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Just like conservatories, there are many orangery designs you can take advantage of to transform your home, making the most of light and space. This means you can set your home apart from others and make the most from an installation.

Orangeries are growing in popularity and tend to be larger than conservatories. They bring a fantastic modern look to properties and will add value to your home.

Another benefit to an orangery is that they’re often granted planning permission for listed buildings and homes in Conservation Areas. This is something conservatories typically struggle with.

An orangery will provide a warm and elegant feel, adding a real sense of quality to your home. Wood in particular is a popular material choice for orangeries, but other options such as aluminium and uPVC are just as viable.

Orangeries are a stylish alternative when it comes to extending your home, and offer a place that can be relaxed in all year round. With superb energy efficiency qualities you’ll be able to make the most from great insulation and keep warm even in the winter months.

Orangery benefits

Orangeries have a similar appearance to conservatories but offer homeowners something different in the improvement of their property.


  • Tend to have large glass windows, combined with brick or stone to create an impressive look. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your garden and improve the look of your home

  • Allow you to transform the extra room space into something worthwhile, such as a modern dining space or living area. The possibilities are seemingly endless and you can create a look that ties in with the rest of your property

  • Give you the chance to add space to your home and take away the need to relocate for improvement. With brilliant orangery designs available you can even add value

Orangery quotes

For something that adds class and style to your home, orangeries are top of the food chain. Comparing orangery prices is crucial to ensuring you don’t pay over the odds and have something to be proud of.

For up to four FREE orangery quotes, simply complete our quick form and hear from up to four local, vetted and reputable companies.

Average Orangery cost

The regular cost of Orangery are £20000. Costs alter based on the materials and the provider hired. The upper price range can be as high as £23000. The material costs are generally about £5000

Average price per Orangery job in 2023

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Orangery costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Orangery installation cost in your area 2023

Labour cost £14,000
Material cost £5,000
Waste removal £1,000
Time frame: 1-2 days

Advantages for Orangery

  • Brick construction gives an orangery a more substaintial feel than a conservatory

Disadvantages for Orangery

  • Often more expensive than a traditional uPVC conservatory due to the building work involved

Orangery Manufacturers

Orangery FAQs

What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

It always an exciting decision to extend your home, be it adding to an existing room or building a new one all together. However, the problem starts when you realize there are so many options giving you a tricky challenge of knowing which to choose or where to start. There are great differences in renovations between homes, but a common question that remains is whether to go for a conservatory or an orangery.

There are large array of differences between the styles and knowing a thing or two about the special attributes is definitely a great way to get started. Let’s have a look!

• Orangeries are generally best suited to traditional-styled homes or with older property making use of matching stone or brick in construction. Meanwhile for a more recent or modern property, a conservatory will be the better option to add the flair to your property.

• Conservatories tend to be larger than orangeries, therefore if you want a smaller extension, an orangery would be your best bet.

• Orangeries are typically rectangular in shape and is traditionally a more regular building meanwhile a conservatory can be shaped to suit your needs. With an conservatory, you can get a T-shaped, L-shaped, curved, double ended and lean-to extensions to suit your preference.

• An orangery usually possess a flat roof at the edges with a glazed lantern section right at the centre. You can also find more luxurious orangeries having two or more lantern sections. However, when it comes to the roofing, conservatories generally have more options. Some are gabled or pitched, others are lean-to with a plethora of choice to finish off the roof.

• Due to the fact that orangeries are made of more brick than glass when compared to conservatories, they usually provide more insulation than their counterpart. If your goal is to use the extension during the winter months, then constructing an orangery is the best bet.

How much does a david salisbury orangery cost?

So have you are considering having a David Salisbury orangery in your home? It’s a stylish and visually appealing extension which adds immense value to your property when it comes to resale. Almost every home buyer wants a house with a nice orangery and even more so, if it’s a David Salisbury orangery. However, the cost of constructing a David Salisbury orangery is dependent on a wide range of factors which includes your location ( within the UK), the size of the building, the orangery style in question, the materials to be incorporated as well as the finish you’re expecting to get.

