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This is a part of a house constructed into what would normally be the loft space or rood of the building. Normally, this would have a ceiling that’s sloping and visible in the room. When compared to other types of extensions, roof rooms are considerably cheaper and can be termed as quick wins as you turn around and maximize wasted space within a relatively short period of time. This is due to the fact that most times a loft space is often used to by many homeowners to store old cloths, boxes of Christmas decorations and other things they do not really put to use, making their roof room just another wasted space.

A roof room conversion offers an opportunity to maximize this space by turning it into a habitable room. Then you can find a new home for your Christmas decorations and get your bags of old clothes down to a charity shop where it’ll be better appreciated. Below are some of the benefits of roof rooms:

✔Space. Roof rooms are particularly great as they generate more space within your house which can be used for a lot of things.
✔Reduced expenditure. When it comes to construction, it’s always expensive. However, a roof room is actually more affordable to build when compared to other forms of extensions and most times, they do not require a planning permission which makes it even more attractive option to consider when in need of a newer space within your property.
✔Commercial Appeal. When you take a look at commercial roofing options, you’d realize why a roof room is very popular. Not only are they ideal because they do not stand out in a skyline, but they’re also very cost effective which helps reduce the cost to rent a space or build it for your business.   

How can a local Roof Room installer help me?
Constructing a roof room in your home comes with a lot of benefits and even more so when done by a professional roof room installer. Not only do they possess the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver a top notch job, but they’ll also give you a project cost before the work commences helping you set a budget and begin to plan. If you’re still yet to be convinced, here are a couple of ways in which a local roof room installer can be of great help to you.

✔High quality job. When it comes to the installation of roof rooms, the experience and skills counts. A professional possesses these qualities and that’s why they’re mostly able to get the job done right the first time. With their help, you’ll be able to enjoy your roof room for a great number of years.
✔Keeping your project on budget. As a professional local roof room installer, not only will they deliver smooth installations, but they’ll also see to it that your roof room lasts for a very long period of time.
✔They’ll save you time and money. If you choose to install your roof room by yourself, then be ready to spend a lot of time planning, make a lot of error and more. These concerns can easily be solved by hiring the services of a local roof room installer who knows exactly what’s needed to get the job done based on experience and ultimately saving you both time and money on your project. The lifespan of your roof room will also be increased when installed the right and proper way.

Why should I get a Roof Room
Installing a roof room in your home bring about a plethora of benefits. Not only does it provide a storage space, but transform it into an extra room can go a long way to have a great impact on your entire household. It represent a reliable way to invest in your property while also adding an immense value to it. The benefits are numerous but if you’re still yet to be convinced of the various advantages of a room, here are some of the top benefits that comes with it.

✔It increases the value of your property. One of the biggest benefits that comes with constructing a roof room in your property is the direct impact on the value of your home. In fact according to a Nationwide’s report, those that incorporate a bedroom as well as a bathroom can increase your property’s value to up to 21%.
✔It improves your home’s energy efficiency. Do you know around 25% of the heat generated by homes escapes via the roof without proper insulation? This is backed by a survey conducted by Green Age. In other words, this implies that the loft can be one of the least energy efficient parts of a home. Therefore, during the roof room installation process you can easily add insulation into roof to make it more carbon efficient, reduce the carbon footprint and ultimately, save money on your energy bills. A home that’s energy efficient is also a lot more marketable in when it comes to property sales compared to uninsulated homes.
✔It adds more space to your house. This is a rather obvious benefit of adding a loft room to your home. It takes the dead space in your house and turns it into a more usable space.    

Things to consider before getting a Roof Room
Loft conversion is one of the most popular ways through which you can easily turn a dead space into a usable room. And not only does it increases the living or storage space in your home, but it’s also a great way to add instant value to your home or property. With all the benefits involved, you may be tempted to opt for just about any loft idea that comes your way, forgetting the fact that not every roof room design are suitable for you. As a result, there’s the need to consider a number of factors before you go for any particular loft project. In this article, we’re going to consider all the things you’ll have to consider to help you make informed roof room decisions.

✔Available space. Before you install a roof room in your home, it’s vital to consider the available space before you proceed. You’ll firstly need to determine if the available space is enough for a roof room and whether or not it’ll create the much needed balance in the home. When it comes to loft conversions, the rule of thumb is to make sure it create the necessary balance in the home. The should be enough space for the conversion and also some space left for relaxation and more.
✔Budget. The cost of roof rooms can vary largely depending on the design you wish to opt for as well as the space available for the conversion. A modest roof light conversion can cost within the range of £1,200 to £1,500, while a dormer conversion will cost within the range of £1,600 to about £2,400.
✔Building regulations approval. Approval for your roof room from relevant authorities is a must before you proceed.

