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Replacement solid fuel boiler

Solid fuel or biomass boilers offer an environmentally friendly way to generate heat for your home and reduce household bills.

Biomass products such as wood pellets and agricultural crops are carbon neutral, releasing the same amount of carbon dioxide as they take in through natural processes. They are also more cost effective and efficient than natural fuels such as oil, coal and gas.

Solid fuel boiler benefits

There are a number of benefits that favour investing in a biomass boiler over the more traditional heating systems. These include:

  • Save and earn. As well as cutting your household bills by burning renewable products for heat, you can also make an earning with the Renewable Heat Incentive. This scheme pays out 9p/kWh for every unit of renewable heat generated.

  • Benefitting the local economy. By utilising biomass products you’ll be helping the rural economy and giving local business the opportunity to provide UK sourced fuels.

  • Improving your home’s carbon footprint. As a carbon neutral fuel source, burning biomass products is much better for the environment than oil, coal and gas. Biomass is known as carbon neutral as the only emissions released have been captured through natural processes.

  • Suitable for off-Grid areas. Many parts of the UK aren’t hooked up to the National Grid, meaning more expensive fuel such as oil is used. With biomass you can slash your bills further.

  • High efficiency. Biomass boilers operate efficiently, converting more fuel into heat. Inefficient, older boilers can be working at just 70%, whilst biomass boilers will be as much as 94% efficient.

Solid fuel boiler quotes

There are a number of major incentives for installing a biomass boiler for your home. You’ll see an instant saving on your heating bills, earn a fixed income with the RHI and be cutting carbon emissions at the same time.

For up to four FREE quotes for a biomass boiler, simply complete our quick form. We’ll then provide you with quotes from local, vetted and reputable installation companies, to you can compare prices and ensure to get the best deal.

Average Solid fuel boiler cost

The regular cost of Solid fuel boiler is £1700. Costs vary based upon the materials and the firm hired. The upper price range can be as high as £1955. The material costs are normally about £425

Average price per Solid fuel boiler job in 2022

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

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Prices based on actual Solid fuel boiler costs for your area, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Solid fuel boiler installation cost in your area 2022

Labour cost £1,190
Material cost £425
Waste removal £85
Time frame: 3-5 days

Advantages for Solid fuel boiler

  • Burning solid fuels can often be cheaper than electricity
  • A multi-fuel stove will burn wood, wood pellets, coal and peat.

Disadvantages for Solid fuel boiler

  • You will need a dry space to store the solid fuel

Solid fuel boiler FAQs

How do wood pellet boilers work?

As an environmentally conscious homeowner, it’s very likely you would have heard of a wood pellet boiler or maybe even considering fitting one in your home or property. So if you’ve heard about wood pellet boilers, you’d probably want to know about it especially how it works. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the wood pellet boilers operating process. Let’s take a look!

✓ Typically, wood pellet boilers possess 4 major components, these includes a burner ( which ignites or burns the pellets), a hopper ( which stores unused pellets), a conveyor ( which works to carry the pellets from the hopper to the burner where its ignited) and lastly, a controller ( which responds automatically to your thermostat and appliances’ demands).

✓ In the event whereby your thermostat demands heat or if you happen to switch on a hot water tap or appliance, pellets will be automatically fed into the burner which in turn ignites it and set the firing rate to match the needed heating load.

✓ In a situation whereby more pellets is needed by your boiler, the vacuum or augur system will act by pulling pellets from your bulk pellet storage bin and automatically refill itself.

✓ The wood pellet boiler will clean the burn pot and heat exchanger areas ( moving ash into the ash bin), during and after the burn cycles. The ash bin will be emptied once for every 2 to 3 ton of pellet that’s ignited.

Other facts about wood pellet boilers

✓ The wood pellet boiler can be directly linked to existing plumbing and heating system, regardless of whether or not there’s an existing heating oil boiler remaining.

✓ Wood pellets can be stored in bulk in a storage bin outside your home as the bins are generally weather resistant and also very durable.

What is a solid fuel boiler?

