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About PAS 2030
PAS 2030 is the Publicly Available Specification published by the British Standards Institute (BSi). It is for installers of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) for the Green Deal and ECO projects. It also includes the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Efficiency Programmes. Products covered under the schemes are draught-proofing and insulation systems. Householders must use PAS 2030 certified installers for any Government energy efficiency scheme.

PAS 2030 certification tells contractors the minimum competencies they need to be able to install EEM for Green Deal and ECO customers. It also describes the requirements for companies who want to become installers of EEM for the ECO and Green Deal. Lead Contractors, who are Green Deal installers that work with a Green Deal provider, need to have a Quality Management System compliant with PAS 2030. All of these requirements ensure that installers are skilled enough to deliver the best service to customers.

PAS 2030 certification intends to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings and sets the requirements for the installation process and management of EEMs. It states best practice for managing the installation process and providing services to the customer at every stage of the work.

Both the company and the employees that carry out Green Deal work need to meet the requirements of PAS 2030. Certification bodies such as Stroma will certify installer organisations against the relevant parts of PAS 2030. It is then up to the certified organisation to ensure that their employees meet the relevant standards. To get PAS 2030 certified, installers must develop a Quality Management System (QMS). This is to enable them to meet the core requirements. Once they have done this and the installer has the competencies required to install the measures, a certification body can come to carry out an office audit and check the quality of the installations.

PAS 2030 protects householders from badly installed energy efficiency measures, which could be unsafe as well as unsightly. Consumers can trust PAS 2030 certified installers as certification bodies have inspected them and made sure that they meet the high standards the government expects.

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