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About FairTrades
FairTrades is the largest multi-trade association in the UK. It claims that its members represent some of the best tradespeople in the home improvement sector.

FairTrades vets all members before accepting them. It looks at the length of time a business has been trading and checks whether they have a good credit rating. It obtains customer references to check that their customer service is up to standard. The checks make sure that customers are confident that they are employing a professional home improvement specialist.

FairTrades members offer Insurance Backed Guarantees with all of the work they carry out. The Insurance Backed Guarantee protects customers if their contractor ceases to trade. If the customer notices faults in the work the contractor carried out but they are no longer trading, the customer can still get the faults repaired. Up to ten years cover is available through FairTrades’ provider, HomePro Insurance.

FairTrades is a TrustMark Approved Scheme Operator. This means that registered companies can receive TrustMark accreditation through membership to FairTrades, instead of having to apply separately. The TrustMark logo is well-respected and as an Approved Scheme Operator, FairTrades makes sure that its members are competent enough to be part of the scheme.

FairTrades issues membership cards to every customer facing employee and clients see this as proof of membership. FairTrades also offers a Membership Certificate which the contractor can display in their office. It shows customers that they have passed FairTrades’ strict vetting procedure and are competent and professional. To increase this professionalism, FairTrades provides tradespeople with introductory letters that they can deliver to homes in the area they work in. They include the firm’s contact details and invite the potential customer to use FairTrades’ ‘Confirm a Tradesman’s Membership’ facility to verify their membership.

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