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Skip hire

When carrying out domestic or commercial construction and renovations there’s bound to be plenty of mess to clear up afterwards. From bricks and stone, to timber beams and guttering, this excess waste will have to be professionally taken away.

And this is where cheap skip hire comes in. Skips come in a range of sizes depending on your needs and allows you to get rid of the debris without hassle.

Once full, the skip hire company will collect and dispose of the waste. The same skip can be returned, or you may have more than one at your disposal.

Skip hire benefits

Skip hire is crucial for many constructions and offers a quick and easy way to remove rubble from the scene.

Skip hiring is:

  • Convenient

You’ll be able to have the skip delivered as close to the site as possible, ensuring you don’t have to travel far to dispose of the waste.

  • Cheap

The cost of hiring a skip is very affordable, and comparing quotes from professional companies will ensure you get the best price on the market.

  • Reliable

Skips are reliable and can take plenty of waste depending on your individual needs. You could hire a smaller domestic skip or larger commercial skips to remove rubble.

Skip hire quotes

Skip hiring is important in the construction industry and whether you’re adding an extension to your home or building an entirely new property, you’ll need to have the waste removed.

If you’re interested in receiving up to four FREE skip hire prices and quotes from local, vetted and reputable companies, simply complete our quick form and hear from the professionals.

Average Skip hire cost

The average cost of Skip hire is £320. Costs alter based upon the materials and the firm chosen. The upper price range can be as high as £368.

Average price per Skip hire job in 2023

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Skip hire costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Skip hire installation cost in your area 2023

Labour cost £64
Waste removal £256

Advantages for Skip hire

  • Choice of a wide range of sizes depending on your project
  • Placing the skip on your own land is free
  • You can normally keep the skip for as long as you need

Disadvantages for Skip hire

  • There is a cost to placing the skip on the road
  • Unless you protect the skip you may find that others fly tip into your skip
  • You can't dispose of everything in a skip. Be careful to check what is allowed before placing in the skip
  • You will need good access to your property for the skip truck

Skip hire Manufacturers

Skip hire FAQs

How much is it to hire a skip?

If you’re considering a house move, garden work or building project, one of the most common questions that comes to mind is, how much it would cost to hire a skip?

It is widely known that a skip represents one of the best and most affordable ways to get rid of your unwanted rubbish or waste. However, the determination of the cost of a skip hire depends on a number of factors such as your location, the size of the required skip, the skip hire duration as well as the requirement or otherwise of a skip hire permit.

The most significant determinant of a skip hire cost is the size required. The most common skip sizes are 4 and 8 cubic yard and as expected, the larger skips come at more expensive prices than the smaller ones. This is due to the fact that it can contain a larger amount of unwanted waste or rubbish. Generally, the skip hire price includes the delivery, collection and disposal of the waste. The more the waste, the larger the size of skip to be hired, which means a lot more expenses to be made.

Another factor that determines the cost of a skip hire is the duration. The standard duration of a skip hire is 2 weeks (14 days), however, this period can be extended for just a small amount so far a due notice is provided. Location is also another great determinant and that works considering the number of other skip hire companies in the area.

Overall, a small sized skip costs within the range of £90 to £130 per week, whereas a large sized skip of up to 12 yards for the same amount of time jumps up considerably to a range of £250 to £440. Click here to learn more about skip prices.

How much is a mini skip?

Are you about to do a small clean or clear out of your home or garden? Or perhaps you’re just interested in hiring a mini skip for other reasons. One thing you might just be worried about is the cost of hiring one. This is very common as there are tight controls over modern waste disposal methods and knowing the cost of a mini skip hire is definitely a step in the right direction. The small skips are best suited to domestic projects such as house or garden cleans or clearances where only a little waste is generated. And as such, knowing the sort of waste you need to be disposed, the mini skip can be very efficient and great value for money. They represent an affordable option to get rid of both waste and rubbish in or around the house. A mini skip can also be utilized as secondary skip for waste or rubbish that needs separate disposal from the other wastes like a plasterboard.

The mini skip hire cost can be very affordable depending on what you need to be disposed. Generally, with a well sorted waste, a mini bin can costs within the range of £150 to £200. Even more so with green waste as these are the most environmentally friendly waste or rubbish to dispose.

