Commercial solar pv 51kw+ system

B2B Solar PV 51kw+ System

Large solar installations are available for businesses, schools and farms, helping to cut electricity bills by thousands of pounds every year and earning an income with Government incentives.

Large organisations spend a lot more annually on electricity bills, which is why these bigger installations have been specifically designed to help cut that expense.

Unlike solar panels for your home, these large scale solar installations come with dozens of panels. They are normally positioned on the roof or ground, facing south or southwest. This ensures they receive daylight at all times throughout the year and generate more electricity.

Solar panels work by creating an electrical charge. Two layers of semiconducting material collect the sun’s natural rays and convert the energy into usable electric for lighting and appliances.

The solar panels are connected to the National Grid ensuring a fixed income and other fantastic benefits.

Benefits of solar PV for business, schools and farms

Electricity rates are increasing year-in year-out and many people are looking at solar panels as the most viable way to help them cut their spending and earn a fixed income.

With solar panels:

  • Cut your electricity bills by thousands of pounds every year by utilising a natural, environmentally friendly form of energy. A solar panels installation will be even more effective for schools and businesses because they’re used most often throughout the day – saving even more on bills.

  • Make a profitable return of investment with the Government’s feed-in tariff, which was first launched in 2010. It offers those who take up solar a guaranteed payment for 20 years.

  • Any excess electricity can be sold to the National Grid, ensuring that every unit of energy you generate is used in some way.

  • Reduce carbon emissions your school, farm or business creates. This will make your organisation more environmentally friendly and also help the Government meet EU targets.

Business solar panel quotes

Solar panels are a great way to cut your business’ bills and reduce the carbon footprint. They allow you to cut your spending whilst also guaranteeing a fixed income over 20 years.

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