Will a Roof Room save me money
The short and simple answer to this question is yes, a roof room can definitely save you money. The logic is quite simple too - the heat is prevented from escaping. In the event whereby your home happens to be uninsulated or made of poor quality materials, according to several researches approximately a quarter of the home’s heat will be lost through the roof. As a result, with a roof room, not only do you get to keep your entire home, but you’d also get to save up to £240 on a yearly basis on energy bills if you make sure that the whole area is properly and efficiently insulated. If you want to use your loft space as a room then roof in room insulation is best option as allows you to insulate the slope surfaces of your roof via the use of sheet insulation rather than carrying out a floor insulation which wouldn’t be as efficient.

Through the insulation of your roof room, you’ll not only be able to save money via energy efficiency, but it’ll also go a long way to help you increase the value of your property. As a result, helping you get more money during sales as buyer are a lot more interested in insulated houses with extra usable space. You’ll end up getting paid more money and also sell the house a lot faster than without an insulated roof room. Below are some of the top benefits of roof room insulation:

✔It helps keeps the entire house warmer by preventing heat from escaping through the roof.
✔It reduces your energy bills
✔It can be covered with plasterboard to make for an attractive finish.
✔It’s excellent for insulating loft conversions.

Average Roof room cost

The typical cost of Roof room is £20000. Costs differ based upon the materials and the company chosen. The upper price range can be as high as £23000. The material costs are generally around £5000

Average price per Roof room job in 2023

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Roof room costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Roof room installation cost in your area 2023

Labour cost £14,000
Material cost £5,000
Waste removal £1,000
Time frame: 1-2 weeks

Advantages for Roof room

  • Increase the space available in your home
  • You won't lose any valuable garden space which you would do with a traditional extension
  • Versatile space that can be used for many different purposes

Disadvantages for Roof room

  • Room can be hot in summer without the right ventilation
  • Access to the new roof room can require stairs added to the room below making that room unusable

Roof room Manufacturers

Roof room FAQs

When does a loft become a habitable room?

When Does A Loft Become A Habitable Room?

When a loft is being converted to functional space, there are a multiple options it can offer. It’s not uncommon that at the conversion of this space, many household may not have a specific plan on how it’s going to be used. However, they know later on an actual need might arise, perhaps as you start working from home, developing other hobbies that requires an extra space or the family grows.

The loft can easily be converted into a game room, study room, playroom or even a household’s “breathing space etc. However, when the family grows and you wish to make use of the space on the top of your home as an extra bedroom, there are many factors to consider. The fact is, just because there’s enough space to fit a bed, doesn’t make it habitable. For a loft to become habitable, it must be built specifically for the purpose of being a sleeping area and must also comply with the relevant building regulations. It’s as a result of this, many property sale particulars include “potential third bedroom, subject to regulations statement written on it as well as the boarded and insulated loft space’s dimensions.

Loft conversions building regulations are set in such a way to ensure that adequate attention is given to both safety and structural elements to build a new space that’s fit for undetermined household use. These regulations are established minimum requirements to guarantee the following:

• The new floor and ceiling’s structural integrity.

• The existing roof and party wall modification’s structural stability.

• Safety during fire incidents plus an escape route.

• An appropriate stairway access.

• The proposed changes’ structural suitability to the external environment in association with the local area as well as any unique factors specific to the property.

How much does a loft room cost?

How Much Does A Loft Room Cost

In the event whereby you happen to run out of space in your home and extending sideways or moving out isn’t even a considerable option, the next best solution is to look upwards - the loft. The loft can be converted into a room that can used to satisfy varying purposes, be it a storage room, bedroom, home office, spare bathroom and more. There are a number of loft conversion styles you can go for including a room in loft conversion, dormer style conversion, mansard conversion, or a hip-to-gable conversion. Regardless of your choice, each of the types will not only give you new rooms to enjoy but also add value to your home. However, before getting started, it’s crucial to have an idea of the loft conversion cost to help you prepare a budget and begin planning. Here, you’ll discover the most likely loft room cost for each conversion style you opt for.

• Room In Loft Conversion

This is only suitable for some specific home, but it’s however the most affordable option of the lots. This loft conversion style will cost within the range of £15,000 to £20,000 (prices can be higher in regions where tradesmen are higher in demand such as London and the south east).