However, on the other hand, wastes that are harmful or hazardous to the environment like asbestos requires a special treatment and as such, are generally more expensive to have disposed. By going the extra mile to hire a professionally supplied mini skip, you can be rest assured that your waste will be properly taken care of and constitute no harm to both persons and the environment at large. To avoid spending much more than needed, try to figure out if your rubbish or waste is small enough for a mini skip before hire. Click here to learn more about skip prices.

Can you put paint in a skip?

There are a wide range of household rubbish and wastes you can put in a skip. But unfortunately though, paint cans and leftover paints isn’t one. Furthermore, not only is a liquid paint restricted from skips and landfills, but they are also banned by the council. Frustratingly, because it’s hazardous to the environment and blockages it can create in the pipe, pouring paint right down the drain is never an option as well. So what then is the best way to get rid of your leftover paint? Surprisingly, you have quite a number of options which we’ll share with you.

• Is the paint unused and unopen? For unopened paints, you can simply return them back to the seller either for an exchange or for a refund. Obviously, this will require a receipt and if unavailable, then you might want to consider the other options below.

• Is it just little paint leftover? Since it has been specifically banned from skips and it’s just a small amount of paint, you can get a bit creative with the disposal method. Simply get a cardboard or other papers, paint it with the remaining paint and dry it out. Once dried, you can then dispose the cardboard or paper alongside other permitted wastes in the skip.

• Is it a large amount of paint? For large amounts, you can contact some of your friends or family who might need it to get the paints off your hands. If you are unable to dispose any or all, there are online platforms like Freegle or Freecycle where there are people willing and ready to get leftover paints in large quantities.

• Is it unusable? If positive, then the giveaway option is completely neutralized. The best bet here is to leave your paint out to dry if it has gone past its usable days, then take it to a household waste recycling centre.

Click here to learn more about skips.

What size skip do I need?

With your finger probably hovering round the ‘order now’ button, one thing often comes to mind, what size of skip do you actually need? Being fully aware that there’s a huge array of skips sizes and hiring the appropriate size can make a whole world of difference when it comes to cost, efforts must be made to ensure you determine the right skip size before clicking on that ‘order now’ button.

To give you a better idea of skip sizes and the type of project that they are best suited to, we have decided to provide this simple breakdown that’ll make your decision process a breeze - quick and easy.

• 4 Yard Skips ( 3 cubic metres )

The 4 yard skip is best suited to small domestic projects like home or garden clean or clear outs, bathroom or kitchen refurbishments and the likes, due to its relatively small size. It has a capacity to carry about 30 bin bags at a go.

• 6 Yard Skips ( 6.5 cubic metres)

Do you want a skip for domestic purposes or for small commercial projects?if yes, then you should definitely give the 6 yard skip a shot. It has a capacity to hold up to 60 bin bags.

• 8 Yard Skips ( 6 cubic metres)

This skip size is best suited to large domestic tasks or light commercial projects. It has a capacity to hold up to 60 to 80 bags effortlessly.

• 10 Yard Skips ( 7.65 cubic metres)

With a skip size this big, both large residential and commercial projects can be handled with relative ease. Not only does it have the capacity to hold up to 80 to 100 bin bags, but also comes with an enclosed lid option, if you need an extra security for your property.

• 12 Yard Skips ( 9.18 cubic metres)

This skip size is best suited to both large residential projects and building sites. It has a capacity to hold up to 100 to 120 bin bags, and just like the 10 yard skips, it comes with an enclosed lid option for an extra security.

Click here to learn more about skips

Can you put glass in a skip?

This is a question that’s very common amongst individuals looking for the best way to get rid of glass and reasonably so. Glass is a very dangerous and hazardous item which requires sensible precautionary measures to your waste disposal activities. If you are looking to dispose a whole glass, you should first consider giving it away to a friend or family who might be able to put it to good use. However if you are still concerned whether you can put glass in a skip, the answer is yes. And in fact, it’s probably the best glass disposal option that’s currently available, as it goes a long way to ensure user’s safety in the broken glassware pieces handling process.

Upon successful completion of your building’s construction or renovation, there’s a high chance a lot of broken glasses would be scattered everywhere and in need of immediate disposal efforts. The longer you ignore the glasses lying around, the higher the possibility of the glasses harming you or the construction workers. As a result, it is vital to make sure that the construction or project site is clean and free of any glass-posed hazards. Hiring a skip is your best bet to get rid of these harmful and unwanted wastes from your environment.