Typically, to construct a David Salisbury orangery, you’d need to spend a sum between £10,000 to £70,000. This differences in price is based on the influences that have been stated earlier which includes the type as well as size of the selected David Salisbury orangery. If you wish to construct the small David Salisbury orangery featuring a uPVC frame, you can get that done at a price not less than £10,000, but this price can cost up to £60,000 or even more if you want a large, timber-framed orangery built. Meanwhile if you prefer a premium quality and timber-framed David Salisbury orangery that comes with a new fitted kitchen, it may cost up to £70,000 in expenses (when you add the price of the new kitchen units as well as appliances).

The finish you want to achieve is also one of the greatest influential factors that determines the cost of your David Salisbury orangery. For just the bare essentials (low end), the cost is between £10,000 to £20,000, meanwhile the cost for the mix of both basic and personalized items is within a range of £20,000 to £40,000. However, if you want a classy and distinctive David Salisbury orangery with superior quality fixtures and fittings, a more accurate cost estimate will range between £35,000 to £60,000.

Can you use an orangery all year round?

Orangeries are being built by thousands in the country year in year out and for good reasons. Not only do they provide a cost effective alternative to moving home and boosting your property’s value, but can also be used all year round. If you’re looking for a room for all seasons, then you simply would not want to overlook building an orangery. They can be quite cosy in the winter months protecting you from the wind and rain, and keeping you warm, while you can throw the doors and windows to enjoy the sunshine during the summer months.

Orangeries can be used all year long as they’re made mostly of components which makes them stay warm all through the year, which is unlike conservatories that’s almost wholly made of glass meaning they are not suitable to be used during the colder months. This implies that orangeries can be used for almost any purpose throughout the year regardless of the time of year it is. What’s more? With a plethora of style and options of orangeries you can choose from, there’s hardly any space you can’t fit an orangery, be it small or large. In recent times, more and more homeowners are now using their orangeries for a variety of purposes such as game rooms, chill out area, lounges as well as dining rooms. They have this special ability to create a seamless transition from your home to your garden while also allowing you to alter the room’s layout all year round depending on your needs at the time.

What is an orangery?

Getting its name from it’s original use and commonly mistaken for conservatories, orangeries were developed about four hundred years ago to help protect citrus fruits from the winter frosts. An orangery is basically a room extension featuring a flat perimeter roof, brick base as well as a central roof lantern including doors and windows. Even though it originates from Italy and made more modern by Holland’s architectural development, orangeries have grown to become an ubiquitous phenomenon within the British society with thousands of the extension being built every year. They’re built in a similar way to conservatories, however, orangeries are typically developed from a brick base and usually making use of a stone or brick pillars to provide support to a flat roof perimeter. Also, the common choice for an orangery is a central roof lantern including glass panels or vent windows. Unlike conservatories which usually make use of patio doors, orangeries are more likely to have more complex bi-folding door system - enhancing the visual appeal of the extension in a more unique and stylish way.

Orangeries typically incorporates less glass when compared to a conservatory - thereby, allowing a moderate amount of natural light into the space. This way, you would not have to go outdoors to enjoy the sunlight during the summer months. Generally, the extension also offers a atrium-style ceiling height while also protecting your space from excessive sunlight and adding character to your home.

In conclusion, orangeries are an excellent choice when it comes to extending your home - be it to make a room larger or adding a new room all together. Ultimately, they go a long way to add incredible value to your home for resale purposes. Orangeries are best installed by seasoned professionals in order to ensure the best outcome.

Do you need planning permission for an orangery?

With the ability of orangeries to create additional space in your home as well as altering the appearance of your property completely, it’s very likely you’ll require a planning permission to construct an orangery. However, with the lengthy and complicated application process, you might want to consider the few exemptions before getting started.

If you’re considering to build an home extension such as an orangery, the obvious first step would be to consider whether or not you’ll need planning permission. And while you tend to get carried away in the thought of adding new beautiful living space, you should never forget to take into account your area’s planning regulation as well as the planning process realities. However, the application process is not one of the most exciting activities any homeowner would like to pass through and even more so when they live in a conservation area or possess a listed property that can even make the process a lot more challenging.

It’s recommended that you consult your plans and ideas with a professional such as an architect, building design company or a chartered surveyor, but there are some options you can put into consideration if you want to avoid the applying for a planning permission.