• Dormer Loft Conversion

These are relatively simple and straightforward to include in your home. The cost ranges between £31,000 to £58,000 depending on the conversion’s size and other factors.

• Hip To Gable Loft Conversion

This style of loft conversion is more complex than the aforementioned ones, hence they’re usually more costly to complete. The price ranges between £42,000 to £65,000.

• Mansard Loft Conversion

This style of loft conversion is the most complex of the lot and includes a complete overhaul of your loft. The price ranges between £45,000 to £70,000.

• Bungalow Loft Conversion

Any of the main styles above can be done to a bungalow if the planning requirements are fully complied with and if the property is suitable. The price ranges between £30,000 to £70,000.

How much to board a loft?

How Much To Board A Loft?

If you stay in a building where the space meant for storing stuffs is not sufficient, boarding your loft may be just the perfect solution for you. In several homes, the space is already present, and all you have to do is to make it more usable by boarding it out. This is unarguably one of the easiest and quickest ways to create storage space in your home.

Boarding a loft comes with a number of special benefits which includes:

• Assisting to declutter our living spaces and makes for a more spacious home.

• Creating a usable space whereby all seasonal items can be stored.

• Assisting to reduce heating bills as it prevents the loss of heat. When your loft is well boarded and insulated, it’ll help trap heat and prevent it from escaping via the roof.

• Adding to your home’s value by making your attic a very useful space for storing items.

• Helping to create a quiet space which can used for relaxation or getaway purposes and of course, this will require a bit more structural work.

So now that you’ve learnt a few of the benefits associated with boarding a loft, how much will it cost to have one made? This depends on an array of factors which includes the size of the space needed, the type of materials and labour cost.

Overall, a standard semi detached building will feature a lot of space of about 40 sqm to 50 sqm in size. There’ll be a need to add to the height of the floor joists before installing the chipboard decking boards. This job size should cost within the range of £1,000 to £1,500. It’ll require just a two-person team that are fully equipped and well versed about the processes.

How to convert your loft into a room?

How To Convert Your Loft Into A Room

The loft is the space on top of a home that’s most often ignored by home owners due to having to consider the space’s configuration, the lighting as well as energy efficiency. However, when successfully converted into a room, it can serve several purposes which would even add more value to your property. So how can you convert your loft into a room? Let’s have a look.

• Take Into Account The Size Of Your Loft

The size of your loft is a major determinant of the type of room it can be converted into. A small-sized loft there’s a chance it can still be converted into an extra bathroom or home office while bigger lofts can be converted into an additional bedroom. The minimum head height is 2.3m, if your loft is lower than this, you’d have to get a planning permission to detach some parts of the room for extension.

• Include A Skylight

When a loft is poorly designed, the room become dark, shady and airless. Adding a skylight to your loft will let in fresh air, deliver better ventilation and more light.

• Insulate Your Loft

Loft insulation will not only prevent heat from escaping through the roof, but also lead to an improved energy efficiency which ultimately helps you save up on your heating bills.

• Use Modern Colourization

When you use bright, neutral and modern colours to paint your loft, you’re adding that elegant look to the space. As a result, the loft looks a lot more attractive and comfortable by the time you’re done with the conversion.

The conversion of your loft into a room can be a very tedious task if you wish to do it by yourself. We’d recommend you employ a seasoned professional for help in order to ensure the best results and also to avoid making costly mistakes.

How much does it cost to have loft boarded?

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Loft Boarded?

More often than not, several homeowners fail to realize there’s so much value sitting right under their roof - the loft. When a loft is boarded, there are so many juicy benefits that can be derived. It can be used as a storage room, spare bathroom, home office and several more functions. Therefore, if you really wish to maximize the space under your home’s roof, you’d have to considering boarding it. So how much would it cost to have your loft boarded? Here, you’ll discover the cost of boarding your lofts so you that you can set a budget and start to plan.

The cost of boarding a loft is actually affordable for several individuals, simply because you’re allowed to floor as much or as little as you require. And while you’re up there flooring and fitting the loft boards, you can as well decide to upgrade the insulation of the loft too. This way, you be able to prevent heat from escaping through the roof of the house which helps improve energy efficiency and ultimately, save you some money on heating bills.

If you’d prefer to make it a DIY project, the cost of 18mm chipboard is about £8 to £10 per sheet sized 2400m x 600m. Meanwhile the insulation boards should range between £18 to £22 for a sheet.

