Quotatis Promise

Committed to finding you the best price
The Quotatis service allows you to compare prices from up to four reputable companies in your area. Not only does this ensure that you get the right value for money, but also guarantees you avoid cowboys and rogue traders. The ultimate choice is then yours and you can be happy with the company you opt for.
Dedicated to saving you time
Quotatis gives you the opportunity to save time and find a professional company quickly and easily. You no longer have to trawl through the yellow pages for tradespeople in your area without any idea of their professionalism or quality of work. Receive quotes quickly and have companies contact you rather than the other way around.
Help you make informed choice
In the home improvements industry there are a range of different products on offer for you to choose between, so it’s important to make the right choice. Our informative newsletters and blog allows you to read-up on certain industry sectors and helps you to come to the best decision.
Respect your privacy
The Quotatis service only distributes your information to a maximum or four professional tradespeople to help you find the right price for the product or service you require. We do not sell your information to other third parties.
Avoid cowboys and rogue traders
Quotatis looks to match you with vetted and reputable trade professionals. Consumers provide regular reviews on factors such as their quality of work, price and professionalism. We help you to avoid the hundreds of cowboys and rogue traders operating in the UK and preying on homeowners.