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Replacement oil boiler

Our heating system accounts for more than 60% of our annual energy bills, which makes it as important as ever to ensure you have an efficient boiler that’s not likely to breakdown unexpectedly.

As with gas boilers, oil boilers can breakdown or fault at any time, leaving you without heat and hot water for your property. This could end up costing you over £300 in repairs depending on the actual fault.

Oil boilers of more than 10 years of age are prone to suffering a fault of some kind, and the only way to guarantee not experiencing this during the winter is to have a replacement boiler installed.

Oil boilers are often installed into homes that don’t have access to the National Grid’s supply of mains gas. If you do have access to the Grid network then consider replacing an oil boiler with a gas system and you’ll instantly see huge savings on fuel.

Oil boiler replacement benefits

By replacing an old, inefficient oil boiler with a new A-rated model, you’ll:

  • Reduce your heating bills by as much as £300 a year, helping you to escape fuel poverty

  • Heat your home more efficiently, with heat distributed evenly throughout your home. When a new boiler is fitted, your pipes and radiators will often receive a powerflush to improve efficiency

  • Cut your home’s carbon emissions with heightened efficiency, helping the environment to reduce global warming and the Government meet EU targets

Oil condensing boilers

Condensing boilers have grown in popularity throughout the UK because of their high energy efficiency. With a larger flue, more hot gas is retained and used for heat.

The efficiency of condensing boilers is typically over 90%, compared to inefficient systems seeing just 70% efficiency.

Combi boilers tend to be the most popular than condensing boilers and come as either oil or gas heated. With a combi boiler you can heat your home and be provided with hot water on demand. There’s no need for a water storage tank which will save you plenty of room in your loft or airing cupboard.

Oil boiler quotes

If you need an urgent oil boiler quote, or want to find out the oil boiler replacement cost, why not complete our quick form.

We’ll provide you with up to four FREE boiler quotes from local, vetted and reputable professionals to ensure you get the right price.

Average New Oil boiler cost

The common cost of an Oil boiler in your area is £3,124. Costs can change based upon the materials and the business chosen. The upper price range can be as high as £4,027. The material costs are commonly about £750.

Average price per New Oil boiler job in 2022

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual New Oil boiler costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

New Oil boiler installation cost in your area 2022

Labour cost £2,100
Material cost £750
Waste removal £150
Time frame: 1-3 days

Advantages for New Oil boiler

  • Can reduce your fuel bills when your install a more efficient oil boiler - modern units deliver efficiencies of over 90%
  • If you live off the gas grid then oil can be an excellent solution, it’s affordable and accessible
  • Average oil prices are lower level than recent years
  • An effective heating system for the 4 million properties that aren't connected to gas
  • Energy efficiency is a great selling point when you sell your home in the future

Disadvantages for New Oil boiler

  • Having an oil boiler installed, for the first time, is more expensive than a gas boiler
  • An oil storage tank can be an eyesore - ideally it should be placed underground or tucked out of the way
  • Most oil boilers are designed for floor-standing with wall-mounted units quite uncommon
  • Oil boilers aren't the most environmentally-friendly heating

New Oil boiler Manufacturers

New Oil boiler FAQs

How to install oil boiler heating system?

How To Install An Oil Boiler Heating System

Just like several other skills, the installation of an oil boiler heating system can be a challenge. It requires enough persistence to actually get right, so if you’re the type with little patience, we’d recommend you hire the services of a professional oil boiler heating system fitter who can guarantee the best results and save you time and extra money due to potential damages.

To install your boiler system yourself, it’s always advisable to start by getting the information on the best installation processes from the supplying company which will go a long way to save you from future headaches. However, we’ve put together this guide to give you a basic knowledge on how its done. Let’s have a look!

lRead Instruction Manual

• Carefully read and digest the instruction manual thoroughly.

• Make sure you understand the installation diagrams

• Spread out the materials and get familiar with them.

lFigure Out What Goes Where

• Take your time to determine where everything goes in relation to the others.

• Identify the new radiator’s position.

• Get sufficient sealants to prevent possible leakages inside the walls.

lIdentify The Pipe Routes

• Determine the pipe routes while fitting the new radiators

lInstall The Boiler

• Turn off water and all electrics

• Fit the boiler into the wall

• Make sure the fittings are secured.

lInstall The Radiator

• The effectiveness of your home’s heating system is as good as the radiators you incorporate and how good they’re installed.

• You may have to utilize extra radiators in large open plan kitchens and living rooms (for effective heating).

lOffer Ventilation

• Once you’ve successfully installed the new radiator, a small dose of air ventilation would be needed.

• Turn the key of each valve located at the bottom, do not stop until a little amount of water spills over the top of the unit.

How much is a new oil boiler?

How Much Is A New Oil Boiler?

An oil boiler is a very useful tool for providing both central heating and domestic hot water to a property by burning oil. As a result, they’re simply one of the most common alternative heating methods used in homes throughout the UK. If you’re not connected to the mains gas network, then it’s a no brainer to depend on another fuel for central heating purposes - oil. Therefore, if you’re looking to get a new oil boiler, you’d need to identify the size and price as there are a plethora of models to select from - all coming in a large array of sizes and prices. We’ve put together some important details about the prices to give you a good insight on the amount you’d have to incur to procure a new oil boiler. Let’s have a look!

