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Solar hot water

Solar thermal panels generate heat for your home and hot water and are not to be confused with PV systems, which exclusively provide free electricity.

Solar thermal panels are installed in a similar way to solar PV, on south or southwest facing rooftops for optimal efficiency. Installation will depend on how much hot water you need for your home, with a calculation of one square metre per person often appropriate.

Less efficient solar thermal collectors will require a greater space of your roof to be covered, and you’ll also need hot water cylinders, controls and necessary pipework.

Plus, with the Government set to bring in the Renewable Heat Incentive, a guaranteed fixed payment for solar thermodynamics, you’ll even earn an income by producing environmentally friendly heat.

What’s important is you’re not misled by dodgy salesman tactics. Consumer watchdog Which? say that tactics are often used to exaggerate potential savings with thermal panels, so comparing quotes is the best way to be sure.

There are currently no free solar panels schemes for thermal available.

Solar thermodynamics

Solar thermodynamics has become the leading product in the market, and they can provide heat for your home in temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius. This means you’re assured of continuous hot water throughout the year.

With virtually no maintenance needed to ensure they operate efficiently throughout the year, solar thermodynamics are an effective form of hot water heating, reducing bills by up to 80% annually.

Benefits of a solar thermal panel system

Solar thermal is a different kettle of fish to PV solar panels and their benefits include:

  • Providing you with as much as a third of your annual hot water needs

  • This can save you hundreds of pounds every year on your heating, which take up over 60% of your annual energy bills

  • A possible fixed payment of 17.3p/kWh for seven years under the Renewable Heat Incentive

  • Maintenance costs are very low and warranties normally cover between five and ten years, guaranteeing a successful experience with solar thermal

  • Adding value to your home, with potential buyers attracted by the possibility to save money every year on energy bills

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions with a natural, environmentally friendly energy source

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Solar hot water activity in February 2019

Solar hot water Projects in the UK in February 2019

January 2019 December / January
South East 490 7% <img src=
Greater London 340 -15% <img src=
North West 290 4% <img src=
South West 231 -8% <img src=
East Of England 200 11% <img src=
Yorkshire & Humber 200 -5% <img src=
East Midlands 181 -22% <img src=
Scotland 143 -27% <img src=
Western Midlands 141 -12% <img src=
Wales 108 0% <img src=
Northern Ireland 60 62% <img src=
North East 30 50% <img src=
United Kingdom 2,414 -5%

Source: Numbers calculated based on the search volumes in major search engines.

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Homes are given an energy score dependent on how efficient they are and ratings are displayed in the data below. This varies from A, the most energy efficient, to G, the very least efficient. With a higher rating you're more likely to have cheaper energy bills as more heat will be retained in your home. You are able to improve your home's efficiency with insulation such as upvc double glazing, loft lagging or wall cavity insulation.