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As national energy prices continue to rise, it has become more and more important to consider how your home is powered. And Micro CHP units have proved very popular, not only heating the home, but producing electricity too.

Micro CHP boilers are powered by gas or LPG, whilst oil fired systems are being looked into as well. Despite all of these being fossil fuels, Micro CHP units are considered as low carbon technologies as they’re far more efficient than using standard grid energy.

They look similar to a normal domestic boiler and can be attached to a wall or left freestanding. And essentially the main difference is they’ll generate electricity for your home too, providing you with a two-for-one system.

There are plenty of benefits to give Micro CHP boilers great consideration too. Not only are they eligible to receive feed-in tariff payments, but they’re easy to install and much more efficiency than most boilers in the UK.

  • Produce electricity and heat for your home at a cheaper rate
  • Earn a guaranteed income with the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme, saving hundreds of pounds every single year
  • Easy installation and they look similar to a standard boiler
  • The costs and maintenance work out around the same as a boiler
  • You’ll make greater carbon savings, giving the environment a helping hand.

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RW Gas and Heating Ltd
34 Maiden lane, LONDON - SE1 9HG
Dynamic Energy
The Royston Plumbing & Heating C ltd
unit 2 Lumen Road, ROYSTON - SG8 7AG

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September 2020 August / September
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South West 550 85% <img src=
East Midlands 464 97% <img src=
Scotland 420 22% <img src=
Western Midlands 370 -16% <img src=
North West 367 127% <img src=
East Of England 335 -15% <img src=
Northern Ireland 305 318% <img src=
Wales 249 -87% <img src=
Yorkshire & Humber 213 46% <img src=
Greater London 196 206% <img src=
North East 69 0% <img src=
United Kingdom 4,510 -9%

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