Traditional heating system that features a solid fuel boiler makes use of wood or coal stoves. However, in modern times, biomass boilers have rapidly grown to become the popular solid fuel option. Not only are they very effective and efficient just like the other heating systems, but they’re also renewable due to the fact that they’re able totally carbon neutral as they burn plant based organisms as a great alternative to oil, gas and electricity. As a result, they’re a perfect choice of heating system for off-gird homes or properties.

We have two main types of solid fuel boiler, these includes the following:

✓ Solid fuel stoves. This is also referred to as wood burners. Although coal burners are also available in the market, but we’d only recommend using wood burners as coal can be highly polluting and also set to be banned as a domestic fuel by the government. The most popular options of wood burning is wood log but it can also be operated using wood chips or wood pellets. Due to the fact that they’re stand alone heaters, they can only warm up the room in which they’re fitted.

✓ Biomass boilers. The type of solid fuel heating system makes use of natural material to warm up a space. These natural materials may be wood chips, wood pellets, wood logs and even plant based organisms. How they operate is very similar to that of the traditional boilers. They’re able to provide both hot water and hating by burning fuel, however, the only carbon released into the air was previously absorbed by the wood fuel. As a result, they’re a carbon neutral renewable heating system. But in contrary to solid fuel stoves, they’re fed automatically via a hopper but there are also manually fed biomass boiler.

What is a Gravity Feed Boiler?

If you’re looking to warm up your household to ensure your comfort all year long, there are actually a wide array of heating systems out there that you can put into consideration. However, in this article, we’ll be taking a look at gravity feed boiler and how it works.

A gravity fed heating system is basically an all water based hydronic heating ( both hot water and steam) that makes use of the natural gravity attributes of heated water as well as water vapour to distribute energy. Normally, this type of heating system possesses a cold water tank in the house’s loft or attic with a boiler on the ground floor as well as a hot water cylinder which is usually somewhere between these two components.

In the event whereby there’s a call for water, the boiler is going to fire up and warm a large volume of water. And due to the fact that cold water is a lot denser than the newly heated water, it’s able to drop down to the boiler. Subsequently, the heated water is transported up to the hot water cylinder from where it is forced out and distributed to the hot water taps. If there happens to be a heat request during this period, the heated water will be transported to the radiators with the help of a pump. As a result, when it comes to gravity heating system, it’s simply impossible to have heating in the absence of hot water. this is of course unless you’re making use of C Plan which features 1 zone valves alongside 6 wires. These kind of system are, however, usually operated by programmers that automatically switch hot water on any time there’s a heat request.

Is solid fuel cheaper then Gas?

When winter approaches, the temperature drop is usually a concern for several homeowners, after all having to heat your house regularly can only imply energy bills to settle. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your central heating system or perhaps your boiler is completely broken, the price as well as efficiency are crucial factors you must put into consideration before making an investment decision. In this article, we’re going to look at the most affordable heating system option between solid fuel and gas. Let’s take a look!

Heating your hot water system via a water back boiler in your stove only demands just a fraction of the price when compared to the highly expensive liquefied gas alternatives. Although the price of coal as well as other solid fuel has also been on a gradual increase in the past couple of years, the fact remains that this increase is still nothing compared to the spike in gas prices. What’s more? Gas boilers, more often than not, comes with at a ridiculously high price which makes it a major turn off for many homeowners who are on a tight budget.

There are a plethora of affordable solid fuel sources, but it’ll be wise to check in with friends or neighbours who stays nearby before you you make an investment decision. This is mainly due to the fact that purchasing fuels in bulk can earn you a good discount as well as the peace of mind knowing that those living under your roof are warm and super convenient in the cold too. And not only are solid fuels more affordable than gas, but they’re also a lot cheaper than liquid fuels, which implies that you can afford to buy quality products to make sure your systems operate efficiently and smoothly.

Do Solid Fuel boilers need to be installed by a HETAS engineer?

First and foremost, HETAS simply refers to Heating Equipment and Testing Approval Scheme. Several solid fuel and wood biomass appliances and systems’ installations are subject to the specified rules of Building Regulations while also being notifiable to the Local Authority in your area by the law. HETAS registered installers are able to self-certificate projects carried out by themselves which helps to prevent the need for the expensive and time consuming Building Notice application which would be made to the local Building Control Department.