Wheelies are often considered to remove glasses especially from construction sites. However, due to the bulkiness and sharpness of glasses, it is crucial to incorporate heavy disposal equipment that are good enough to cut through the rubbish on the site. In addition, it’s not advisable to dump your broken glass in recycling bins, as it poses great threat to the waste disposal team collecting the recyclables. If you’d ever need to put your glass in a skip, ensure to insert them in boxes or wrap them up with paper before removal to enhance user’s protection. Click here to learn more about skips.

How much does a skip cost?

This is definitely one of the questions that first comes to mind when considering to acquire a skip for either residential or commercial waste disposal purposes. The cost of a skip is dependent on so many factors but the most significant determinants would be the volume of the waste and type/size of the skip you require.

Once you are able to identify the most suitable skip size for the volume of waste or rubbish for disposal at your premises, estimating the cost would be a lot easier. Here, we’ll give you an insight into skip sizes and the amount of waste each skip type can hold at a go.

Skip Types

• Mini Skip

This is also referred to as a 4 yard skip which is the smallest and has the capacity to hold within a range of 40 and 45 average sized waste bags. It normally costs between £90 to £130 for a week’s hire.

• Medium Skip

The 8 yard skip is the most common and has the capacity to hold within a range of 80 to 90 average sized waste bags. It normally costs between £200 to £250 for a week’s hire.

• Large Skip

The 12 yard skip is the largest and has the capacity to hold within a range of 125 to 135 average sized waste bags. It normally costs between £250 to £340 for a week’s hire outside London. However, it can be a little bit more expensive in the capital - about £350 to £390 for the same amount of time.

It must, however, be taken into account that the cost of a skip also depends on other factors such as your location, the skip hire company, the volume of waste and lots more. Click here to learn more about skip prices.

Can I put a skip on the road?

Apart from the cost of hiring a skip, the area in which to place the large item is another major concern for individuals looking to hire a skip. So if you’re wondering whether you can place your hired skip on the road, there are four legal requirements that applies and must be complied with for your protection in the situation whereby a third party accident takes place. Deciding to overlook these conditions can lead to a fine or forceful removal of the skip by the local council.

Here are the compulsory legal requirements that must be fully complied with:

• Get A Permit

The local council gives out a permit for skips to be placed on the road. This permit must be acquired and the cost may vary depending on the local council in your area.

• Illuminate The Skip

Since the skip is to be placed on the road, then it’ll only make sense to have it illuminated at night or in low lighting situations for safety of all road users. According to the law, lights must be positioned at each end of the skip to be easily spotted.

• Use Cones

According to the law, a minimum of two (2) cones must be placed on the skip’s approach side for the protection of all road users.

• Comply With The Skip Requirements

You can’t place just any skip you like on the road. By the law, there are certain conditions that must be met by the skip itself before placement. It must be painted with the yellow colour on the sides, have both the owner’s name and phone number clearly written on it and must also possess a BS AU152:1970 complying red and yellow fluorescent reflective marking which is compulsory to be acquired within two (2) working days upon filling.

Click here to learn more about skips.

What can you put in a skip?

A skip is a very convenient and great means of disposing the unwanted waste and rubbish in your home. When you kick start your home or garden clear out or clean, you’d discover you have a wide range of wastes to get rid of. However before the commencement of such a task, it is essential to understand that there are particular wastes that are not allowed to be put inside a skip for several reasons by the relevant authorities. There are a handful of regulations that determines what goes into a skip and what cannot. And somewhat interestingly, this may differ depending on the skip company you recruit.

With the presence of an array of skip hire companies in the market today, there are several that can allow almost all types of wastes in the skip. However, some of the most common wastes that can be placed inside a skip includes the following:

• Broken furniture pieces

• Plastics ( because they can be easily recycled)

• Solidified paints

• Furnishings and non electrical fittingd

• Uncontaminated soil

• Cardboard and plastic packaging items

• Metal

• Branches and leaves

• Bricks, wood and rubble

It is advisable to ask your skip hire company what you can put in the skip and what you’re not allowed to put in the skip before moving forward. The guidelines can vary from a company to the other and as a result, there is the need to conduct a proper consultation with a skip hire company to help erase or confirm the fears you might have about your unwanted waste or rubbish. This is to ensure the company selected perfectly matches your proper waste disposal needs. When you’re able to select a reliable skip hire company, all your unwanted waste disposal worries would be completely obliterated. Click here to learn more about skips.

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