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Guild of Builders and Contractors

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About Guild of Builders and Contractors
The Guild of Builders and Contractors was formed in 1992 by 14 builders. They wanted to create a guild that included reputable firms involved in the building industry.

Corporate membership is open to builders and specialist contractors, amongst others. They can use the membership logo on their stationery, vehicles and other promotional material to show that they are an official member and have been through the strict vetting procedure. Firms and individuals must complete an application form and supply references before the Guild accepts them. The references will help the Guild to make their decision about whether the individual is knowledgeable and competent.

Consumers recognise members of the Guild of Builders and Contractors as reliable and experienced experts in their field, increasing trustworthiness. Members receive a certificate of membership to show that they are a genuine member of the Guild, and they can show this to customers to prove that they are reputable.

The Guild of Builders and Contractors can help consumers find a good builder. The references that every new member must provide when they apply play an important part in that member's acceptance. Only when the referees have responded positively will the builder’s application be taken further. The Guild is also vigilant in following up complaints about their members, and if they find that a member conducted business improperly the Guild will revoke their membership. Customers can leave feedback about a member so the Guild can monitor the quality of their members' work.

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