Therefore, there are a number of benefits that you stand to derive by hiring a HETAS engineer to fit your solid fuel boilers. Now let’s have a look!

✓ HETAS is the only competent engineers scheme that specializes in solid fuel as well as wood biomass.

✓ All registered installers by HETAS are properly trained and assessed to be competent to carry out a great job.

✓ HETAS offers both technical and regulatory support to registrants.

✓ The HETAS scheme covers all the scope of work that an installer should be able to carry out such as dry appliances, solid mineral, wood biomass, appliances with boilers, wood, hot water and heating systems as well as re liningof chimneys.

✓ HETAS also publishes and makes available the list of approved appliances, fuels and equipment in order to help consumer, installers as well as the specifiers in selecting an installation that perfectly suits the consumers’ needs, while also complying the the provisions of the Building regulations and safety standards.

✓ HETAS also makes available the lists of installers, flue professionals, chimney sweeps as well as maintenance companies to help you to safely maintain your installation into the future.

✓ HETAS also helps consumers in resolving any problems of complaints in such a way to promote a fair and equitable result.

How to find a solid fuel engineers near me?

Solid fuel engineers are everywhere, but finding one nearby for your project can be tricky and stressful, with both cost and reliability coming into question. This is even more worrisome when you’re fully aware that your solid fuel heating system potentials can only be fully maximized depending on how well it’s installed and how good your engineer or installer is. If you’re also facing the same challenge, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how to choose a nearby professional and reliable solid fuel engineer who’ll ensure you get immense value for every penny spent. Let’s take a look!

✓ Ask for recommendations. To find a tradesperson, not just a solid fuel engineer, personal recommendations is the best way to go. Installation of a solid fuel heating system is a major undertaking which comes with a lot of costs, so if you’re going to do it the least you can do is ensure you do it right. Carry out your research, ask friends and family, neighbours and loved ones if the know of any reliable solid fuel engineer in the local area. If they’ve have one they’ve used, you can request for the cost, quality of the job done, the duration of the project and any other detail you feel you should know.

✓ Store contact lists. You’ll discover a long list of solid fuel engineers on many stores selling solid fuel boilers. These installers may not be affiliated with the store owners, but many stores see it as their responsibility to point you in the right direction so that the boilers acquired from them can be put to good use.

✓ Internet. With the rapid rise of online technology, there’s hardly a service you can’t find on the internet. Websites like Quotatis have been helping people find their desired service providers with relative ease for so long. To get the right solid fuel engineer online, it’s advisable to check reviews as well as testimonials before moving forward.

How much does a wood pellet boiler cost?

Due to the fact that wood pellet boilers are contingent on eco-friendliness and cost efficiency, they’re gradually growing in popularity amongst home or property owners. It offers a viable alternative to other types of boilers such as oil fired boilers, gas boilers or electric boilers partly due to government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which makes it more affordable to operate when compared to traditional boiler systems. Although there are several kinds of boilers available in the market today, but as the name suggests,wood pellet boiler makes use of wood pellet as the heating source. So if you’re thinking about installing a wood pellet in your home or property, you’d probably be interested in knowing how much the home appliance would cost. In this article, we’ll give you a rough estimate of the cost to help you make informed decisions.

When purchasing a wood pellet boiler for your home, one of the first thing to consider apart from the cost is the is the storage space needed to keep the pellets, which is usually given in plastic sacks. However, if you don’t have the storage space, you’ll have to spend a certain amount of your budget so as to construct a storage room specifically for the boiler.

In general, a standard wood pellet boiler will cost within the range of £4000 to about £6000, although you’re most likely going to put the pellets into the boiler by yourself, which may actually prove to be inconvenient in the long run if you’re going to do it on a more frequent basis. However, there are more expensive versions which are able to feed themselves automatically. The cost of these versions are usually up to £10,000 upwards.

Froling P4 wood pellet boiler operation in Ontario Canada

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