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A Structural Inspection is a physical inspection carried out to validate the structural integrity of a home or building’s weight bearing components which includes the foundation, beams, columns, framing and the likes by a structural engineer is referred to as a structural inspection. There’s a need for structural inspection when the integrity of a building or structure is in question. It could be a check for just a particular component of the building or a detailed analysis of the entire structure depending on the client’s needs.

Some of the common reasons why you may need a structural engineering inspection includes bowing or cracked foundation, adding solar panels to a roof, settlement or wall cracks, removing a wall during a remodel and adding a second story to a home.

Although it may seem a bit similar but a structural engineering inspection should not be confused for the regular home inspection. A home inspector performs a more general inspection of your home systems like the HVAC system, electrical systems, interior plumbing, foundation, basement, floor, window, doors and the likes. After the examination, the home inspector will then develop a written report based on their findings. During the examination, if the home inspector happen to discover any potential issue with the any weight bearing area like the foundation or framing components, they would have to refer the home owner ( client) to a specialist like a structural engineer for help.

When called upon, the structural engineer will then carry out a thorough and more in depth examination of the troubled area. Upon completion of the inspection, the structural engineer will then provide the home or property owner with a written report of the findings as well as the scope of work for any required repairs.

How can a local Structural Inspection surveyor help me?
When you’re thinking about carrying out a structural inspection of your home or property, there are mainly two options to have it done - either you do it yourself or hire a professional. Now, doing it yourself may seem like a pretty good idea, after all, you won’t have to pay a structural engineer and the project will be less expensive. However, if you lack the skills or confidence to pull this off, then hiring a local structural engineer can do you a lot of good. In this article, we’re going to look at a number of ways which a local structural engineer can be advantageous.

  • Experience and training. It may actually seem simple while watching videos of professionals engineers completing structural engineering inspection. However, this is only made possible due to their vast experience as well as training. In reality, carrying out a task of this nature is usually very tricky and strenuous. Paying a professional to complete the inspection will not make the job a lot perfect, but will also save you time, stress as well as money that could have resulted from potential costly mistakes.
  • They’ll save you time and money. If you choose to do your structural inspection by yourself, then be ready to spend a lot of time planning, make a lot of errors, miss some potential faults and lots more. All these concerns can easily be solved by hiring the services of a local structural engineer who knows exactly what’s needed to get the job done based on experience and ultimately saving you both time and money on your project.
  • Detailed inspection. When it comes to conducting a structural inspection, the experience and skills counts. A professional possesses these qualities and that’s why they’re mostly able to get the job done right the first time without missing out on any important detail.

Why should I get a Structural Inspection
Structural inspection is of great importance to every home or property buyer. In fact, it’s an activity that should precede each and every home purchase. This is purely due to the fact that a structural inspection is the best way to determine if a home can be considered purchase worthy or price worthy. A home or property buyer who fails to carry out a structural inspection before purchase can end up spending more money than necessary or even wasting every single penny invested in the house purchase. As a result, to get the best value for money spent to purchase a home, there’s a great need to carry out a pre-sale purchase inspection. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the top reasons why you should conduct a structural inspection.

  • To effectively budget for repairs. A top reason why it’s essential to have a building inspection before buying a structure is to help the home buyer effectively budget for repairs. There are situations when a potential home buyer will be offered cheap and discounted buildings when negotiating to buy a home. However at the end of the day, if a structural inspection is not conducted, the cost of repairing the building may actually be costlier than building a new home. An inspection will help prevent this expensive mistake.
  • To ascertain the true value of a home. There are times that the asking price of a house would be significantly more than it’s actual value and the only way a home buyer can know this is by carrying out a structural inspection.
  • To carry out quick repairs and avoid costly damage. A stitch in time saves nine. Damaged parts of a structure can only get worse and carrying out a structural inspection is the best way to identify these damages before it gets out of hands.

Things to consider before getting a Structural Inspection
Several home buyers choose to include structural inspection as a contingency in the purchase agreement for many different reasons. No one want to buy a home or property only to discover that it possesses a major foundation or roof issue. To prevent this costly mistake, there’s a need to carry out a structural inspection of the home or property before you proceed. Not only will a structural inspection enable you to save money, but it’ll also help you ascertain the true value of a home. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the things you should take into account before you proceed with a structural inspection.

  • Ask for recommendations. To find a tradesperson, not just a structural engineer, reading reviews is the best way to go. Inspecting a structure is a major undertaking which comes with a lot of costs, so if you’re going to do it the least you can do is ensure you do it right. Carry out your research, ask friends and family, neighbours and loved ones if the know of any reliable structural engineer in the local area. If they’ve one they’ve used, you can request for the cost, quality of the job done, the duration of the project and any other detail you feel you should know.
  • Search Online. You can search online for highly rated structural engineers using Quotatis. Websites like ours hold details of numerous companies which you can go through their ratings to select the best.
  • Select a reliable structural engineer from their association. Most reliable structural engineers are usually a member of a recognized association or the other. The Quotatis profiles show what trade association they are a member of. Though this is not obligatory for structural engineers, but it can be used as a dependable medium to find a good one.

