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The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) is a certification body for security service providers. It accredits many specialist areas of security services, including electronic security and fire systems. SSAIB aims to offer guidance to certified firms and firms considering certification. It also wishes to promote high standards of service and provide customers with a choice of reputable contractors in their area.

SSAIB has a strict process for certifying companies. It will only certify companies that can prove that they have technical and managerial competence. SSAIB inspects the procedures of the potential members to make this decision. Customers can be confident that the service they will receive will be of the high standard that SSAIB expects.

SSAIB provides information for customers on what they should do to ensure that they choose a reputable installer for a security system. It also outlines the checks that it carries out on the member companies so that customers don’t have to do the investigating themselves. It checks that personnel have the relevant insurance cover and makes sure that all staff carry identity cards. This means that customers can be confident that SSAIB certified companies have gone through strict checks and are reputable and qualified.

Certified companies can use the SSAIB logo, which shows customers that SSAIB has assessed their performance and deemed them competent. Customers can see that the company is subject to independent scrutiny and can be confident that they will deliver a quality product. Companies that are SSAIB certified have fewer returned products and complaints, so potential new clients will see the SSAIB logo as a mark of competence, professionalism and quality.

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