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The Registered Digital Installer Licencing Body (RDI-LB)

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About The Registered Digital Installer Licencing Body
The Registered Digital Installer Licencing Body (RDI-LB) is a community interest company which collaborates with industry, sector skills, further education bodies and government. Until 2008, its main aim was to construct a database of qualified, security checked and safe digital TV installers. The Body gave engineers that met their criteria a license to practice under the government’s Digital Switchover Certification Mark, which was then known as the Pink Tick.

By the end of 2011, more than 3,000 installers had met the RDI-LB’s criteria for membership. This meant that there were enough contractors across the UK to handle the Digital Switchover work from the BBC’s consumer help scheme.

Now that the Digital Switchover is complete, the RDI-LB has extended the scheme to include other areas. These include broadband, smart metering and security. It provides training linked to industry and employer needs, including programmes on 4G, 5G and superfast broadband. This ensures that customers can hire highly skilled professionals to do any digital work for them.To respond to the changes in the Body, the RDI-LB replaced the Pink Tick certification with a blue tick in September 2012.

The RDI-LB’s consumer website, Get Me Digital, helps customers find RDI registered tradespeople to carry out digital installation work. As well as a search function, customers can leave and read reviews of the tradespeople the RDI has on their database, so potential new clients can make an informed decision about which contractor to choose. It also provides impartial information on new technology which is suitable for all ages and different levels of understanding.

RDI-LB vets every member before they become RDI-approved, so customers can be safe in the knowledge that the contractor will carry out the work to the highest quality.

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