Will a Structural Inspection save me money
If you’re about to purchase a home or property, carrying out a structural inspection is a necessity for a plethora of reasons. Not only does it help you make quick repairs so as to avoid costly damages, but it also helps to ascertain the value of the property in question. However, one major concern most home buyers have when it comes to carrying out structural inspection is whether or not the inspection can help to save money. In this article, we’re going to look the economic benefits provided by conducting structural inspections before purchasing a property.

One thing you should know when buying a house is that the overall cost of getting the property goes way beyond the listing price. There is a possibility that there are so many repairs required that won’t be obvious during the process of getting the property. These repairs may be costly ones which can lead to you spending more money than expected. In order to prevent this, there’s a great need to carry out a structural inspection.

Structural inspection is an examination done of to validate the structural integrity of a home or building’s weight bearing components which includes the foundation, beams, columns, framing and the likes by a structural engineer. In the event of this inspection, if any fault or structural issue is detected, this problem will be quickly addressed before it leads to a more expensive damage.

Carrying out structural inspection can also help you ascertain the true value of a property. In the event whereby some repair needs are detected, you can easily renegotiate the asking price with the seller or ask him to make the repairs before you proceed. This way, you get to save money on the costly repairs.

Average Structural inspection cost

The regular cost of Structural inspection is £840. Costs can change based on the materials and the company selected. The upper price range can be as high as £1008.

Average price per Structural inspection job in 2021

Avg. price low

Avg. price low

Avg. price

Avg. price

Avg. price high

Avg. price high






Prices based on actual Structural inspection costs, as reported by local Quotatis members.

Structural inspection installation cost in 2021

Labour cost £840
Time frame: 1-2 days

Advantages for Structural inspection

  • A general structural inspection lets you know of any issues with the foundations, walls, and roof
  • In many cases a structural inspection will be needed to comply with building regulations
  • Surveyors know what to look out for when inspecting and they know what to advise the prospective home buyer
  • Quick to complete - between 2-4 hours to complete for a Level 1 report

Disadvantages for Structural inspection

  • A structural inspection also does not inspect hazardous materials or hazardous areas
  • Do not look at issues with regards to boilers, plumbing, electrics and other non-structural problems

Structural inspection Manufacturers

Structural inspection FAQs

What are the reasons you need a structural engineering inspection

Common reasons you may need a structural engineering inspection are

  1. Bowing/cracked foundation
  2. Settlement or wall cracks
  3. To remove a wall in a remodel
  4. Add solar panels to a roof
  5. Add a second story to a home
What do Structural Engineers do?

Structural Engineers are experts in the structure of establishments (structures, wall structures as well as roofs). They give solutions whereby they will evaluate issues with existing establishments as well as additionally aid with structural design and computations for changes. They can additionally supply solutions in regard to the design of brand-new premises as well as planning permission applications.

When to get a structural inspection report

There are a number of providing circumstances where you might intend to have a structural engineer inspection executed to make sure that your properties bones are solid. We will certainly undergo a few of these shown below:


1. Selling your residence:

Many individuals think about working with a structural engineer when acquiring a property, however there additionally are many advantages when a seller uses a structural engineer.

For instance, if you are looking to sell your house in a prompt way, you may take into consideration having any areas of concern took a look at prior to putting your home on the market.

If you understand beforehand that your foundation is cracked, being aggressive with an engineer's structural inspection will provide your purchaser self-confidence to purchase as well as may speed up the closing procedure.


Long foundation cracks

You can additionally identify what problems are worth fixing or otherwise and can price your house accordingly.

If you know your home demands foundation work, you have the possibility to gather some quotes for the task. Having a strategy ahead of time can bring the vendor assurance and also enables a sensible sight of the sale price point.


Foundation repairs

Ensure that your structural engineer offers you with a written record portraying findings, as well as if required, a range of job that a service provider can use to finish the repair/correction job. The structural engineer record will likewise help get any called for building authorizations.


2. Purchasing a Residence

If you are buying a house, you may want to have a basic house survey carried out. This is not usually needed from home loan lenders, however is a good concept to get a total sight of the homes condition. Bear in mind, a home examiner will provide you a general condition report of the whole home.

If you uncover an anomaly with any of the weight bearing parts, they might be a "warning" and also advise a structural engineer survey for more investigation.

What are the Professional Qualifications of Structural Engineers

A Structural Engineer is quite likely to be a participant of the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) or a registered member of IStructE (Institution of Structural Engineers) and also will probably have after his or her name the letters MIStructE, FIStructE, MICE or FICE. Structural Engineers with these letters after their names are referred to as Chartered Engineers.

It is usually encouraged that you involve the services of a Chartered Engineer as opposed to an Engineer that is not chartered but it should be noted that there are some Engineers with significant experience who are not chartered. The choice is yours.

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