £100 and £350, payback is achievable in just two years.

  • With loft insulation retaining heat and reducing bills for 40 years, you’ll see a brilliant return of investment on your purchase.

  • As well as the financial saving you’ll make, you’ll also be benefitting the environment by reducing your home’s carbon footprint. With the recommended 270mm of lagging you’ll be able to cut emissions by around 720kg a year.

Just topping up your existing loft lagging will help you save more money too, so it’s not just uninsulated properties that will benefit.

Recommended areas to insulate

Insulating your loft will retain heat in the home but will make the area above colder, which could result in pipes and water tanks freezing. This means they need to be insulated.

With cool air in the loft you could find draughts creeping through the loft hatch. This too will need adequate insulation and draught excluding material can be fitted around the frame’s edge.

Loft insulation quotes

Cheap loft insulation is a great way to reduce your bills as most heat loss in your home is through the roof. Lagging helps to retain heat, cutting bills by up to £175 a year.

If you’re interested in reducing your expenses and boosting your finances, complete our quick form and receive up to four FREE loft insulation quotes from vetted and reputable installers.

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Loft insulation companies

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Project: Semidetached 3 bedroom house, with small loft - insulation. Spoke to mrs. Long term tennant. Work to commence asap. Please contact daytimes to quote.
Project: loft insulation. Spoke to mrs. Doing on behalf daughter. Work to commence in the next 3 months. Please contact anytime to quote.
Project: Loft to be insulated - no insulation at present. Spoke to mr. Tennant. Has permission from landlord. Work to commence asap. Please contact anytime to quote.
Project: Loft and cavity wall insulation for a 3 bedroom detached bungalow. Spoke to ms. Homeowner. Work to commence early 09. Please contact anytime to quote.
Project: To top up loft insulation to the reccomended level on a two bedrrom mid terrace house. The loft space would be in the region of 6M x 6M max. Spoke to mr. Landlord. Work to commence asap. Please ...
Project: Spoke to mr, Homewoner, Would like quote for loft insulation, Please call to arrange quote, anytime is good, Would like this done in the next 1-3 months
Project: Spoke to Mrs Cholewinska.Home Owner. Please call to quote for foam loft insulation.Please call evenings after 9 pm.
Project: Spoke to Mrs Williams. Home Owner. Please call to quote for loft insulation. Would like work done in new year. Please call after 4 pm.
Project: Spoke Mr Peter Walsh. Homeowner. please contact to quote for loft installation for a 4 bedroom loft conversion.
Project: Spoke to mr, Homeowner, Looking for blow in the wall insulation, Would like this done in the next 1-3 months, Please call to arrange quote, anytime is good.
Project: lift existing floorboards in loft, lay insulation on top of old insulation, replace floorboards. lvnc
Project: Total of 150m2 to a depth of 300mm of dry blown cellulose for an eco-house in slieghts, Whitby, North yorkshire. Ispoke to mr project manager please contact to quote.
Project: Spoke to Ms WOLSTENHOLME. Leased owner. will be paying for work. Please call to quote for loft insulation for a public house.Please call after 4 pm
Project: Spoke to Mr Brown. Home owner. Please call to quote for loft Insulation 5 Bedroom Detached House.Please call on mobile. Looking for work be done in new year.
Project: Spoke to Mr Home Owner of tenanted property. client would like a quote to insulate the loft Please contact for acces and appt.
Project: Spoken to Mr Home Owner requires quote for kingspan insulation for dorma roof and dorma walls please contact immed.
Project: Loft Insulation for a 3 bedroom detached bunglow. 3' insulation already exists. Need another 200 mm of insulation for the roof LVNC
Project: Spoke to Mr Father is Home Owner son is looking for a quote for loft insulation before a proposed loft conversion. please contact to quote
Project: Spoke to Mr Taylor.home owner,Please call to quote for Complete loft insulation 14' thick (approx) 100m2 Looking for work to be done in Feb 09. please call in evenings.
Project: Loft insulation arch insulation Spoke to mr. Homeowner. Work to commence asap. May also be a job of boarding it up - if the price is right. Please contact anytime to quote. Leave message if he m...

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Loft insulation activity in March 2018

Loft insulation Projects in the UK in March 2018

February 2018 January / February
Greater London 6,780 0%
South East 6,190 15%
North West 4,250 7%
Yorkshire & Humber 3,460 13%
South West 3,381 22%
East Of England 3,060 24%
Western Midlands 3,010 6%
East Midlands 2,530 16%
Scotland 2,298 -6%
Wales 1,396 0%
Northern Ireland 764 13%
North East 200 0%
United Kingdom 37,319 9%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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