Generally, gas boilers are less expensive when compared to the oil boilers. You can get a wide range of gas boilers from a starting price of £500 to £600, meanwhile you’d rarely find an oil boiler less than £1000 in the market.

The lowest priced oil boilers are typically priced starting from around £1000, and the best in class oil boilers normally costs more than £3000.

The rule is, the most expensive oil boiler is typically the largest one. So to have an idea, the bigger it is, the more money you’d have to spend. Oil boiler’s size is measured in kilowatts (kw), which showcases its power. To determine the type of oil boiler that best suits your home, the most significant factor would be the size as a bigger home will require a bigger oil boiler. You have an option to choose between the combi, conventional and the system models of oil boiler.

Do oil boilers need lots of maintenance?

Modern oil boilers do not require a lot of maintenance. OFTEC recommends that oil boilers are serviced and inspected every year. This keeps them running as efficiently as possible and will ensure any issues with your boiler are identified before they cause bigger problems. This servicing is also vital because of the increased risk of carbon monoxide leaking from a poorly maintained boiler.

Are oil boilers as efficient as gas boilers?

Yes. Modern condensing oil boilers are ‘A’ rated and therefore as efficient as comparable gas boilers. They come with the same controls as gas central heating systems, so you can still use a thermostat to control your heating efficiently. Also, oil is more efficient as a fuel source than gas, so you will get more energy per unit of oil. Oil prices can fluctuate, however, so ensure that you find a good supplier.

Can you get oil fired combi boilers?

Can You Get Oiled Fired Combi Boilers?

Absolutely! Oil fired combi boilers are not only a super cool alternative to gas heating, but also offer a cost-efficient means of heating your home. And this is best enjoyed especially if you’re one of the estimated 4 million houses that are not connected to the gas network.

Oil fired combi boiler enables you store fuel close to your property and fill it as required. There many A rated model options available in the market with the modern oil fired combi boilers confirmed to be up to 95% efficient. As a result of their multiple advantages over alternative heating systems, the oil fired combi boiler is expected to increase significantly in the UK. Here are some of the advantages of adding the system to your property.

• Oil fired combi boiler heats up water on demand while also saving a lot of fuel and being super energy efficient.

• Since oil needs more fuel than gas, a great return would be derived from every unit of energy.

• When compared with the other types of boilers, oil fired combi boilers have a considerably lower operating cost.

• A new oil fired boiler typically has a 92% to 95 % efficiency, which is significantly better than the 60% to 70% in older systems.

If you have an idea of how to operate the gas-powered alternative, then operating an oil fired combi boiler shouldn’t be an issue. In a similar way to the alternative, the boiler simply delivers the central heating through the radiators and hot water via your household’s taps.

However, the major difference between the two is the fact that the oil fired boiler needs a regular supply of oil, which is stored in a tank. The hot water supplied by the system is instant as it is connected to the water mains supply.

Do I need to use an OFTEC certified installer?

The Oil Firing Technical Association or OFTEC operate a competent persons scheme to certify installers. It’s always recommended to use an installer with this certification as it proves they have the training and expertise to properly install your boiler and give you realistic advice on the efficiency of your system. Also, OFTEC registered installers offer Workmanship Warranties to protect you if there are any problems after installation.

Why should I get an oil fired boiler?

If your property is not connected to a gas main, oil boilers are a great alternative to gas boilers and more efficient than LPG alternatives. They can also be paired well with renewable sources. However, if your property is connected to the gas mains, there is generally no reason to switch to an oil boiler, as you will need to have oil delivered to an extra storage tank.

What is the best oil boiler on the market?

What Is The Best Oil Boiler On The Market?

With a plethora of sizes and models available in the market today, it can be a hassle choosing the best oil boiler. There are 3 main types of oil boilers which includes an oil combi boiler, a regular oil boiler and a system oil boiler. Within these three types, we have a wide range of models and sizes with varying heating and hot water demands.

With tonnes of oil boiler brands out there, the problem is the over crowding on the market with oil boilers that are not only over priced, but also of mediocre quality. From our research, we’ve been able to identify three major bands that are simply outstanding - Warmflow, Grant and Worcester Bosch. However, out of the lots, Warmflow is simply the most efficient and also comes with several qualities such as :

lUK & Ireland’s only AA rated combi boiler

lMarket leading innovation

lEasy and simple to install

l45plus years heating homes

l5 and 7 year warranty available

The oil boiler comes with an outrageous 5 year warranty on their Titanium which when compared to some similar Worcester Bosch Oil boilers is a whooping 3 years difference. Furthermore, the brand also offers a special “out-of-the-box 5-year warranty which enables the warranty to be valid as long as the installation is done by a qualified oil boiler technician. This may, however, seem normal until you realize other brands like Grant, will only honour their 5-year warranty when the boiler is installed only by their accredited technicians.

Warmflow offers an oil boiler to suit every property that is situated off the grid. These includes the modern and stylish U-Series, outdoor-compatible K-Series as well as the quietly efficient B-series which is designed for indoor installation.

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