For a professional service, you’ll be provided with a quote for both the materials and labour. The amount will be based on the number of boarding required as well as the method selected. For an average storage space needs, flooring size of about 15m2 is suitable. The price for this quantity would be between the range of £50 to £700 for the counter barren method or above £1000 for a more sophisticated method.

Do I need planning permission for a loft room?

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Loft Room?

The answer to this question is maybe. Generally, loft rooms are covered under “Permitted Development which means you won’t need to apply for a planning permission to build a loft room. This is like an advance planning permission provided by local authorities to allow some particular building works to be done such as loft conversions, rear extensions and more. When you’re covered by a “Permitted Development, you’re given the free range to oversee your home’s development without much interference from the regulations or the council. However, for permitted development to apply, there are some specific criteria that must be met. Therefore, if your loft room does not meet the following requirements given below, then you must complete a planning application before proceeding.

• In a terraced house, the converted loft space must not be more than 40 cubic metres.

• In a detached building or semi detached house, the converted loft space must not be more than 50 cubic metres.

• The existing roof slope at the front of the house must cover the extension made.

• The extension should not increase the height of the roof in any way.

• Verandas, balconies and any other structures of this nature must not be included in the extension’s plan.

• The side facing window openings should be at a minimum of 1.7 metres above the ground. The windows must be obscured as well.

• The roof extension should be set back as far as practically possible. It should be at a minimum of 20cm from the current eaves.

• The roof extension should not overhang the house’s roof or it’s wall.

• The materials to be incorporated must be the same or at least similar to what you already have on the house’s exterior.

How much do roof rooms cost?

How Much Do Roof Rooms Cost?

The price of your roof room may vary depending on your location within the country. Other factors that can also play a key role in determining the price of a roof room includes the conversion’s type as well as the legal and technical issues it’s currently facing. Usually, the cost of roof rooms will range between £1,200 to £2,000 per square metre. The differences in the price per square metre is influenced by the size of the alterations to the roof, the type of roof room to be constructed, the access, location as well as the finishing type.


Here, one of the slopes of a pitched roof is substituted for a box-shaped structure. The outcome is a flat roof space which enables the fitting of full sized windows as well as the incorporation of several appliances. This is quite expensive as it involves a total rebuilding of one roof pitch alongside the complete internal works that are associated. The average cost of a standard dormer loft project will range between £25,000 to £50,000.


Here a vertical brick wall is used to substitute the roof’s slope at the ending part of the terrace on detached buildings. The average cost of this type of roof room will range between £32,000 to £60,000.


This basically involves fitting rooflight windows in the roof. Other improvements include flooring, plasterboarding, strengthening of the existing floor, as well as installation of rooflights. The average cost of this type of roof room will range between £15,000 to £25,000.


This roof room can create an extra storey on top of an existing building as it makes a space featuring two or four external walls that are a bit sloped. The average cost of this type of roof room will range between £40,000 to £70,000.

How to lay loft boards?

How To Lay Loft Boards

Do you need more storage space in your home or property? If you live in a tiny space especially where extensions can’t be made sideways, why not look to the topmost area of your home and consider boarding out your loft to make it usable?

Boarding your loft can make for a fairly easy DIY project but like every other home improvement tasks, it requires some specific skill sets as well as knowledge for a successful construction. Therefore, we’d recommend you hire the services of a reliable professional in order to guarantee the best possible outcome, especially if you lack proper training or experience that’ll help you avoid some costly mistakes. Here, we’ll give you a good insight into the loft board laying procedures.

• Get The Right Tools & Equipment

The materials and supplies you’ll need to lay loft boards include loft boards, screws, tape measure and pencil, drill, hammer, saw, protective gear such as gloves and dust mask.

• Work Out The Area

Measure up the area you need the boards to cover. The standard loft features two different sizes (both are 18mm thick) which include 2400mm x 600mm and 1220mm x 320mm. You should ensure that the board you opt for fits through the loft hatch perfectly.

• Start Laying

Once you’re done working out the area, the next step is to put on your protective gear and start putting the boards in place. You should lay the boards in a staggered pattern so as to give a better strength. While doing this, watch out for any wire running through your loft so they don’t get trapped, you should also cut the boards for easy access to the light fittings’ top.

• Make It Permanent

Upon the successful placement of the boards in a way that offer a safe area to store things and stand on, you’ll have to screw them in place. Start by drilling 2 or 5 holes along the edge of individual boards in such a way that lines up with the centre of the joist below. Once done, then you can fix them in place with screws.


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