If you’re sure about not wanting to apply for a planning permission, you’d have to check your area to identify the possible local planning implications and determine whether or not your home has permitted development right which allows for some building works that can be made without the need to apply for a planning permission. To do this, simply check the government’s planning portal to determine whether your project is covered by the permitted development rights or applying for a planning permission would be required. What’s more? You need to determine if your building is listed especially if you live in a period property. For listed building, it can be much more difficult to get a planning permission as you must comply with some very specific regulations.

Do I need building regs for an orangery?

Generally, if you want to do a job, you can as well ensure that’s done properly. You may be considering building a small base for an orangery, but no matter how small it is, it just shouldn’t be done to any other than a compliant standard, and that’s whether or not an approval is needed. When it comes to building work which is covered by Building Regulations, you are required to comply (by the law) with the regulations and to make use of one of the two types of Building Control Service available. These includes the Building Control Service given by your local authority or the Building Control Service given by approved inspectors.

Regardless of the service you opt for, you’re going to pay but the preferred service may offer an advice before commencement of the project. The individual carrying out the building work is charged with the responsibility of ensuring total compliance with the regulations. Therefore, if you select to undertake the project by yourself, the responsibility is primarily on you. In the same vein, if you opt for a building company the responsibility would be the company’s, but you should always ensure to confirm this position before commencement of the project. You must also take note that you may be served with an enforcement notice if you fail to comply with the regulations as the owner of the building. So it’s advisable that you choose your builder very carefully.

There are a bunch of elements you may require approval for like the structural integrity, appropriate insulation levels, or the construction of a building over drainage or sewage. In cases where it’s obvious that you’d need building regulations, you can simply submit the building and planning application together at once.

How to build an orangery?

Are you considering extending your living space into a visually appealing orangery? However, before you go ahead with the project, you may want to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. It is rather important to let you know calling on a seasoned professional for help when it comes to building an orangery is the best bet especially if you lack proper training or experience. This way, you get to avoid costly errors while also saving yourself some time and money. Here, we’ll give you the needed information on how to go about building an orangery.

• Orangery Planning

This is, perhaps, the most important step when it comes to orangery building. There is a need to conduct a proper planning to ensure everything goes right and exactly the way you want it. The first thing to do is to perform the required planning permission checks to determine whether or not your orangery covered under the “permitted development. In some areas, there may be some strict restrictions as the structure’s size. So you just might want to consult your local planning development before taking any step forward.

You can contact any architect for help with the acquisition of the right planning permission. While doing this, also have it in mind that your plans will need to be approved before you can proceed. Once done, it can be very challenge to alter the plans without extra delays or additional costs.

• Construction of Orangery

Do you have any builder in mind? If yes, make sure you inform your architect to be sure he’s happy to work with them. The selected builder will take your plan and build the orangery to your taste as given in the plan. The fitter will put the doors and windows in place as well as the roof lantern.

How much does an orangery cost?

After being in the shadows of conservatories for so long, Orangeries are now pulling a great comeback into the scenes. They were quite popular back in the 17th and 18th century, but went into the drawers with the advent of conservatories. In recent times, Orangeries are now becoming more and more popular with several homeowners now looking to have one constructed in their homes.

Like many other home improvements or extensions, orangery prices can vary based on a number of factors. However, you can expect to incur within the range of £15,000 to £20,000 for a basic orangery design and build. If you wish to build orangeries with more distinctive features, this price can jump up to £50,000 or more depending on your preferences. Generally, orangeries are more likely to be a bit cheaper when compared to their conventional extension counterparts and add more value to your home than a conservatory in terms of a resale.

For the best results, it’s advisable to investing good money to ensure a solid build and save money in the fittings. Do not look to cut costs by going for cheaper building materials like poor quality vines. Generally, interior design will always depreciate in value, but its the solid structure that command great value for resale purposes. Also, when the structure is solid and of a great quality, you’ll get to save a lot of repair money down the line as the cheaper frames will always give way with time. However, if you have the money, you can also consider spending huge bucks on both the structure as well as the fittings because its only through this you truly maximize the benefits from your orangery. When the fittings are of great quality, repairs won’t come often which ultimately saves you some money as well.

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